Short HELP Talks: What is Homeopathy ?

Short HELP Talks: What is Homeopathy ?

Welcome to HELP Library Friends Welcome to HELP Library Friends Today everybody is busy What we want today is a small talk five minutes ten minutes but which has the essence of a big talk the head diving is they’ve got for you
e Today I’m going to talk on Homeopathy What is this beautiful science about ? Homeopathy believes in the principal of likes cure likes then this drug removes the disease
symptoms abcd which means what it can cause it can cure homeopathy has become famous all over the world. individual is diseased and not his
individual parts we don’t give medicines just his heart
or just to his mind or just his head for the headache or
just to the nerves if you got are getting back pain or the knees we take a detailed history and after
considering all the symptoms right from the mind to the physical to the particular symptoms to the stool
urine in all these things we prescribe a beautiful remedy which we call as the constitution remedy Your homeopath spends an hour with you to understand your constitution what are your
predispositions how you react in different
circumstances homeopathy is absolutely safe. One cant say that it does not have side it does not affect your bawdy as much as
some other medicines might be affecting. It removes the
symptoms gradually from your body and renders your body disease free. it takes time for it to act treatment is permanent you make medicines from minerals from flowers from vegetable Homeopathy has medicines from allergies to cough, autoimmune states and even in palliative and other advanced pathological states. I don’t know how it got created but not
a good doctors ever prescribe steroids in homeopathy it is absolutely safe for children, elderly and also animals I’m it offers treatment right from the
from the childhood to the lead is to the poor
people what you need to do is to visit a good homeopath you would you do in history take, a report and then what will be given to you is good health A life full of health and happiness
thank you

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  1. beautiful, wonderful science..
    homeopathy is safe, gentle, comforts, permanent… how you stupid?
    answer this simple question HOW?
    and till then stop spreading false claims.

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