Schizophrenia Cure possible New Research (In hindi) – by KAILASH MANTRY(Life Coach)

My name is Kailash Mantry. I am a life coach and success, growth & finance
consultant. I live in Mumbai. I cure many of the diseases which doctors,
psychiatrist or medical professional people say that it can’t be a cure and for a lifetime
you have to take medicine. I have seen that this all diseases are psychosomatic
and without medication, it is a cure. For an example Migraine, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia,
Insomnia, Depression and there are many other diseases in which there is no role in medicine. The role of the medicine is only to postpone
disease, and they make you senseless, today we will talk about schizophrenia so let’s
understand that what is schizophrenia? In Dictionary meaning of schizophrenia is
split personality but actually, it’s not right. There are 4-5 types of schizophrenia. Today we will talk by ordinary people that
what is schizophrenia and why it occurs? Schizophrenia starts with teenage that from
15-20 years to boys and 20-30 years to girls. It begins with fear and then anxiety due to
anxiety people thinks a lot & do not sleep at night, do not sleep at night, the heat
goes up in the brain and then they blame people, he is hurt, they suffer, they have a negative
approach and more than 100 negativity builds up in mind. Now it’s mental illness, and psychological
illness means disturbance in mind, now there is no role of medicines in psychological distress,
the purpose of the medication is how to make a man sleep, give them sleeping tablets, make
their veins weaker, and this psychiatrist weakens veins, nothing benefits the patient
but the patient has loss that they are unable to recover for lifetime, whole life they can’t
live normally. Family member gets some advantage, by giving
medicines to patients that the patient receives calm for some time, for sometimes he lives
in unconsciousness and does not do any violence, do not outburst some anger so family member
thinks that he is recovering now, and they live in a trance, those medicines that are
given to them just like drug addicts while taking medications they go to their world
just like this only these patient go their world. There are three symptoms of this disease positive
symptoms, negative symptoms & cognitive symptoms I will not talk much on this because there
is a lot of information available online. Today I will talk about what can the patient
be cured? 100% they can be cure but the difficulty is
that doctors have placed in the mind of patients and their family members that this disease
cannot be cure you have medicines for life because patients come with such a mindset
so due to which patients don’t co-operate to cure this disease, according to me it’s
a highest state of depression, depression, frustration, anger, violence if all these
things are removed out from patient so patient slowly-slowly recovers. Yes he has lot of confusion in his mind, his
ability to think is weakened, due to disturbance in sleep heat is blown up in his mind so it
takes lengthy treatment but its recovery symptoms is seen in 1 month and from 6 months to 1
year majority of the patients are cured but some patient i.e. 10% patient can be cure
in 2 years and for some patient it takes 3 years and that also patient that has taken
more medicines and whose age is more than 40- 45 years and taking medication from 20-25
years. Everyone knows this that, if gents are taking
medicines they face sexual impotence problem by taking medicines under three years, but
patient resists more for taking pills, but family members place medicine in their food
hiding from them in different ways like in vegetable, bread. I believe that as none of the psychiatrists
haven’t tasted medicines yet and not the family members of such patients have once tried any
medication that what is the effect of this medicine. If any family member eats it once, then they
will never give this medicine to their family members. And again I would say that it’s a mental disturbance,
if you have to provide sleeping tablets for 2-4 days so it can be understood, this much
should be given because sometimes the patient doesn’t listen to, the patient is not worthy
of hearing and does not even want to hear. The patient is so full of anger that he is
not ready to listen too so due to this we recommend for 2-4 days that by giving sleeping
tablets, the patient should be calm down, more than this there should not be any role
of medicine. Now we will talk about that why this disease
occurs, at home, unrest, the first cause is unrest of this disease, the person who is
weaken, who is more emotional, who is little innocent that gets this disease, so when the
disease comes due to unrest so the treatment of the only patient is right? Or the whole family should do counseling,
or the whole family should take therapy so that the environment is good after that the
patient can be cured, this is my way of dealing with it or treating it. I call up the whole family for 5-10 days and
the first of their mental state is bad, which is unrest. It may be that due to schizophrenia, this
disturbance in their home, but calm them down, make them happy, without treatment of the
family member, patient can’t be treated. It’s my belief that this type of patient
can be 100% cured, but because the illness is too old then it will take longer time. And if a person comes to me within 20-25 years
so I can say that with a claim that I can it in 100 days. But within 100 days, their family members
will have to stay together for 5 for 10 days. And there will life coaching done of everyone,
after that the family members can go and alone patient will be coached, treated & given therapy. Such people are introvert in nature, they
are secretive & do not even co-operate and stay confused, they have full of negativity
all this negativity can removed one by one, in this you have to keep lots of patients,
sometimes patient co-operates, sometimes does not, he has to give some time, he has different
moods all those moods have to do by looking so surely it seems time to fix this disease. But within 10 days, family members can come
to believe that this disease can be cured. If family members sit with me for 3 to 5 hours,
then I can assure them that whatever expenses, the disease will be cured and this expense
is worth, because if whole of patient spoiled so the expense in front is worth. If I cured patient him so the patient can
earn more than that, in today’s date there is no married life of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is not worth in any work in
today’s world’s and is now the patient troubles the family members. The treatment can be cured till the parents
