Self Love Art Therapy

Self Love Art Therapy

Today I’ll show you how to make art when you need more self-love. I invite you to create with me and do some self art therapy. This exercise will help you listen to yourself and practice compassion to the parts of ourselves that need the most love and healing. First the materials you need are a rag or paper towel, watercolor or gouache paint, a cup with water, brushes, and you can optionally include drawing media like color pencils and markers. And finally you also need watercolor paper of any size. (I just used a multimedia sketchbook) To make ourselves most comfortable and cozy we can light a candle and brew some hot tea. Setting up the space and atmosphere allows us to relax and focus. Before the art, let’s invite mindfulness and become aware of our physical body. Gently place your attention on your breathing – in and out. Invite into your awareness how you feel in your body in this present moment. Say hello to your feet, legs, stomach, chest, arms, and your neck and shoulders. See how your face feels. Let’s invite gentleness and mindfulness. When we do the self art therapy exercise we want to practice non-judgement and acceptance. There is no right or wrong in this – simply focus on expressing yourself. So let’s get started. Think about what you have a difficult time with, in relation to yourself. Maybe you have disappointments, regrets, feeling of hopelessness, or just frustrated with yourself. Create an image reflecting this feeling or relationship that you have with yourself. You can create this in an abstract way with colors shapes or lines or you can create it with figures, with realistic drawing – however way you want to express this feeling or idea. I think love can be a very loaded word. But I see it as a form of acceptance and allowance. I think that when we allow we can love. When we resist or fight against parts of ourselves that we don’t like we feel bad. It is important to practice openness and an attitude of allowing, even for the less desirable feelings, thoughts, and actions we take and we’re doing that actually right now with this art process. We are allowing ourselves to feel and allow parts of ourselves to be seen especially the ones we want to reject. What is your view on self-love? Please share it in the comments below. I’d love to see what your view is. After you finish this part there is a second part so let’s use a new page and create an artwork or image that is a compassionate response to the first image you created. What would be a more compassionate, or more gentle, or perhaps a kinder image for that first picture? How can we soften that first picture? Can use any shapes lines and colors to express this. I think that there is a being inside of us that has unconditional love for ourselves. It’s just full of pure love and support. And whenever I feel like I’m not caring for myself Whenever I feel I don’t have self-love. I always try to imagine how would this unconditionally loving being inside of me feel right now? This unconditional being doesn’t have limiting beliefs, doesn’t lack anything, doesn’t have conditions for feeling love and happiness. So I always try to imagine, what would this being feel? I have finished my second picture and when you have finished yours it is time to do some reflection. For this part you may need a pencil or pen and a journal or any notebook you can use to write in. For the reflective writing, you can answer the following questions: What is it like to try to love yourself? And how was it today to do this through the art? Was it more easy or was it more difficult? And the second question is: if you could put a title for each of these pieces of work, what would they be and why? After you have finished writing there is one last thing that you could do and this is optional. You can take the compassionate artwork and hang it where you see easily – on your desk wall or on the mirror to remind yourself of the feeling of self-love Better yet. Let’s spread this self love and create a community of people on the same path. You can share your artwork on social media and I’m on Instagram. So if you hashtag it thirsty for art, you can all see your artwork and we can share this journey of self-love Thanks for following along with this self art therapy practice – we all benefit when you fill your own cup first. If you enjoyed this, please like this video and subscribe to the channel. I’ll see you next time. Bye

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  1. Hello friends! Where do you struggle in your self-love journey? And how do you practice self-love?

  2. Your videos inspired me to buy a new sketchbook, take colored pencils, go outside, and draw.

    I enjoyed drawing for myself so much, I think such kind of creativity is one the best forms of self-love ♥

  3. I've been waiting for your video as well. I just saw your sisters video. Yahoo I lv this. Thanks again 🤗

  4. I've been so busy recently that I completely forgot how much I used to love drawing and painting. You remind me about it. I'm so grateful for your channel. I think that self-love means doing things that brings us joy and fulfillment ❤

  5. This was extremely beautifully
    worded. Greatly appreciated
    this. I have peace and self love
    and respect for myself. Have also
    started painting again after many
    many years. Although I regularly
    visit wonderful art exhibitions we
    have here in Switzerland. My view
    on self love is to show gratitude
    for the good health and joy I have
    in my life at age 67. Really enjoying your videos. Grateful
    you started this lovely channel.

