Scleroderma Treatment in Ayurveda – California USA

Scleroderma Treatment in Ayurveda – California USA

Good Afternoon everyone, so i am here vishal from fresno, california, and we are having a feedback session. from one of our patient who is visiting from Sacramento. so can you please share your feedback. Yes my name is jetta, and we originally from west africa who are based in california. I had autoimmune disorder, which implies many horror things, was scleroderma was really the one that was diagnosed by my doctor. And It was scary when i went online and read about scleroderma was really to know what happen to people. You know so i went to the internet and i find out about the doctor here. I watched the video of someone who had scleroderms before. And what were the medication they took and made them better they happy so, i sent an email to him and he replied me back with some medication that i can take. In order for me to get me better. Because I don’t have insurance and i don’t have remittances to see rheumotologist. So i tried to do natural healing most of the time. So his medication i took for one week i was noticing changes. cause i have wound on my hand which people with scleroderma do have blisters and it can get worst. So i have the wound in my hand and in just one week when i started taking medication i noticed the wound got dried inside and pain was less and after when i finished whole pack for month the wound was healed. What other symptoms you were having before. I was having, i couldn’t open my mouth wide, i had severe pain all over my body. I could not sleep at night. You know it was very bad. I can’t walk by myself or not sit in the car or get up, it was very scary. Very bad. My skin was tight, have a tight skin. And very hard skin. As start his medication my skin became soft. You are her mother. This is my mom. Yes, it got so worst that i had to escort her to the car, help her to sit down in the car, i have to put seat belt on. And she was smelling, i didn’t say her she was smelling because i don’t want to make her feel bad. Yeah embarrassed but it was very stink and strong smell coming from the breath. As she finished with one month i found that smell was gone. Then i explain to her, how smelly you, i didn’t want to tell you, she tell why you didn’t tell me. I tell i don’t want make you embarrass. But all that done by one month with this medication smell was gone and no more smelly. Any other improvement you saw in her behaviour, in her attitude? Now she talk more than i talk. She is talking. Ya she talk too much now, we coming here talking talking. Ya start getting happy so it make me happy too. And my hands used to get swollen and hot, my foot were swollen. Feet were getting, swelling was every day high. Swelling is going down too. My knee and hand were swollen, the swelling is just amazing. Ya its getting better, i don’t get swollen any more. Like my hands were so swollen, it was just, i don’t know how to explain the swelling, and skin is getting better, i was so black, you know black, my skin is getting better. And her veins have coming out too. Before you cannot see my veins, swelling was more, ya cannot see my veins at all but i can see my vein, wow i have vein. You know, now i can see my vein. And i used to have rashes all over my skin. Ya she is eating too much too. No. I mean She is eating too much now. I eat but i don’t get bloated. Before I eat just little bit. Yes now she is opening broader mouth. I can open my mouth wide. Before i can’t even when i am yawning i can’t because it was so tight here, it hurts so bad. So this is the power of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is Indian medical system, ancient medicine of India. We use herbs and minerals and i gave her curcumin, you know turmeric. Which is good for the circulation. I gave her gotukola, which is good for circulation, I gave her gandhak rasayan, which is good for the skin, i gave her manjistha very good for the, to cleaning the skin. Gandhak rasayan if you are smelling it can take away the smell. Even the bad sweat it start having good fragrance from your skin. So this is how Ayurveda is working. And I am glad that you took Ayurvedic medicines and now you are happy. So because scleroderma patient they start suffering from depression, sadness, because doctor they tell them there is no cure. Lots of medicines are given. And the patient feels frustrated and sad. And there is no hope. They gave me Prednisone to take which is obviously the medicine everybody you know takes. The prednisone I would take it, the reason why i really don’t like taking it, because when i am taking it. The puffiness over my face disgusted me i don’t like this look, so i just told him that i want to get out of Prednisone. it was making me sweat at night when i was sleeping. I was so sweaty, i have to take off my clothes, and at the end of day i got cold again. Because of sweat. So i am happy he has given me another medicine to you know kick off my scleroderma. And i don’t wanna be on any steroids medications for now. You have reduce the doses of the steroids. I have ya we do so have i was taking like a very high doses of Prednisone. 50 mg More than that. I was taking like three times a day. But now I only take 20 mg midnight i take it 2 am in the morning. So I don’t want to take it during the day. Previously she was taking 60 mg. Every time she is taking Prednisone, see problems, the problems gets worst. I take Prednisone i still have pain i tell mommy, i am still in pain. You know i can’t move, you know, it’s hard, i can’t bend down, but now you know i can you know go down like that. That’s very good. She has this video in the phone, where she is dragging her self. You can share with us. You were dragging yourself. Ya to get off the bed. I couldn’t. I made her to make a video of me because before the medicine came down, i have not started taking. So your video is going to have thousands of patients who are suffering from scleroderma, it’s a very bad disease, because they suffer from node phenomenon bluish of. Oh ya i used to have wound on my hand all the time now its gone. I didn’t see if i didn’t get this medicine health was like this then then ofcourse it has kill me now. I don’t know what to do, I suppose to go back to the hospital that was my worry because last year we were in hospital every week last year, she almost died last year. So there is no need to take so many medicines or pills for all the diseases. There is the cure in the nature. There are herbs which can help you. And just need to find out before allopathy system there were so many herbs were used. You know so the diet. Ofcourse it is very important stop milk and milk products, you don’t take. I ask her to stop milk products. No cheese, no fast food, no packaged food, no processed food, so only natural fruits and vegetables and carrots. I don’t eat rice, I eat kemoa, and fish that’s my receipe. You can make fish with anything and eat with your kemoa, I don’t eat rice i haven’t eat rice for 3 months now. Before I cannot sleep without rice but now She did very good with diet. Last sick diet her thank you doctor i don’t know what can i do right now. You are such a blessing, you have no idea how I feel, I swear New Year coming you are here I have to go see this, I have to go see him. I want my job, Why you are not coming to work today. So I have to see my ideal, he is actually my hero. I feel great. I just hope some out there can feel the same one I am feeling right now Ok Thank you. Thank you, thankyou for your feedback. And God bless you. Very much.

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  1. Yes excellent! Sangjay Dorjee here in California -Just took 2 classes in November at Maa Ashram in India. I received 2 Ayurvedic certificates signed by Dr. Vikram. It all started 2 years ago when my lifetime respiratory problems was removed and then my mother-in-laws. Studying this great art fallowed. Maybe you will choose to become practitioner, as well. :}

  2. It was such a great pleasure and honor to meet you sir. Your medication and treatment has given me more hope. I sleep good everyday I wake up with lots of energy. Thank you very much sir oh yeah my mom is doing exceedingly well. Thank you, thank you,,,

  3. i too have the same problem..since 2012.. my doc gave me ecosprin 75 mg n depin r (20 mg).. now last year he put me on mycophenolate cell cept 2 g daily.. as now the effect is their on my lungs also… itz very painfull to live with this disease … plzz pray for me .. !! i m 26..neithr i can marry nor can i work..

  4. My wife is patients of sclederma and ILD,I am wandering here and there about last three years lastly she take medicine of Rammanohar lohiya hospital new delhi but not improvement ,medicine take tadalafil,HCQS, azithioprine, steroid,and painkiller ,Dr Sahab I can take both Ayurveda and allopathic medicine because patients is in very trouble

  5. My name is sangyan devi,age 40years finger first finger tips me jakham hai ,i seen your vdo,you have remady this disease patient has excess itching arm to wrist

  6. Thanks ,Dr for your reliedbut I know only one last question sir,my wife have need suppressive immunity but gandhak rasayan increase immunity so may she take gandhak rasayan sir,kindly help i oblised to you sir

  7. Thankyou Sir for sharing your expertise with this young lady with Scleroderma. Any skin problems are debilitating and painful sometimes! It was pleasing to see her with results from her treatments and to see her smile. Her mother was much happier to experience healing for her daughter.
    I have autoimmune problems which affect my skin, joints and general well-being. I have hypothyroidism and Raynaud Disease in a mild form affecting my hands during very cold spells of weather.

  8. Sir my sister is suffering from this disease and taking ayurvedic treatment from all India institute of Ayurveda. The doctors gave her gandhak vati panchtikta ghrita guggulu
    Giloy churna haridrakhand and mahanjisthadi kwath eraind tel and also kairheal oil for overall massage it gave her relief sir but sometime in between stomach get upset with loose stools sir pls make video on diet for scleroderma

  9. 1 second ago

    Dr. Vikram Chauhan, My sister was diagnosed in 2013. She's in terrible pain despite all the drugs prescribed by all her specialists. Her heart is affected now and she's in a deep depression. Can you help her even with heart involvement? Any help will be so much appreciate it!

  10. Namaste Sir.
    Very proud feeling for every Ayurveda doctor.
    sir please will you share me the rules and regulations of ayurveda practice in USA and panchkarma therapy

  11. Namasthe doctor
    i am from india, female 43 years.
    i have deen diagnosed of scleroderma for past fve years
    under medications like steroids .
    nicardia etc
    not getting releif,having hard life….with polmonary fibrosis…also given endoxan
    Doctor i am excited and got a all light in my life after seeing the video….
    i want to survive for my two daughters. ..
    can i continue and start the scelro pack and if yes for how much period shall i follow….
    pls help me ….i got a hope from you. doctor.

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