She Asked For Antibiotics & I said NO | Wednesday Checkup

She Asked For Antibiotics & I said NO | Wednesday Checkup

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  1. Need to get drug srores to carry placebos this way you can give them something to satisfy there minds and think they got what they wanted

  2. Why do all Americans go to the doctor when they are sick like a sore throat or a fever (I get that babies need to go to the doctor) ? here in the Netherlands you just deal with it. It blows my mind that the lady asked if she should go to the ER for what seems to be just a sore throat? lmao no hate, I’m not a doctors. It’s just so different

  3. I like to imagine she and her husband convincing themselves they are right and going to urgent care and realizing they are wrong and the doctor was right lol

  4. When a vet watches this and wonders how someone gets to a doctor during a cold… Who has a cold for 4 months?

  5. Is he not breaking confidentiality I don’t mean to be bad but if I went In to his office and found a video about me a week later I’d be like what the fuck

  6. Serious question for you: I read a while back that sometimes an effective way to deal with a doctor that refuses to consider what may be a reasonable request from a patient is to ask that the denied treatment/test/whatever be noted in their patient file as requested and refused. How do you feel about this approach? Is it a logical extension of CYA medicine or is it unfair to the attending physician?

  7. Honestly I don't see how people can be so stupid. A cough, cold, sore throat, fever, etc is almost always just a cold or the flu. Antibiotics would be more like… One side of your face is swollen (happened to me, had infection in parotid gland), or severe sinus pain and swelling (mom had sinus infection), etc. My point being most antibiotic curing infections have some sort of obvious and un-parallell swelling.

  8. This is so true. I went to the doctor once thinking I needed a prescription but turned out I had a weird virus that meant I needed more sun. I followed the doctors instructions with no meds just sun and was fine in no time.

  9. Whenever I go to the doctor they just throw antibiotics at me. Like no stop. They literally do it for everything here in South Africa. And that's why I try not to go to the doctor.

  10. Antibiotics don't help a virus. The flu shot doesn't give you the flu. The flu is not a stomach virus. A lot of people still think these things. I know people who would take antibiotics like candy if they could. They have. I do not know how they could even work for them anymore.

  11. I really sympathize with medical professionals when it comes to antibiotics and drug resistance but I also really hate the current culture around antibiotics. As a patient with a very consistent and sadly lengthy health record that indicates that I need antibiotics, on top of being able to know the difference between what a viral and bacterial infection feels like to my body, I expect to be treated accordingly. What I’ve experienced outside of my primary provider is quite different and overall ridiculous. Older doctors are now afraid to prescribe antibiotics to a person my age and with their seasoned experienced they are very rigid and refuse to let me and my records be a factor in their decisions. And with my experiences with younger and newer doctors are even worse because they have this attitude they carry where they feel the need to flaunt their credentials and over prove themselves. On top of that the culture around antibiotics they were taught in makes them very reluctant to listen to me and look at my records before they make a final decision. In my case I need antibiotics because I have severe allergies and asthma that I am now able to mange due to age and my primary providers full on approach to my illnesses. Without antibiotics I will be asymptomatic or show little to no symptoms while having an infection for months until it progresses quickly into severe symptoms. Which means I’m not able to maintain my quality of life for that month, and by then I’ll have several weeks before the antibiotics kill off the infection and I return to normal. Not fun at all, and I hate when it will spread to my lungs or ears or I catch something that affects my lungs or ears due to being down already. This is all made worse given the fact I have a severe case of Bipolar II disorder. Which means illnesses, antihistamines and other medications you’d take over the counter when you’re sick, and antibiotics cause me to cycle from hypomania to depression faster or prolong those episodes while make them more intense and unmanageable. Which means I could end up self harming to the point of severe injury or get an infection or end up sducidal and be inpatient for a week. There’s also the factor of a successful attempt which is really not a good look for the doctor who refused antibiotics or the inpatient facility who won’t treat me given the fact that the doctor refused a script. Which has happened and I ended up inpatient for two week and received no treatment for my infection for over a month. Mostly due to the wait time to prove it’s not viral and the wait time to be discharged from inpatient and then wait for another appointment which can take weeks.

  12. I'm very grateful my doctor didn't give unneccesary dises of antibiotics when I grew up. A couple of years ago I got yellow streps at a hospital after surgery, and when I was getting treatment for that I've got an inflated heartsack. Without antibiotics I wouldnt have been here today. When that happened I got a saturation on 69, and a fever of 105. Antibiotcs saved my life, but it eould have been a major problem if I had multiresistance

  13. About a year ago my lymph nodes swelled up to the point that I couldn’t open my mouth. Strep tests came back negative, and they gave me muscle relaxers and antibiotics. I ended up in the er three times due to the pain, and on my third visit the er doc referred to my antibiotics as “gorilla-cillin” and said he thinks I have a viral infection. He kept me on the antibiotics though? Is this an example of CYAM, or am I missing something?