  6. ❣️Hi, Youhjung, thank you for sharing and asking. I almost thought I’m the only one who cares for herself in this way…self care for me means grounding, this is quite often painting, because it helps best, I can sit in the middle of chaos and quarrel, paint without plan and fairy tales are coming up during painting. But I take care in many ways, preparing food for myself alone, knitting, crocheting, reading, , singing and chanting, sitting in the garden and listening to the birds, watching the stars, enjoying our first small wood strawberries…I struggle, if persons around me act in a stressful way, hectic is poison for me. I’m not a multitasker at all… If there’s no other possibility, I sing or hum 'inside', to become calm again. You seem very calm, have you always been this way? Love from Germany, Monika❣️

  7. Hello Youhjung thank you so much for your beautiful video on self love and your beautiful artwork inspires me I encourage self love buy being mindful and open to my existence while I'm in the shower or going for a walk and feeling grateful for my existence. I love looking at leaves on the road side very relaxing xx

  8. Thank you so much for this beautiful video! When I was creating my second drawing I was reminded of your podcast on how art can reveal what is happening in our unconscious or non-verbal parts of the mind. My art today showed me elements of my healing journey I had not been aware of before. Thank you for all that you do! <3

  9. *Draws a picture of difficult things*: gorgeous
    *Draws a kinder and softer version*: also gorgeous <3

    Is there a reason why your art pieces usually start with circles? Your first video was the same way, so I was wondering if there was a significance behind this, or just a stylistic choice ^.^ Love your videos <3

  10. Thank you so much for this! When I am stressed I like to draw trees and different plants because natural things calm me

  11. This year one of my biggest projects is to descover self love and this art mediation I think is the next step. Thank you for your calming videos.

  12. Very lovely ❤️ thank you for sharing your insights, I appreciate your making art therapy accessible

  13. Wow. Your art is beautiful and so relaxing to watch. I used to paint using acrylics but now I need to try watercolors.

  14. Hello again lovely lady. I was thinking about self love. When I was younger I didn't even know that self love existed. I hated myself. Then I got married, had children and never had the time for anything personal. Life revolved around my little people and my husband. My little family was everything. But now I am older, my children have left home and had children of their own, and I find myself emotionally shredded. I've always tried to be creative, but life rarely gave me the opportunity. Your art therapy videos and your general outlook have spurred me on to continue doodling and to find my watercolour paints and try this. I wonder what's going to happen once I put some paint on paper. Could be interesting. Thank you so much for being in my life. My journey is beginning anew.

  15. Your art is so, so beautiful and peaceful… I recently started to paint with watercolors and your painting with it is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing it <3

  16. your videos are awesome! i'm really into art, and therapy, and art therapy is an interest of mine and i think your perspective and your attitude is so valuable, tysm for sharing!!!

  17. I will try this exercise this weekend to breath new air inside myself. Thanks for sharing your art and this beautiful art moment 🙏🏻❤️

  18. Thank you for sharing your Art Therapy expertise and making these great videos. I am looking forward to starting my self discovery journey with you and pulling out my old art supplies.

  19. I love everything about this video 😍 never thought of incorporating art into mindfulness. Thank you and I'm officially a subscriber 💜

  20. I have never understood how to express my feelings thru art. It’s always just been what looks good or right to me. You have explained it in a way that finally makes sense to me. I was compelled to put my hand out to feel the energy of your artwork. Thank you. Art therapy is the best!!

  21. Hi, I just found your channel today and it is really beautiful. I just did this exercise so I will hashtag your hashtag on Instagram. Self love to me means taking care of my health physically and mentally, showing myself and others compassion and doing the things that bring me joy like art.

  22. I just finished this exercise and it let out a lot that I was surprised about. At first I didn't even understand why my emotions were so intense. This helped me release some feelings I didn't know I was holding onto so tightly. Thank you so much for helping me get through a big transition point in my life! I have always done art in a somewhat therapeutic way, especially recently as I move more toward abstract and non-representational art, but these structured exercises are something I'll be incorporating much more in my life because of the crazy response I had. Much love!

  23. I love your videos! You inspire me to spend more time in my art. Thank you for that. Please consider a larger font for the text. It’s very small when viewed on a tablet. Ty! Please keep making these wonderful videos!

  24. I think that self love is the very foundation of being oneself. And I think that people who don't love themselves, they are also not true to themselves and others as well and then they are mistaking sincerity with self-criticism in order to keep a balanced perception of the world. So I guess that if you want to love yourself, you first have to speak the truth.

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