Scarlet Monastery Transmog Farming – 72000 Gold Every 30 Min

Scarlet Monastery Transmog Farming – 72000 Gold Every 30 Min

Hey there guys this is Reckles with WTBGold
and today we’re looking at how to farm Scarlet Monastery. This dungeon is located in NE Tirasfal Glade
and is the instance on the left inside the chapel, to get there, hearth to legion dalaran,
take the dalaran crater portal, fly past the proof that sylvanas is a terrible leader,
and point at the steeple way off in the distance. Too long didn’t read; go out here and run
this dungeon because it is thoroughly good. Like, so much gold in transmog. I actually haven’t ever done a guide on
this spot because back when the 7.3.5 changes hit, this is one of the dungeons that was
affected by the unobtainable loot. You know, it was tied up in the zul’farrak
fiasco. It was dropping stuff that wasn’t supposed
to be dropping, it wasn’t on the loot table, and so I didn’t feel comfortable recommending
it, because it’s technically against the terms of service even though it’s blizzards mistake,
but I recently talked with Studen and he finally convinced me that, any changes to the loot
table have been out for 2 patches. Blizzard’s had time to fix it, so anything
that drops here is supposed to drop. Hmmm, if I’m trying to be all honest farming,
maybe I shouldn’t have opened this video with a literal wall hack. Lol
Ok, so, transmog is very RNG based so I did 100 runs, 5 hours of farming, to give y’all
accurate data and here’s my Loot Appraiser numbers for all hundred runs. Only about 2/3rd of this is stuff that I’m
actually selling because on average, because each run you’ll get 2 items worth 200 or
300 gold. But you’ll also get 1 item per run that
sells for an average of 3.2k. Every 5 runs you’ll get something with an
average of 12k. And if you are prepared to go hard, every
20 or 30 runs you’ll get an item, an uber mog worth 50k-400k. That gives a lowball value of every 10 runs
at over 108k, but if we assume that no one watching this video will get those super rare
drops, and you only get the 2k and 10k+ items, that means each run is valued at an average
of 7,200 gold. That’s 70k in 30 minutes! These numbers are based off a 2 week regional
average, but even if you’re on a high pop and everything is worth half that, then that’s
still 6 times what you can get with current content mining and herbalism! What are you doing right now? Are you just running around Stormwind or orgrimmar? Stop. Go out here and run this dungeon! Ok, so for the dungeon itself, we just care
about how quickly we can run through kill everything and run out. The go to speed spec is feral druid with the
lunar inspiration talent, but if you have a havoc or a speed set, you can go ahead and
use that. I use bear tartare, yes it was nerfed, but
it’s still faster than not using it. It still gives you a buff. And here’s my route, you’ll notice that
I do skip a lot of trash on the way through the dungeon, but that’s because you want
to and that’s because we get it on the way back. With bear tartare you want to always be killing
something to keep your buff up, and so we spread out the enemies we kill over the course
of the dungeon. I also take advantage of pregrouping a lot
and AoE looting as much as possible, so download the Faster Loot addon, and for things like
these spread out ghosts, tag one of them and the rest will aggro and kind of group up on
their way to you so you can just AoE once and loot once. When you do learn the range of your AoE and
your loot radius, there’s lots of little optimization stuff like that in this dungeon. But pretty much, if you can save 20 Global
Cooldowns over the course of a run, then that’s 30 seconds pre lap that you’re saving, that’s
5 minutes off of every 10 runs. Long story short, if you can get the same
amount of loot faster, you’re literally just increasing your gold per hour.[Gotta go fast!] But honestly, the dungeon is pretty straightforward
other than that. Don’t attack the last boss, and have an
addon like Scrap or Selljunk to automate vendoring the greys and boss drops. And make sure you have TSM or Loot Appraiser
so you know when you get one of those expensive drops worth keeping. I can clear this in about 2:50 now, but if
I were to critique myself, I’m not using skull bash enough to gap close, I’m not using
savage roar enough, and if I swapped over to Wild Charge in cat form, rather than tiger
dash, it would probably be faster. But I do like the little trick where if you
jump while using tiger dash, it’s actually faster because you don’t drop off speed…like
Tiger’s Dash drops off speed boost over time, and if you’re jumping through the air it maintains,
it kind of snapshots the speed boost. So that’s nice. But pretty much, there’s too much micromanaging
for me with those changes, and 3 minutes is good enough. So, moral of the story, go out here. This dungeon is the bomb. It’s so good! Tons of super expensive transmog here and
it’s kind of like Uldaman, in that it’s consistent high value mog, with occasional
holy shit drops that you can’t help but share with your guildies and brag about. This guide is a great dungeon for you to link
to friends who are just getting into gold making and are asking…you know, they’re
trying to get into the transmog game. It’s just as good as uldaman but shorter
and less confusing for a new farmer. That’s it for me though, thanks so much
for watching! If you liked this guide, go ahead and subscribe. Click the like button. If you have any tips or recommendations for
me of how to do this dungeon faster, I learn just as much from you guys as, hopefully,
you learn from me. So thank you so much for watching! I hope you have a great day! Good luck and happy gold making.