  14. I appreciate your vantage point here, but the last time I was denied an antibiotic, it actually was bacterial, worsened over the course of a couple of weeks and left me with bronchitis.

  15. I agree. My son got strep for the third time. I decided to keep him home a week and that’s all he needed. No antibiotics. Just rest and fluids.

  16. So I'm 28 as a child had a ton of ear and sinus problems then 2 years ago I had a bad ear infection i used a heating pad over the counter meds nothing helped went to a walk in clinic was denied antibiotics at the time I was seeing an ent for long series of sinus infections called him for a second opinion got an appointment 9 days out in the time In between my sinuses became clogged and I had green snot dripping uncontrollably my eyes began hurting and one closed up my ent looked at me for 5 seconds asked me why I wasn't on antibiotics I told him the doctors name and that they told me they don't treat ear infections with antibiotics for adults I had a double ear infection sinus infection and conjunctivitis I was close to staff infection according to my ent DR. Mike what's up with that????

  17. I try to avoid urgent care unless I pass day 10 of being sick and I’m not improving as it has set deep in my lungs because they give antibiotics out like candy and I don’t want to take more meds than I’m already on. My primary doc, on the other hand, can tell the subtle differences between my asthmatic cough, post nasal drip cough, acid reflux cough, and bronchitis that when she prescribes the rare antibiotics, I trust that I actually need them.

  18. I have a question I had a rare rare infection well I guess bacteria after birth they let me leave after having a kid after 2 days I was very sick and new my body but my doctor said it's my first child and I'll feel better well i didnt i ended up going back 4 days later barely could walk was throwing up and diarrhea long story short went through hell and back 4 months later they found out it was a gram negative bacteria but i was very very sick do u no anything about this no one could say how i got it or anything just wondering if u had any opinions? it's been 4 years and I still I am not right after what happened to me being 22 and dying was very scary I am 26 now and still very much so wanting to no more.
    [email protected]
    If u can help that would be great

  19. I remember going to see a doctor, and the doctor asked what was wrong. Within two minutes I got a prescription. I forgot to get it from the pharmacy. And within 3 days it was gone. I rarely went to the doctors anymore.

  20. K so love you love what you do. With that said. One suggestion. Just say ass. ?? Don't make me say ass in my head and do your dirty work for u. ??? We know what C.Y.O.A is. If you're going to say it. Say it. Don't make us do your cursing for you in our heads. JUST SAY ASS!???

  21. you can request a certain medication even if its useless? i am not 100% sure here… i am from germany, and i am fairly certain the doc has the last word,.. regardless what the patient wants,.. if the doc say no,.. you wont get the medication because the doc has to justify the given prescription to the insurance company because they would have to pay for a medicine thats useless, you can bet they want to know why they should pay. i know there are "private" prescriptions that the patient has to fully cover themselves, but even then you wouldnt get something thats completely useless, even after request… is that something normal in the states?

  22. I'm always baffled by the amount of times doctors prescribe antibiotics unnecessarily. You only get them in severe cases here in the netherlands.

  23. My first obgyn was so antibiotic happy. I had five antibiotic prescriptions when I was pregnant with my now 5 year old ??‍♀️. Every time my white blood count was a tiny bit elevated, bam I was getting a prescription for an antibiotic. I put my trust in her thinking she new what she was doing since she was the doctor. Ended up changing doctors when she told me I was a bad mom for choosing to breastfeed my son (she was pro formula). When I was around 37 weeks pregnant with my now 1 year old, my white blood count was elevated a little bit. My new obgyn let me know, but wanted to hold off until my appointment the next week to see if the count went down. He didn’t want to put me on an antibiotic if it could go away on its own. Went in the next week and my white blood count was perfect. My son has always struggled with constipation since birth, my daughter is a pooping machine. I think the antibiotics I was on messed my sons gut up… we had him on probiotics starting at a year and lasting for a good 1.5-2 years. He is finally getting “regular”.

