14 Replies to “Self-Proclaimed Herbalist Charged In Death Of Diabetic Teen”

  1. And what about the mother who made the choice in getting this treatment for her son??!! Debatable, as doctors pump chemicals into our bodies ,so which is worse? Vale to the victim.

  2. Whatever I think the parents are complete idiots. If their son was fine using insulin before they come to this guy that tells them it's poison, why wouldn't you at the very least see the kids doctor first and see if it was reasonable to take the herbs rather than the insulin? I mean the doctor would obviously have said no, keep taking the insulin. It's so idiotic all around and it's so sad that this poor kid had to go through all of that.

  3. "Maria Madrigal believed Morrow had access to ‘God’s pharmacy'"

    and it's called modern medicine.

    lots of money, time, and manpower spent for medicines that looks like a miracle a century ago.

  4. waaaait! why arent the parents facing charges for being fucking idiots? the dumbfuck who told them to use oils instead of insulin is charged, but why are the motherfucking inbred idiots who actually listened to this are free?

  5. Both the "herbalist" (an actual herbalist would have known essential oils aren't a replacement for insulin) and the parents should be charged with manslaughter.

  6. Fake news. This Man id talking from his conviction. Not everyone believes in poisoning themselves with artificial drugs and chemo

  7. So stupid. I liked him too. He healed so many naturally. I wonder if this was really the case or the news being one-sided once again.

  8. those reporters know that healthy eating and exercise is the answer, and still go to work to lie, that must be hell.

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