sepia Homeopathic Remedy best for women.(Episode 6)

In the name of Allah the most gracious and mercy full. Assalam_O_Alaikum I am DR DIYA WELCOME to all of you to “Homeopathic Galaxy” In this session “single symptom single remedy”. today’s symptom is “hating with husband” all such women who hates their husbands. without any reason.. and it does not have any special reason. “SEPIA”works very well for such women. use sepia in high potency. or any husband comes to you and says… my wife hates me a lot so “sepia” the best remedy in this condition too but in this condition you should to take history properly. if you have been aware of this during case taking/history.. she hates her husband because of his husband’s miss behavior. or any wrong activities of her husband.. like drinking alcohol,hit or to abuse her.. because of such acts, if the wife hates the husband.. in this condition do not prescribe “SEPIA” for more guideline study “sepia” this is enough for today. see tomorrow with a new video. ALLAH HAFIZ till tomorrow

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