  24. I could say i'm pretty lucky because i'm not sick too often. If i have something, most of the times it goes away specially after a good night's sleep. If it's something more serious, i treat myself with stuff like vitamin C, ibuprofen or aspirin, tea, fruits, rest, paracetamol. I always read the medicine information so i'm aware of paracetamol being potential harmful if overused, so i don't exceed taking more than 1 at 8 hours. I rarely use antibiotics and probably because of that i don't need to take them long time or in high dosages. Usually 1 pill or 1-3 days with 3 pills per day (500mg pills) and only for infections.
    For other stuff that doesn't seem plausible for me to use any of those, i then consult a doctor. I would like better ways to interact with my family doctor but here that system is in the toilet. I'd rather not set aside almost an entire day just to ask something. So i mostly use that part only for trivial stuff like getting a certificate that i don't have chronic illnesses i may need somewhere else. So the only options available left are the internet or a private practice and of course E.R.

  25. Yep. And know when to take your kids to the doctor rather than taking them in for the most minor symptoms. If you want yourself or you child to get even sicker sit in a pediatricians/ ER waiting room for a few hours. Who was playing with that toy before your child picked it up? Our bodies can heal themselves in most cases. The trick is knowing when they cannot and we need a doctors help.

  26. Wow, US doctors really have a lot of worries. Where I'm from, doctor are always well respected and don't have to fear a lawsuit if they misdiagnosed you. Most of the times, when they are unsure, they will send you to a specialist for a second opinion.

  27. Who the hell goes to an urgent care facility for those symptoms? She basically had the symptoms you'd get with a cold and she wastes the time of doctors by asking for help.

  28. Had the same problem I get chronic UTI last time I had to go to the ER cause u was bleeding pretty bad the took a UA could not go so the did a Mini Cath all blood sense I used in the hosp I ask the nurse could it be my kidneys liver etc thank God. It was only a UTI and the wanted to put me on a regiment of antibiotics sense I'm allergic to a lot if them one solfa. Bactrim the Don't have much options left what is this with the md giving u antibiotic. Are the RX happy

  29. Is Clostridium Dificile truly a "bad" bacteria? I mean, it exists in the gut, it's an opportunistic pathogen, yes. But, couldn't it offer benefit to other bacteria residing in the gut that are/could be essential to good gut health? I know research on gut biome's is SORELY lacking. But do you have any insight on this? Thanks

  30. I had a dr recently who prescribed me antibiotics because he THOUGHT I had a sinus infection… OR allergies… those antibiotics are still sitting on my shelf unopened. If you dont even know what I have I'm not taking those pills.

  31. This is why I don't go to the doctor EVERY TIME I'm sick. 9/10 I end up feeling better within a week and something as simple as mucinex or nyquil helped me

  32. I have had strep throat about three times in my life. The first time I had to take two different liquid medicines to help with treatment. The second I had not used medicine and it sucked, but it lasted for only a week rather than half a month. The third time I didn't even realize I had it because it felt like a normal sore throat and barely lasted three days. Neither of the medicines I used during that first time were, as far as I know, a form of antibiotic, but it is possible as one of them my mother is allergic to and her main allergies are to molds, which antibiotics tend to be made from.

  33. When I was a kid, back in the sixties, my mom took me to the doctor every time I got a sniffle. Our family doc always gave me antibiotics. Surprised I survived my childhood.

  34. So, business concerns trump public safety. You CANNOT contribute to the over-prescription of antibiotics! This practice is rife in China and those multiple billions of bio-reactors are going to breed superbugs like crazy. Don't contribute. We (Westerners) are supposed to be smarter than that.

  35. Is drinking green and peppermint tea good for me? Like as a main beverage? I don't drink enough water but I love drinking tea

  36. I once had pink eye after coming back from camp, my rotor prescribed ANTIBIOTIC eyedrops. One drop in each eye 3 times a day for 10 days. Now I'm curious. Is pink eye caused by a virus or bacteria and how can you tell without a blood test so you know whether or not antibiotics will do any good. Also, IDK how I got it, because I didn't come in physical contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms. But I did get 3 feet close to a little boy with puffy eyes when I walked past him and the counselors trying to help him so I could get to talk to someone about the white water rafting trip. I also got really badly burned on my legs and for the first time ever a tan on my arms. How do you stop a tan from peeling and please do a travel video where you talk about how to prevent getting sick when you're camping. We also have bed bugs and are trying to get rid of them to no avail, there r bumps on my shoulder blades that itch a lot. I can't tell if they're bug bites or body acne. How do I make the itching stop because half the time I can barely reaches where it itches and leave red marks from scratching so hard

  37. If she isnt suffering an infection that NEEDS it then there is NO REASON for her to be prescribed anti biotics!

    The reason we have super bugs now is because no one can follow their doctors directions and actually FINISH THEIR PERSCRIPTION! they start getting better and think oh well I dont need it anymore.
    And dont finish.

    I commend you for not giving in! It pissed me off so much when my ex husbands mom did this. Oh she always had bits of antibiotics everywhere. Never a full script finished so just a few pills here and there. Any time something happened to her son she just gave the pills away to him. But its just….*eye twitch* entire family is medical so it greatly gets to me so MANY DO THIS!

  38. Before discussing placebo treatment and other things like that, you should make a video where to insist on doctors do an actual visit, listening to lungs and really perform medicine not just listening and counseling because lately too many doctors act like clercks. I know a case where a person presented to a doctor with a 103 fever that lasted for over 3 or 4 days. Got sent some because flu, came back a week later with respiratory symtoms, never got an actual visit but received a prescription for an x ray and indications to take lots of aspirins even if the fever never backed down. The x ray apparently showed pneumonia and the doctor, not a specialist on the field, since there was no expetoration said it was a viral pneumonia that would have healed by itself. When arriving to the third week of very high fever the person couldn't stand on her feets any longer and couldn't breathe no more, the family took her (a child to be precise) to another doctor that actually visited her and hospitalized her right the way because it couldn't hear any sound from her lungs. The girl got diagnosed with pleuresy, by that time it almost covered both her lungs completely. In the end it turned out to be bacterial, TB to be precise and it got cured with antibiotics. But this person almost died because a doctor never performed an actual visit and never listened to her chest. Some years later the same person developed a nasty autoimmune desease and as a normal person with no medical degree, I suspect that almost 5 weeks of high fever, 103 to 104 degrees had something to do with that. Therefore a doctor should behave like a doctor first and perform actual visits even when patients apparently look well if they complain symptoms. My grandma can also prescribe rest, warm tea and honey to someone feeling sick and guess what I already know to do that when I start feeling sick and almost everyone knows and does that. There are so many chronic bacterial infections because doctors don't prescribe antibiotics when needed and the immune system tries to overcome the bug by itself but it can't. Therefore you should make a video where to insist on doctors to perform real visits, prescribing some fucking swabs that can't hurt nobody but can detect bacterial, fungus and so many nasty bugs. Prescribing antibiotics when not needed is also a practice of the doctor-clerck operators because they are afraid of touching patients and that makes me wonder why the fuck did they studied medicine, they should have done something else.

  39. You should react to kurzgesagt's medical videos. We'd like your reactions to all of it, especially nutrition videos they also have.

  40. Joke's on you… You can my amoxicillin through online pet stores… It's called Fin Mox Forte and it's identical to "human" amoxicillin.

  41. I once went to the doctor presenting with pretty similar symptoms to the woman in the story. No fever or spots and it just didn't feel like strep (which I have had probably too many times before) but I had this lump in my throat that was really bothering me. Before I even saw the doctor the nurse took a strep culture and it was negative. When I talked to the doctor he said he was fairly certain I didn't have strep and it was just viral but there was something he could do about the lump I was feeling. The lump was just a dry spot from having a sore throat that then because it was dry, became irritated and inflamed. For that he prescribed me a steroidal anti-inflammatory. My response was, "oh good, I didn't think it would be strep, but I just went to visit my family recently and my mom and sister were on the last couple days of an antibiotic course for strep." The doctor then completely changed his mind and said, "well maybe it is strep. We better give you antibiotics just in case." I fought him on that though saying, "but you just said you were 99% sure it wasn't strep! My symptoms don't line up and the test came back negative. I don't want to take antibiotics if I don't need them" (for all the reasons Dr. Mike mentioned). The doctor wouldn't listen and insisted I take the antibiotics "just in case". So I stopped arguing and just got both prescriptions. The anti-inflammatory I could take as soon as I got home but the antibiotics I had to wait until that evening. Wouldn't you know, as soon as the anti-inflammatory kicked in, I felt better! So I called the office and explained the situation to the nurse and asked if I should still take the antibiotics. The nurse said no, if the anti-inflammatory made me feel completely better, it definitely wasn't strep, especially when the culture had come back negative.

    So I didn't take the antibiotics. It just made me so mad that the doctor was trying to push them on me when I clearly didn't need them. Needless to say, I never went back to see that doctor again.

  42. Is it okay to take antibiotics if the sinus infection does not get better even after 10 days? I live in India and every time I go to doctor to get my sinusitis checked I am always prescribed antibiotic.
    Please reply. Thank you !

