Should I Go into Medicine or Dentistry?

Should I Go into Medicine or Dentistry?

I can’t decide what I want to do. Should
I go into medicine or dentistry? Doctors have more prestige. They can choose
between specialties from pediatrics to gerontology, internal medicine to dermatology. That is promising. You can finish the dental program faster than
a medical program. Becoming a practicing doctor takes 12 years including residency, while
dentists are done in 8. And, I bet, dental school costs less. What
do they earn? Dentists average 140K. Doctors earn between
150K and 200K, though surgeons can hit 300K. I’m worried about my ability to get into
medical school or get a residency. It is usually easier to get into dental school
than medical school. People pay as much or more for dental work
as they do for medical procedures, and I want to enjoy that gift, that financial flow. You have to be willing to look the gift horse
in the mouth. You’ll have to look into a lot of mouths. For that kind of money, I could. You must have excellent motor skills rivaling
those of a surgeon to be a dentist. Dentistry, though, sounds like a lucrative
medical profession. Better than medical school. Dentistry and medicine are not exclusionary.
Dentists go to medical school to become maxillofacial surgeons, doing things like fixing cleft palate
and broken jaws. If a main attraction is the shorter time in
school, I’m not doing that. Dentistry is, at least, one of those recession
proof careers. People either get root canals or teeth pulled, but they pay to end the pay. How many people end up in dentistry because
they don’t want to do med school? Dentistry is increasingly a refuge of those
who could not get into medical school. You’ll have a lot of company. As long as there is sufficient demand to pay
me what I demand, that doesn’t matter.

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  1. Both make a six figure salary, but that is before taxes, malpractice insurance, and overhead. Take home is not six figures. In fact, physicians salaries are in decline and probably remain that way forever.

  2. Honestly, go into whatever one you like more. I chose dentistry and I love it. However, if your heart is in saving people from death's door, then go for that. 
    Dr. Ross Rubino
    Rubino Dentistry

  3. Seriously? Dental School is actually more competitive to get into than Medical School and is NOT the refuge for students who could get into medical school. If Dentistry is a back up option, you should reconsider your options because you're actually kicking yourself in the rear and getting into a more competitive process. 

  4. Dentistry also has very many specialties (orthodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, pediatric, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and so on) . This video is so dumb. Dental school is much more competitive and it is just as expensive as medical school.

  5. