SELF-CARE TECHNIQUES ft. Grace Helbig help therapy psychology recovery self improvement health

SELF-CARE TECHNIQUES ft. Grace Helbig help therapy psychology recovery self improvement health

[Kati] Hey everybody! I am joined by the wonderful and amazing Garce Helbig [Grace] Yay! [Kati] and we’re here to talk about if you don’t follow Grace on social media like I do, you… and if you do you’ll know that she works really really hard! she’s very busy! [Grace] Yeah I, I like to stay busy [Kati] yeah, she’s been around the world and I, I, I [GRACE LAUGHS] [Kati] and all the time [KATI JOINS IN THE LAUGHTER] [Grace] Yeah, something like that [GRACE AND KATI CONTINUE LAUGHING] [Kati] and so today, we are here to talk to you about ways that we better take care of ourselves and Grace is gonna share some of the ways she takes mental health care days [Grace] yes [Kati] and just taking care of herself overall. [MARIMBA BASED MUSIC WITH A RELAXING VIBE] [Kati] So, I do a lot of thing where I take time for myself whether it be grabbing coffee by myself – which I know sounds weird; Erm, taking time to spend time with my friends, I’m in therapy myself, erm, what are some things that you do to help yourself when you’re feeling so busy and so stressed? [Grace] Yeah, errr, I’m a Libra astrologically [Kati] Oh me too! [Grace} Yeah, so scales [Kati] Yeah [Grace] So it’s all about fair balance [KATI ACKNOWLEDGES THIS} [GRACE] Trying to kinda maintain balance, so whenever Whenever I feel I’m like working really really hard I try to also give myself permission to rest really really hard. [KATI LAUGHS] and, err, I like to kind of [PAUSES] Maybe you guys do this, maybe you don’t I like to indulge in really mindless things [KATI] Totally! [GRACE] Watch a lot of reality television [KATI] Yes! [GRACE] things that I feel like I’m very, errr, active with my brain and very present in the work that I do, I really just want to give my brain just like a recess. [KATI ACKNOWLEDGES THIS] [GRACE] and just kinda do things that seem monotonous or just seem like mind-numbing to a lot of people [GRACE LAUGHS] [KATI LAUGHING] I’m the same! [GRACE] Yeah… [KATI} and I, I actually think it’s really good because… We do spend a lot of time being thoughtful and [GRACE] Yeah and making sure you’re planning I mean… I know you guys understand this but there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of all of this stuff that we create [GRACE] 100 per cent [KATI] Ta da! [GRACE] Yeah [KATI] Erm, yeah and so I used to love Kandi Crush and it was like, it was like a crush! [GRACE] Oh yeah! YEAH! I had to kinda stop because I was going to get too far into it. [KATI] Totally! I had to force myself to delete it! [GRACE LAUGHING] Yeah, yeah! [KATI] No take-baxies! [GRACE] That is the most really adult thing somebody can do, is delete their own Kandi Crush game! [THEY BOTH LAUGH] [KATI] Then I’m not going to download the game and delete it again, [GRACE LAUGHS] [KATI] But I no longer have it on any of my devices [GRACE] There you go! [KATI] I agree, shutting the brain off… [GRACE] Yeah, I’m a real advocate of “Real Housewives” [KATI] Yes [GRACE] All of the franchises I think it also kind of erm, subconsciously gives me perspective on like good life choices that I have made [KATI LAUGHS] [GRACE] in comparison to some of their not-so-good life choices [KATI] Agreed, I’m always like “wow like that fight I had with so and so was terrible” [GRACE LAUGHS] [KATI] “but we didn’t even curse at each other” [GRACE, LAUGHING] Yeah! Exactly, exactly! [GRACE] I think that’s huge. And even, when we were talking before we started doing this the um, just the idea of doing real monotonous like tasks and chores are kinda just a nice reprieve from more like high-functioning things you have to do in your life? [KATI] Totally! and I don’t know if you find this to be true but often, when I’m feeling really frazzled there, I’m sitting there to write, sitting down to plan the videos that I’m creating… [GRACE] uh hu [KATI] I will erm, have to have to like clean my area [GRACE} Yeah [KATI] Or clean my house… [GRACE] Yeah [KATI] Or get my shit together and one way or another [GRACE} Oh um, yeah I spent four hours building uh a clothing wardrobe last night instead of doing my actual work because there were so many boxes around and I felt I couldn’t get started until those boxes were taken care of, but those boxes took a good four hours so… So, sometimes it just doesn’t work out in your favour so you know so check yourself. [KATI] So apart from monotonous things, or taking care of real life things, is there anything that you directly do like an action? [GRACE] Yeah, I do erm, I kinda make a point, and I’ve only realised this within the last, I don’t know, like maybe two years That, I do a lot of creative things in my life and so, when I want to take off from making videos or whatever it is I try and do something creative that doesn’t have any effect on my actual, like, job. Michael’s is a great staple, err, store for anyone that wants to er indulge in some amateur crafting [KATI LAUGHS] [GRACE] it has no consequences and so I like to get like canvases or like work on jewellery or just like really small kinda dumb things… [KATI] Yeah [GRACE] that are still flexing that creativity muscle… [KATI] Totally. [GRACE] But don’t have any baring and I don’t have to show anyone if I don’t want to if they turn out really terribly! [THEY BOTH LAUGH] [KATI] Yeah… [GRACE] Yeah, so I find a lot of like real joy in kind of just like working by myself on stuff like that. I imagine it’s probably really fun to do with others as well, if you’re a bit [KATI] Yeah! [GRACE] … of a social person [KATI] True [KATI] Sometimes it’s nice to be just alone too. [GRACE] Yeah [KATI] but sometimes I find I can take care of myself, just taking time by myself [GRACE] Yeah [KATI] A lot of what we do is just… energy out [GRACE ACKNOWLEDGES] [KATI] Sometimes if I don’t have to interact, and be on I can put energy back in [GRACE] 100 per cent… 100 per cent and it… I have this really, and I’m sure a lot of over-achievers types might have this issue where you think taking time off is like … failing or is like a negative [KATI] You’ll feel guilty… [GRACE] Yeah, but it’s so, helpful, like really truly have figured in the last couple of years that taking time off is actually like investing in yourself [KATI LAUGHS] Yeah [GRACE] in a way… [KATI] and like yeah, letting us do what we do… [GRACE] Yeah [KATI] and I have trouble with that too… it’s like work/life balance it’s not really a thing when you work for yourself? [GRACE] Totally [KATI] and I still trying to find a way to like like, cut off for like a week. [GRACE] Oooh, I know, that sound CRAZY! [KATI] I know right, I should snatch at that, I should go in there and comment… I should like… I should I should, I should [GRACE] Yeah [KATI] And I know, I tell my clients – and that’s why we state therapists are not perfect and I don’t pretend to live a serious and put together life [GRACE] I, recently got back , like two days ago from a Tony Robbins event this weekend, [KATI] Oh yeah, OK [GRACE] and it like blew my mind Coming from a comedy point of view I want to, so badly, make fun of everything that happens this weekend but I really was so wonderful and so enlightening and so empowering that I can’t say enough good things about it. But, one thing it really taught you is that, erm, you, you operate best with all your relationships when you’re operating best with yourself, [KATI] Uh hmmm [GRACE] When you’re really taking time for yourself and really like managing you own happiness levels [KATI] Yeah [GRACE] yeah and it’s like that RuPaul phrase like “if you don’t love yourself how the hell are you going to love anyone else?” and yeah it sounds dumb but yeah but the fundamentals of it are so important and so true and so I’m just Even going to that event itself for me, was just taking time off work but also something like really necessary for me so I think one great thing I try and do more is something good for myself Like intentionally good for myself… [KATI] …like scheduling time to be good to yourself [GRACE] Yeah, either take a vacation with friends or you know, go to a museum or something that is stimulating in a way that you wouldn’t necessarily make that time for yourself normally [KATI] Yeah [GRACE] Uh, yeah and I was kind of adverse to going to this for a while but when I was there I was so, like, thankful and appreciative of my decision to go down there [KATI] Totally! [GRACE] Yeah I think that’s really important. So, seek out things that might put you off and like and like kind of scare you because you’re really curious about it. [KATI] Yeah like and I find that I’m the same [GRACE] Uh hmm [KATI] I’m… just going to throw it out here so you guys can judge all you want in the comments that’s totally fine [GRACE LAUGHS] [KATI] But I’m not one to sign up to like … ‘ENLIGHTMENT” [GRACE SHOUTING] Right, Yeah! [KATI] I’m like “awwe” [WINCES] [KATI] I’m laughing in my head so hard… [GRACE] Exactly! And with the entire like 9,000 people there this weekend and so like Normally seeing that written down on paper I’d be like “throw it in the garbage!” I don’t want anything…. [KATI] I was just thinking of that! GRACE] Exactly! But it was just really just wonderful. So, push yourself a little bit. [KATI] Yeah, and I find if I get out of my comfort zone ummm, random thought, [GRACE] Yeah [KATI] I was in as a junior in college and a lot of people went away and studied abroad I didn’t have the opportunity as I paid my way all the way through school, and I got the opportunity to study Spanish in Costa Rica over the summer [GRACE] Oh, uh cool! [KATI] and I was scared. Like shitless like “I don’t wanna go” “no, I…” [GRACE] yeah yeah yeah “no I don’t” and then when I was there after the first day of like trauma nobody speaks English holy shit what do I do I was so grateful because when you step out of your comfort zone I really think you learn a lot about yourself and it gave me time to kind of I don’t know, do some of that inside work [GRACE] Yeah [KATI] Yeah and give some of that energy back to myself like we’re talking about. [GRACE] Yeah! And it’s so much easier said than done “Just step outside your comfort zone!” [GRACE AND KATI LAUGHING] Or you know, “walk off that bridge!” or whatever that is, I mean metaphorically [KATI] “Trust us, you’ll be OK” [KATI] Thank you so much for sharing all your helpful tips! [GRACE] Thank you! Thank you so much for having me. Kati you’re wonderful, are you guys subscribed? Subscribe, share with all your friend, enemies… Dog, etcetera [KATI LAUGHS] [GRACE] Subscribe to this channel, it’s a wonderful channel! [KATI] Especially the dog [GRACE LAUGHS] Yes, they need help too [KATI] Yes, but it’s always important for us to take mental health days take care of ourself; I know – Grace and I suffer with the internal guilt, [GRACE] Yeah [YATI] and know that’s a normal feeling, that’s OK but we still have to do it because otherwise it leads to burnout. it leads us to feeling worse and we can’t love other people if we don’t love ourselves. So, I hope some of these tips are helpful for you I’ll put the information down in the description for those of you who have trouble following along because I talk quickly [GRACE LAUGHS] And I’ll see you next time.

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  1. +Kati Morton
    I really liked this talk. I would not have minded if it was closer to 30 minutes than 10.
    How about an in-depth coffe and a chat about how to build yourself up after a break-up? I'm not talking about immediate action after heartbreak, but what you do years later when there's still a black hole in your heart?.. I can't be the only one.

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  3. I'm so into Candy Crush. I feel like I'm too far in to delete it though. But I recently got into puzzling, which has been an incredible way for me to take my mind off things, but still be working toward something. I highly recommend it!

  4. I loved this video! Over time I have learned that exercise helps me de-stress and feel better in general (I'm super lazy, but I push myself to do it anyways). I love to spend time with my dogs or cook/bake something as well. Also fellow Libra here 🙂

  5. My best friend and I are introverts, so we live to spend time together like reading and stuff. She actually just texted me to come over because she wants to "socialize without really socializing" it's so good when people get you/how you self care! 😛

  6. I'm clean for 7 months and 10 days by now and what helped me with it was promising it to someone I really, really love and who I know would be hurt more than it would hurt myself if I did again. I also listen to music a lot, write stuff down I want to do like creative ideas for example to which I can get back to when I'm stressed out, read a lot, go to my horse (that helps a lot and is really perfect by the way!) and stuff like that to take care of myself. I also watch TV shows a lot and see my therapist regularly which also helps my brain to shut down sometimes. She teached me deep breathing techniques to calm myself during exams when I for example start to be scared and maybe get a panic attack. We also built up a routine that makes it easier for me to get back into homework and learning for exams when I'd usually just sit there and do nothing.

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  8. Great collab, Kati! This is actually one of the things that I've been working on lately. I've realized that taking time for myself for basic needs, even eating a leisurely dinner, instead of feeling bad that I haven't gotten more done, is ok. We're all human, and we have to be our best physically and mentally to do our best in the rest of our life!

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  10. Thank you for this video! I always need as many helpful tips as possible to take care of myself! You'd think it would come naturally, right? But … no.
    Anyway, one thing I do is journal. But not necessarily with a task in mind. More like a stream of consciousness, so I can just find out what's even in there.

  11. Kati AND Gracie?! 😀 A great stress reliever for me is coloring…yes Im an adult but it works and I love it xoxo

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  13. This was great, I'm a huge Grace fan too! I also studied Spanish in Costa Rica and totally experienced culture shock at first too! It's definitely shaped me (having that experience) and has helped me get outside of my comfort zone in other ways 🙂

  14. when I'm feeling anxious i usually write songs..its really a great thing to turn something thats negative into a song that you're proud of… just a suggestion to anyone 🙂

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    And second, yesterday i tried to download one of your workbooks. And to be able to download it you have to confirm your email address in an email that you sent. But i never got that mail. I tried multiple times and checked if i wrote my address right, which i did. But i still never got the email to confirm it. I don't know if it's a bug or something, just thought i'll let you know!

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  18. I always feel guilty when I take time for myself and do something enjoyable and relaxing instead of something "productive". But I'm going to take inspiration from this video to give myself some time – I prepared paints and brushes and I'm planning to spend evening with them.

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  24. I know that this video is really important about your health and what not, but all of my attention is with an upside down face cardboard cut out of Mamrie in the background. sorry.

  25. Oh I loved this! I really love seeing this side of Grace. I'm 25 and definitely relate to struggle between working constantly or thinking constantly about work and the need to take meaningful time off (without feeling guilty). It's especially difficult because my work environment is regularly chaotic. It's always good to hear that this struggle is more or less universal– from media stars to average Joes, we're in this together!

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  27. Is really envy people whose "down time" activities are also productive times. I get overwhelmed very easily; a lot of the time all activities feel like obligations and I just shut down. Rats.

  28. I love crafting! I actually talked about how I use crafting to distract myself from panic attacks in the video I put up today so that's a fun coincidence I saw this video today. Who knew crafts could be so powerful haha. Love this video. It's so important that we realize taking some alone time off is not being lazy or failing, it's really beneficial! -Mel

  29. I came to this video because I'm a big +Grace Helbig fan. I was in the middle of an anxiety/depression funk so this advice, coming from someone I look up to is perfect. Couldn't have been a better time for this video. You don't know how much this helped me. Thank you both.

  30. Kati, can you please talk about EMDR. My therapist (who i've been seeing for almost 2 years) wants me to consider doing this with her (she is becoming trained in this now) since I just opened up about a trauma that happened 7months ago. I'm really considering saying yes but i've read how hard the process is and it scares me. What would you suggest??

  31. Whats with the huge face at the back of the room?? lol.
    Also, Kati, your biceps are amazing!!!
    And last, this video was really helpful, thank you so much for all the hard work you put on creating this.

  32. The first month of last semester I was working 6 days a week and going to class 4 days a week. I had about no time for any time to myself but what I would do is take five extra minutes and do a face mask and watch a YouTube video at night. And then one my way to school on the bus I'd just zone out and listen to music and play a mindless game. My mindless game of choice at the time was crossy road. No that wasn't perfect, yes I almost burned out, since well. My only day off of work during that time was a class day, and that class day I was at school for 8 hours +. That was not a fun time, luckily my boss cut my hours back as soon as she could before I started majorly burning out.

  33. +Kati Morton (Mental Health Vlogger) I'm a licensed psychotherapist from Portugal and I can confirm everything you said 🙂 Let me just add as a self care tool: LEARN TO ASK FOR HELP (from family, friends, a therapist, etc). Everyone deserves it! We do not have to do it all alone! 🙂 x

  34. what is the term the use to talk about leisure activities? it sounds like monogness or something like that..

  35. I get to do monotonous bullshit all the time (I'm a dishwasher) so that won't help me. Listening to metal and drinking beer helps calm me down, at least temporarily.

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  37. in therapy I reached a point where a part of me likes to sabotage and procrastinate so I am bad at self care especially lately. I was told taking care of myself is going to be hard for me.

  38. Thank you so much for making this video!!  I am a social work major, and I was planning on talking about self-care in my group for grad school.  This totally helped me.  Going to recommend this video to others & add it as a fav 🙂 <3

  39. I just sorted value cards recently as a way to see what areas I can explore and incorporate into satisfying activities. I started an art journal tonight but this vid gave me the idea of taking myself on "field trips" like when I was in grade school. There's tons of free stuff I can do like go to museums, discover some weird stores, go on a nature hike and/or picnic, do some outdoor drawing, visit local historical sites, parks, talks, book signings, etc.

  40. hey Kati! I've been following you for years. I had a very traumatic hospitalization for mental health issues almost 3 years ago. I have a very hard time trusting mental health professionals now and am scared to ask for help. Your videos are helping me see that there are good therapists out there. I am starting to see that getting help is SOOO important for my mental health and I probably won't be in that situation with the hospital again. You continue to give me hope and inspire me in my recovery. thank you for bringing hope to so many people ❤❤❤

  41. hey Kati! I've been following you for years. I had a very traumatic hospitalization for mental health issues almost 3 years ago. I have a very hard time trusting mental health professionals now and am scared to ask for help. Your videos are helping me see that there are good therapists out there. I am starting to see that getting help is SOOO important for my mental health and I probably won't be in that situation with the hospital again. You continue to give me hope and inspire me in my recovery. thank you for bringing hope to so many people ❤❤❤

  42. Great advice. People don't realize the benefits of disconnecting from all of those things that are constantly stimulating your day to day.

  43. My self care routine is making a homemade face mask, listening to my favorite music, doing my makeup, and sitting naked on my couch while watching TV. All of these things make me feel like I am worth all of the love and affection I get from friends and family. I also do some other things, that I won't mention, but those things just make me love my body and feel relaxed.

  44. This was a really helpful video, and also reinforced things I already know but don't take the time to do. Thanks! ?

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  46. Why people think is weird to have coffee or a meal alone? There's nothing wrong, at least for me, I don´t always like to do those things with someone.

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