  43. I've literally just had antibiotics thrown on me. I had a viral infection and I went to the hospital twice for it because I was very sick for 2 weeks. The first one gave me antibiotics treating me for strep, even though I didn't test positive for it. The second hospital just gave me fluids because I couldn't drink or eat very much because I was so sick. I'd rather just be left alone then be put on necessary medications that are going to mess up by birth control, and that I'll also have to take a probiotic with it to keep me from getting sick from the antibiotic.

  44. I was prescribed antibiotics because the walk-in physician I saw wasn’t sure what was causing my symptoms, “just in case it is an infection”. Turned out it was Erythema Nodosum, and I didn’t need the meds. Unfortunately, the antibiotics caused a c-diff episode!!! Wish I had come across your channel earlier. Thank you for helping me be a more informed patient, and be able to advocate for myself in my healthcare experience in the future. Cheers!

  45. What's your opinion on bacteriophage treatments? Do they show real promise? Do they show very limited use? Is it BS? I've always wanted to ask a real MD this question.

  46. …………………………………People really go to the doctor for a sore throat and dry cough???? I have a chronic knee injury, frequent stress-related pain in my right shoulder, my left wrist is kinda messed up, especially when it gets colder and wetter outside, but it helps to just keep it warm. I cough like 70% of the year…. I SHOULD probably see my doctor for a general check-up, but uh…. I'm probably not gonna do that, because I don't feel sick enough. I'll probably only go to the doctor if it's a legit emergency, and then it'll be the ER.
    The last time I saw a doctor, it was a young last-year student intern who was VERY relieved to find out I was 22 (he'd misread it at first, and expected a 2-year-old). I had an ear infection, as I expected, and it just felt good to get it confirmed. That was six years ago.
    I get the flu, I get colds, last year I slipped and fell and my tailbone STILL hurts like hell when I sit in the wrong position, but….but…. I still don't have a valid enough reason to go bother some overworked doctor, you know? Like, I get by. I'm fine most of the time. I'm healthy-ish, as far as I know. …
    How do people make themselves go to a doctor just for something that…..unimportant?

  47. bruh i got a prescription for anti biotics for my pimples LOL
    i came in with other issues and figured since i was having a break out i'd just ask if there was anything more i could do about it. my man gives me my first ever perscription of anti biotics. Me: yeah alright leggo (hint: it worked very well, until it was over then it came back. but for those 4 month my face was lit. but in a no pimple kind of lit. i was still ugly)

  48. It’s nice to have a family friend who’s a pharmacist who lets me know what prescriptions do what and why they’re commonly prescribed

  49. I agree with you 100%. I am a mother of four and grandma of eight. When my children were young their pediatrician and I had this same talk. I already knew about the differences in bacterial and viral infections. Therefore, the doctor knew my stand on unnecessary medicine was in line with his. Now my adult children have the same knowledge and they are taking their children to the same pediatrician they went to.
    Keep up the good work.

  50. I asked for codeine at the pharmacy once for a really bad cough once (couldn't sleep because of it), they said no…

  51. Dr. Mike, a c diff infection isn't there because the bacteria in your insides are all killed off. What happens is that the balance of the microbiome. Here's the study I am referencing:

    It's fascinating to look at, because after they weighed the guts, the bacterial mass was the /same/. But the types were vastly different. The niche that the bacteria who compete with c. diff take up is destroyed by regular antibiotics.

  52. At my local doctors office you can literally just walk in and go "give me pain pills" you got it. Antibiotics? Sure. Anything you want as long as they get their money.

  53. Don't forget: resistant bacteria spread to other people too. That means that giving one patient antibiotics could actually put other people at risk.

  54. The other side of this is doctors who prescribe antibiotics unnecessarily even though the patient neither asks nor needs them.

  55. I actually try to not take antibiotics, or any medication, unless I absolutely have to. I think that medicine is amazing and is very important…but it is not necessary for every single little thing. If can stay hydrated, get adequate sleep, exercise, and try to eat a well balanced diet then our bodies will heal much better than if we go running for the medicine cabinet everyday. We have immune systems for a reason.

  56. You have to be the smartest doctor I've ever seen.
    Most of the others like to just prescribe meds for anything and everything, when there are cheaper, better, and less problematic alternatives. I've seen too many people given drugs for things that could've been solved through something like simple vitamins and herbs, and maybe some aspirin. But then these are patients will have a cocktail of meds to go through 5x a day, and it's ridiculous.

    I'm just glad you're aware of the fact that medicine isn't actually required for everything. Very few doctors I've seen/heard about aren't like that at all.

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