66 Replies to “Sanjay Gupta: Marijuana can be safer than narcotics”

  1. Right on ardvark!! For way, way too long cannabis has been demonized as being harmful when in fact it's one of the most safe, effective, non-addictive and natural MEDICINES on this beautiful planet!! Respect and PEACE to you!!

  2. Legalize it already. It's not as abrasive as alcohol. It can be taxed. Black market dealers making money can be shut down overnight. Pharma is trying and snatch up this cash-crop when it should just be released to the people. You still have tobacco, fast food, and alcohol to fuel your pathetic medical industry. release it, tax it, and watch the money roll in. It's a no-brainer.

  3. America's laws are fucked up. I bogaine cures heroin addiction and it's also scheduled as a very dangerous drug that has no medical benefit. Someone really needs to look in to how these drugs are scheduled. It doesn't look like there's any scientific basis for this process..

  4. Im 20.. and ive known for the past 5 years that marijuana is less detrimental to the body than narcotics. Our country knows this to… why is it still illegal? Money..


  6. Prescription drugs are much more deadly. So many cases of overdose. Medical marijuana has no confirmed overdose recorded. The government makes a lot of money on priscription medication.

  7. A fucking love weed!!!! Dont drink or do any other drug just love a smoke, aint nothing wrong with that a work full time and come to a j 🙂 nothing better

  8. Marijuana can HEAL the pharma industry .. when everyone is nicely high, they are HAPPY.. they dont think of sucking money out of suffering patients ! xD .. pills which were supposed to cost $5 and cost $500 will actually cost $5 then lol ! xD xD

  9. Thank you CNN, Sanjay, you should do more and more of these documentaries, restoring truth to the people, Americas biggest lie, must look into wax,oils,edibles, this is were you can separate marijuana the innocent plant, from it's medicinal values

  10. its our right as citizens of a free country to be aloud to use this NATURAL plant that has NEVER been proven to do any major damage, but HAS been proven to have many, many benefits which far outweigh the negatives.

  11. @ryanrenesis I absolutely agree, and it should only be a 21+ use only like alcohol. Unless strict necessity ie cancer, etc.

  12. True Mariuana does do that with teens who smoke it at a young age. But the same thing goes with alcohol and tobacco it has the same effects on an adolescents mind if they use it recreational at a young age. Any drug will do that to mind of a youngster.

  13. fuck marijuana. i want this shit banned and keep it banned. ive smoked it, i know people who smoke it and it should stay outlawed. its for fucking losers with no lives that need this medication to be happy. well fuck those people i live life naturally not on medication. inhaling smoke isnt natural and psychoactive drugs arent fucking normal. plus all the medical marijuana shit is a fraud. all lies people saying i cant sleep i have pain i cant eat all BS taking advantage of our medical system.

  14. @408punk 
    Then why not let us smoke it? You have your own opinion and that's nice but why forbid other people from using it?

  15. +408punk there are always losers. Just because it did nothing for you does not mean shit. It is a good thing. You can abuse anything. Just because you can abuse it does not mean it should be taken away. And you don't have to smoke it if the lung thing is a problem. Comes in a sweet pill.

  16. Weed can be safer than narcotics! INSANE! Are you joking? http://www.drturi.com/the-real-reasons-why-dr-sanjay-gupta-changed-my-mind-on-weed/ RTpls

  17. My Grandma was in a car accident and prescribed oxycotin about 15 years ago. After about 2 years on the drug she attempted to commit suicide. Luckily my Grandfather found her and she got treatment. She said the oxycotin would make her pain worse and she ended up spending 6 months in rehab for oxycotin… Never would have happened with marijuana.

  18. abuse still causes no harm i smoke everyday and lead a normal life the prices in scotland are crap though 

  19. I would say legalize Hemp, we should talk about Hemp, Marijuana sounds bad
    criminalizing Users causes to the most Side Effects of it
    talk about it, talk about drugs with your Kids, don´t leave them alone, maybe smoke with them, it´s the best you can do

  20. If weed can replace any of those nasty fucking narcotic prescriptions then its a success. Xanex and lortab need to be regulated more. But these companies make way to much money for our government to do that.

  21. I watched the documentary "Weed: Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports, on channel HLNHD." It is amazing and very much worth watching! The way this helps people with medical conditions is mind blowing. I am someone who has to deal with a medical condition that takes away from quality of life. I myself don't use marijuana but I have to say it is very interesting to see how much it helps people. If it wasn't illegal where I live I would want to try it to see if it would help me. It's crazy to think about all of the harmful medications that are prescribed and then something that can really help people is illegal. I hope this changes everywhere.

  22. Pass the herb , man it will cut the drug dealers out pple that are growing it make sure there's no mites or mold on your smoke and it works . It's not a gate way drug the person or persons are going to try Hashes then on to other things . I no of no one high that wreck but now on the other hand alcohol kids per shot oz kills a million brain cells . These don't come back .

  23. According to many many websites no one has ever died from marijuana (at least in 2014) sooooo ofc its safer than narcotics

  24. YOU MOTHERFUCKERS MUST TAKE RESPONSIBLITY FOR THIS. We Koreans are still not allowed to take any kind of weed, it was everywhere 100 years ago but NOW? We jus c't find it. The worst thing is people still think weed as a strong drug, at least thet think it as a controversial drug and 95% of us have not even smelled it, so they keep crafting shitty music and talking about culture blahblah. Thanks to you CLEVER AMERICA. How will you pay for WHOLE EASTERN WEED CULTURE?

  25. funny how Carol Costello now on HLN just gave a report of how Marijuna is a gateway drug to Opiates and that is why Opiate use is so rampant. Funny how the narrative changes once you're on a different network.

  26. The INDUTRIAL JAIL COMPLEX & PHARMACEUTICAL & NWO are never going to allow the herb to be legalized. Even those who neander through life on a branstem are aware of this. FUCKYOUEATSHIT&DIE.

  27. First the "accidental OD" that involve prescription narcotics +98% of the time also involve illegal narcotics like heroin which is the actual killer and 99.9% of the victims are not pain patients they are heroine addicts or first time users who cannot pass a urine test to become pain patients.. Second Insurance companies and Medicare need to start covering medical marijuana before we can even put a dent in the HEROIN EPIDEMIC don't be fooled by the Opioid epidemic tagline it's illegal drugs that flood in to this country from China, Iraq and Mexico that the DEA has utterly FAILED miserably to stop that are killing people….

  28. I started 1970 at 15 and I am still a stud and I consider my body some what of a temple as how I think so I must admit to much meditation somethings don't get done

  29. No matter how you split hairs the medical usage of marijuana is fine to anyone. But…., that is not what is going on here. With Colorado selling the idea that this is a tax generator the liberals are looking for any way to use any argument to legalize the usage. Everyone needs it to battle anxiety. It is better than alcohol. Cigarettes are more dangerous….blah blah blah. This is about money and mixing the subject and benefits. Have no problem with creating the drug and taking out the THC portion. But legalizers want to increase THC to get high. That is what all the liberal political correct “mafia” want to say. Talk about the benefit without the risk and loss. Sales people for non-criminalization use of a drug. So…., when reporting provides us with intelligent debate and does not play with the old “smoke and mirrors” then I’ll listen. Enough of the one sided arguments. This is why no on trusts the media. They cannot differentiate the facts. If you do not you cannot say you are a journalist. The largest proponents are those that want to use it for “recreational usage” not medical usage. Any bill in government should be for the usage for medical only!!! Then no one would care. How sad is that? And…marijuana is a narcotic dumb ass.

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