of the patients are alive and after the death of the parents, whatever happens to patients,
then the god himself is his own, because in future this patient becomes mental patients
and family members also throw them out of their house. And whatever family members, their parents
keep provision for them, they works for others, It does not work for schizophrenia, mental
patient and their other family members also beat them and torture them, but all this happens
inside the house and no one listen to the mental patient that’s why none of things
came outside. Basically it’s a unrest of mind and today
there has been a lot of science advanced and also the technology is advanced and we can
calm down this mind. It’s a challenging mental illness and it
requires mastery to deal with this kind of patients and to make them calm down, and yes
its progress is very slow, you know that slowly-slowly patient co-operates but maximum it takes only
10 days to give confidence to the whole family members to cure the patient. Schizophrenia disease is increasing nowadays
and it’s estimation that for today that 3 to 5 crore people in whole world are suffering
from schizophrenia disease and also there is a estimation that treatment of 1 out 2
patient is not happening in whole world. In western countries it is happening more
and in India in cities it is increasing because it occurs from mental stress and mental stress
is increasing nowadays, it should not be too late because sometimes more than 2 days is
said to belie in it, if the patient does not sleep at night then it is a sign of emergency
then the patient should be brought to us, because if the patient does not sleep so due
to this the disease gets increasing. These patient often becomes violent, they
outburst their anger and their parents misbehave with them. At such times, people like us can help it
much, when they should be quiet when they are calm so that we could talk to him. First 5 hours are very crucial, during that
time if patient remains silent so they cooperate and due to which the recovery can be done
as fast. But it has been seen that the family member. As long as the pill can keep it, he keeps
it, when he becomes violent, breaks the house, then people call us and then it becomes difficult
for us to deal with patient because the patient is mentally disturbed and they are not ready
to talk at that time. It a humble request to all that when the patient
is normal ,able to talk properly, so only that time the patient should come to us and
within 5 to 10 days you will believe that the patient can be cured. Treatment of such a patient is very long,
10-10 hours a day, we treat them and with family members 5 to 10 days and after that
only patient is treated and this treatment in simple language, talking to him empty goes
on and change their assumptions while talking, change their thinking and many of which are
not fact, they believe in it. Their belief is distorted, in reality there
is no existence in it and they believe that whatever I talk is true. They are secretive, so they do not stay in
much contact with people. Hence, they are not clear about some concepts. They generally stay at the extremes, either
they visit upset, or they are violent. Treatment can be started if the patient stays
upset. Initially, they are less focused. For first 5-6 days, they don’t even listen
to us. They start cooperating with us gradually. Firstly, we work on the concentration of the
patient. To do this, various therapies are available. It is to be decided on the spot about which
treatment is to be given to a patient and gradually how to take them to a new level. I would like to inform the family members
that do not rely on Google. Instead, take my consultation for ten days,
and I can assure the patient and family members that the patient will recover completely from
Schizophrenia. Medicines have massive side effects, and I
would recommend reducing these medicine intakes. According to Doctors, this is a lifelong condition,
and even the medication has to be taken. The patients and family members get convinced
and take medicines lifelong. I would recommend not to take drugs and take
my consultation once. Within 5 hours I can tell you whether this
condition is curable or not. Along with the patient, even the family members
should attend this consultancy. We take the complete family to a calm place
in the outskirts of Mumbai or hill station where the environment is clean and smooth. Patient’s recovery at such locations speeds
up. It is a myth among people that Schizophrenia
is hereditary, or you can say natural. It is merely an effect of improper parenting. Neglecting the child, nuisance in-house, not
understanding the child’s feelings are various factors due to which the child starts remaining
silent and avoid sharing its beliefs, and slowly starts developing Schizophrenia. So, without any further delay come and take
the consultancy. If the patient falls under the age group of
15 -20 years, I can treat them with 10 to 30 days. The main three reasons to develop this condition
are Tension/Stress, Trauma or Abuse. These factors are seen where there is one
person alcoholic. The other one is shouting and yelling. Another factor is either of the parent’s death
can cause trauma which leads to Schizophrenia. One more element is that if the child is separated
from the parents due to any reasons leading to Schizophrenia. I’ll conclude my session here. My name is CA KAILASH MANTRY, I am a life
coach, and there are more than 50 diseases to which we have research of 25 years, and
we cure all this disease & all these diseases are curable.

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  11. I agree. Medicines should be avoided. They shoulld be given only in situations out of control. In all other times only the happiness of the patient should be cared for. Love and care can heal everithing.

  12. Best medicine I think,how,?:-believe me and please take 2 drop desi cow ghee through nose while sleeping and take gold water regularly thrice,for schizophrenia .and full family support and sometimes busy.

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  20. Namaskar? I want to know if there is something to cure schizophrenia? I have a dear one who is suffering from the same. More over she is in such a state that she does not realize that she is not well and it is out of her capacity to hear that even. We have tried consulting doctors but it has been almost impossible to take her there. Also I wud like to know how can I and few others can help her over come this problem because as per her she is absolutely normal n doesn't need any attention.

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