Sarcoidosis Treatment in Ayurveda – Real Testimonial

Sarcoidosis Treatment in Ayurveda – Real Testimonial

Hello Mrs. Poonam, you are here at Dr.Vikram Chauhan’s clinic, I want to know that for which disease you are having treatment here? I’m actually a patient of sarcoidosis, I have been suffering from sarcoidosis since last 2 years I didn’t know what this problem was actually I had been suffering from joints pain, stomach upset, and eye health issues After so many investigations, doctors were not able to diagnose my problem and I was very scared about my disease as i was not able to understand it Some doctors were saying that its normal joints pain, some were saying something else After so many investigations At last i was diagnosed with sarcoidosis at Apollo – Delhi I was done with many tests, I was much tensed and was totally unaware of this diseases What I have found that only very few capable doctors are here in India who know about sarcoidosis, generally doctors have no idea about this disease Doctors at Apollo were expected that I have cancer even. As per the reports they stared with the treatment – steroids etc I started taking with 30 mg and I got relief. Later when dose was decreased by them, my problem again was the same I finally asked my doctor, please let me know about my condition properly, how can i control it? According to him, my problem was for life long and I had to tolerate ongoing wear and tear I was really desperate like a patient who has cancer and can’t escape any more One day just like I goggled – Sarcoidosis Ayurvedic Treatment on net. I got to know about Dr Vikram Chauhan from Chandigarh and read about him I asked my husband to meet sir once and we came I met sir, as I was so frustrated, asked sir about my condition, i had lot of questions in my mind He said you didn’t find any treatment for your problem in allopathic but in Ayurveda we do have He made me to understand my condition and gave a hope He advised me with some ayurvedic medicines, I’m taking from last 14 to 15 months Mrs Poonam, I want to ask that how was your condition when you visited Dr Vikram Chauhan 1st time? When I was taking 6mg steroids, I had same symptoms again like eye problems, stomach upset, and joints pain I was wearing flat shoes rather than heels which usually girls prefer. I was using sports shoes etc. I was not able to stand even for 10 min continuously as my joints pain was getting worse Sir made me understand very nicely that Ayurveda has solution for your prob. I have continued medicines I feel sarcoidosis is equivalent to cancer only. Now I am feeling better 90 to 95 percent than earlier Did you get any side effect like steroids after using ayurvedic medicines? No side effects, even I was benefited with some other side complications So you are feeling stable after using ayurvedic medicines? Yes

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  2. Sir meri age 22 h muje lungs infection tha 1 year k medicine treatment k baad treatment band kra diya but sir ab mere left side ki pasli pr pain hota h jese teen hoti h steel ki use tk tk awaz aati h wese sound bhi aati h usko dabane pr sir plzz suggest me how to overcome from this problem plzz sir

  3. Meri mama ko surcodidosis ki problem hai 7 years se hmne Pakistan k no.1 dctr ko cheakup krwaya bt wo thek nhi hoti normally hoti phr wese hi joints pain unki eye said b bht week hogi hai unke teeth p b bht effect huwa hai hum Pakistan se hain hum india nhi a sakte bt mujhe apse apni mama cheakup krwana bcz jo is video me ye woman bol rhi hain same problem meri mama ko hain……

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