*SEVERE HYPERKYPHOSIS* starts Y-STRAP *Back Cracking* Treatment

*SEVERE HYPERKYPHOSIS* starts Y-STRAP *Back Cracking* Treatment

100 Replies to “*SEVERE HYPERKYPHOSIS* starts Y-STRAP *Back Cracking* Treatment”

  1. Man, you're good… when you did that Y-strap, I flinched — and my neck gave a satisfying crack. God bless and guide your hands.

  2. My fantasies consist in dreaming with a chiropractor fixing my terrible lower back pain. That's it. Nothing dirty about it. I just want this pain gone.

  3. I was like oh shit did I watch to many bone crackling? when I saw my battery bar 0℅ I know aim still typing even if my battery bar is on 0℅. Well bye bone crackling for now. Hopefully this wont shutdown while im typing.

  4. There are some chiropractor's ive seen around on youtube that do a heating towel or pads to soften the muscles. that helps release some of the tension so that those gas bubbles caught inside the spine can release better and not been so tender.

  5. Do patients with ms have similar issues? They found lesions on my brain
    And my posture is similar but less severe. They really dont know what it is yet. Could be lyme for all I know. I can totally relate to that breathing effect

  6. id love to see his progression and do you ever do xrays Doctor Joe? and if so would you ever consider going over them so we can see exactly what needs to be corrected.

  7. Good heart Chiropractor God bless and protect you & your family! God bless your heart, health and hand in Jesus name Amen ?

  8. I have never had an adjustment so when he yanked on guys head and the guy didn't say anything laying there limp I nearly thought he had broken his neck!

  9. One question just before the 2nd snap thing with headgear he had something in his hand triangle shape with a bulb at the end of it what was that for?

  10. When he had the Y strap done and he closed his eyes and stoped moving I sorta started freaking out thinking he broke his neck and passed out

  11. The Chiropractor really needs to lose some weight if he doesn't want to start having problems with his own back! He looks about 40 pounds overweight.

  12. What if that Y strap took all his head out of his body? That's gonna be the weirdest shit halloween prank of all. ???

  13. Initial thought when he turned sideways to the camera: whoa! Holy crap is his spine super curved… No wonder he’s in so much pain all the time!

    Final thoughts: I want to see this mans progress. He is a success story.

  14. Not trying to bash anyone at all but this kind of treatment that is seen here is what I thought was common. To hear that he's had atleast 500 adjustments and the doctors never achieved this. It's amazing what can happen in the correct hands. Bravo!

  15. Any update on the patient? Looks like a lot of us are rooting for his recovery and would like to hear that he's doing better.

  16. I have kyphosis and have never had been to a chiropractor, it’s PAINFUL. Couldn’t imagine having a super version of it.

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