Short HELP Talk: Ayurvedic Remedies for Asthma

Short HELP Talk: Ayurvedic Remedies for  Asthma

Hi, I am Dr. Manaan Gandhi and am going to be talking today on Asthma Asthma as a disease is plaguing lot of individuals today, in India and Abroad and Ayurveda has an amazing treatment for Asthma You will find that most of the cured asthmatic patients in the country would have been cured by ayurvedic doctors or Ayurveda the science, and why? The way Ayurveda understands Asthma is different from the way Homeopathy or Allopathy would understand Asthma For example if you were to go to regular doctor and ask him- What is the cause of Asthma? He would tell you that there is dryness or problem in the lungs that is causing asthma In a very basic lay man fashion. A homeopath would also tell you the same thing But in Ayurveda Asthma which is known as Tamak Swas Rog- the root cause is different In Ayurveda what they say is that due to improper digestion or due to cough in the body in the stomach the peristaltic movement becomes affected now when any movement going downwards is affected, suppose I were to hit this chair then if the chair did not break I would get a negative force on my hand Similarly if any peristaltic movements were to take place and if there was a little bit of indigestion there of little bit of obstruction there, the peristaltic movements will go reverse when this happens the movement, air, vayu will start going to the lungs will displace the mucus-the cough from there and cause asthma You will find that any sort of treatment done for asthma or for the lungs will always have a recurrence If I were to give steaming to the lungs, medicines or pump to the lungs it will never be cured Because Ayurveda understands that asthma is not a problem in the lungs, it originates from stomach When you cure indigestion, asthma will automatically go away So which is why Ayurveda understands Asthma a bit uniquely and for the people out there who cannot take Ayurvedic drugs or who are listening to this I would just give you a very simple home remedy if you use that home remedy you will find relief only in a matter of 15 days Take about 1 litre of water, put 2 table spoons not tea spoons of dry ginger powder It is known as sonth or dry ginger powder. Do not substitute ginger powder with ginger juice Take two table spoons, put them into the water and heat the water uptil 750 ml remains 250 ml should be evaporated. Drink that water throughout the day. Do not have to heat it while drinking it But do not cool it, drink it when it is lukewarm. Apart from that have 6 balls of black pepper do not crush them- the entire black pepper Have 6 of them during dinner after you had a little bit of food have 6 of them- do not chew them just swallow them If you do these two things you will find in 15 days there is a substantial reduction in any asthmatic problem that you have Thank you so much for the patience. This is Dr. Manaan Gandhi, you can contact me with these details my email address, the facebook page, you could contact me on Lower Parel clinics number or Vile Parle (W) clinic no Thank you so much

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