100 Replies to “Scarlet Monastery Transmog Farming – 72000 Gold Every 30 Min”

  1. Dude I have a question, how long does it take to sell the transmogs? Same with pets, I got 4 zomstronks that are collecting dust in the AH 🙁

  2. Lol yeah and blizzard just didnt fix it for years… guess they dont have the money to fix it… guess they just dont have the time…

  3. WTBGold, hey, love your videos. It's been literally YEARS since I farmed scarlet monestary, in fact farming long before "transmog". I went TWICE and dropped beguiler robes; 150k, yes, sold it a little lower than one copper below the next price :). total time, like 15 minutes. I'm a mage so port out fly back and I never hit the 10 run stop.
    Thanks so much.

  4. Scarlett actually sucks its all RNG if ur lucky i ran that place for 4 days straight 6 hours a day and lucky if i made 20k 90% of runs i got literally 1 or 2 greens to drop and looted value was maybe 200g if that and that was last week.

  5. I tried this a couple of times over the course of a few days. Each time I left the last boss up but when I went outside and reset the iinstance none of the mobs showed up again. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

  6. Just because you looted something worth X amount of gold it doesn't mean you made X amount of gold when you looted the item/s.
    In order to make X gold per Y time, you need to sell Z amount of loot worth X amount of gold in Y amount of time.
    What is this guide telling us is a lie based on a fallacy.

  7. Hey I have a bunch of int and angi pots I’ve been stacking up on, do you think I should wait till the new raid to drop before flooding market or just sell them now

  8. The majority of the time commitment for this gold farm is not running the dungeon, it's the daily commitment to posting, and re-posting the items on the AH for months on end. It's the daily commitment to going through the hundreds of mails for expired auctions. If you don't enjoy spending a large amount of time on AH and mail every day (that's if you have addons to help), then this might not be a good farm for you.

  9. Good video…lol I remember waking up in the middle of the night when you recorded the footage for that original "Don't Get Banned!" video and saw that you were streaming in the middle of the night. Gotta say, some of the funnest streams you've ever done were the middle of the night streams! Thanks for more great content, man!

  10. How do you actually know how much to price them? I assume you'd send to a female character and if it looks slutty it will sell for lots?

  11. so sad, this is the state of wow right now, the most lucrative way of making money, have nothing to do with progressing on the game
    This clearly state what the market demands : Pure Cosmetics Bragging.
    Why the market demands it? because raiding and pvp is now meaningless, the stuff you get from raid and pvp are so meaningless, you are looking to put something else on top of it, sigh you used to be great blizzard

  12. Very cool and the expected values from X runs and other specific tips are very helpful! Gonna try this out, thanks!

  13. Sorry dude but you are just farming trash that will start living for years on your bank. Have you checked those items sell rate? it's like 1 to 2 %. =P

  14. What auction add-on are you using that show all those prices?? Mine always say NA or unknown

    Also what class is this? (New to wow)

  15. Real quick question man, I'm on a high pop server and my biggest problem with transmog farming is weeding out the crap from the actual good stuff. Is there a Region Sale Avg, Or Regional Market Value, or Region Sale Rate that you stick to? Then just vendor the rest?

  16. Ok to make it clear about this runs and making gold . Since I’m playing wow long time and do allot of farming methods , right now transmog methods are worthless . They are cheap and maybe for one or two items you can get 1-2k . pet farming is more efficient especially with bosses that can only be taken down by certain mechanics , but even in last 5 months price has dropped down from 8k to 4 k on average. Farming old ores , materials can be profitable if you know how to set up price. People keep selling for high price and keeps the AH pages full ( I call them trolls and motherfucking idiots ) but if you do it right , not only your goods will be sold to sniper idiots who think they make gold, but even to people who are in actual need for those mats. So trust me this gold farming methods that they post are worthless, you invest to much time for “ if I sell it “ . The best example is I have gloves that where sold for 8 k , I put them even for 6.5 k and didn’t sold them , and on AH I still se the same people sell them for 8k . Even dough I sold other pieces of same set for 8K + before

  17. Not sure about speed overall but I have been able to run dungeons super fast on my brewmaster as the ox statue pretty much groups everything for me and then I kill everything in one shot. Any thoughts on that?

    Also, love the vids but your haircut and voice don’t match. I call a bamboozle

  18. this is like the southpark episode where they make a popular youtube vid and earn theoretical dollars. you earn theoretical gold doing this. cos unless you can find some mug to buy it off the auction house its worthless.

    so yeh decent clickbait there

  19. sylvanas is not a bad chief…….she is making the most of what is available to her…..been with her since vanilla….starting of….i dont do the kiddie alliance thing…..

  20. SO overate to much market value shit… stuff dont sell for that so stop post useless 1 in a miliion farms , like there is no realm you make that money.

  21. uhm am i dumbass or something cuz i got in killed everything besides last boss,got out and i got a lock and i pressed reset instances like 5 times,sup with that ?

  22. I farm this instance for 2 days- 8+hours total , 45 days later i sell today my first Transmog item for 11,2k , i have no idea how much money i have already lose by posting 75 items every 2 days

  23. You can't knock him for these videos. If he's getting that many views of course he's going to keep making them. It's not realistic to expect anywhere near his results though.

  24. I did one run, all that dropped was green junk, trash, and soul bound items. I did get a total of 600 gold total though lying and selling. There's the reality.

  25. yeah i read all the comments below and you're all right transmog does not sell. So all of you just stay in Stormwind or wherever dont post 1200 items in total value of 8 million gold and collect anywhere between 3500 gold or 16000 gold or 83000 gold a day or sometimes even 400 gold. Please dont make tons of old blacksmith gear and old enchants and old tailoring gear all which cost like 10k in old mats but gear is valued at 80-120k gold. Yeah dont do any of that along with farming old world mats like 5 200 stacks of cobalt or 60 primal fires or even pets. Cuz im sure if you did all that along with posting all your transmog you still probably wouldnt make any gold. So yeah.Dont.

  26. so uh this after 5 run's
    doubt its accurate at all tho would be nice if it was

  27. Ye sure it works 😂😂😂 i tried that and nothing got like 200 tmog items and didnt sell anything in 3 months its very good farm keep douing it guys

  28. My favorite trinket in game is [Dog Whistle] which is farmed from the dog handlers here. The summoned hound here scales with ilvl and stays out ten minutes and also after you switch trinkets.

  29. It took this guy over a year to admit he was wrong regarding the whole ZF situation and he still can’t even flat out apologize lmao. Once again good wallhack. It’s like I said to you in a previous comment. You can’t stay consistent.

  30. I hate these videos they are always so misleading. You have to sell the items to make that money. These youtubers are never honest about that part. Hey reckless how about what you really made? An honest video would be nice. You never tall anyone how long it takes to sell these items you could be posting for months. How about realtime gold instead of your overoptimistic view 😛

  31. Great video, i decided to try this out last night and after a little over an hour i farmed up about 225k worth of gear drops, with one of those being worth 164K. No if and when they will all sell is another question hahaaha (high pop server). One thing id like to suggest, you mention the speed increase food, but another great item for this is Boots of The gilded Path. When you loot money you get a short 30% speed increase, great for going from one pack to another and clearing the instance quicker. Great vid man 😁👍

  32. Is dreamwalk broken for this instance? I dreamwalk and then dreamwalk back, and it ports me into some kind of Death Knight scarlet monastery with 110 mobs and I have no idea how to get out or where I actually am. I don't appear on the map, and it seems to port me back there every single time whether I reset the instance or not.

  33. Ok dumb question how do you get it to the lower level instance? I hjoin on normal and its lvl 60 instance?

  34. Why did you skip killing the boss? Is there an issue with resetting the dungeon then? Sorry for noob question just coming back to WoW after a decent break

  35. If anyone is looking back for any farms they've forgotten you can no longer use the portals in NewDal, I completely forgot, so instead I dreamwalk, take the hinterlands portal and fly over, that's the fastest I've found. Let me know if you know a faster route for alliance.

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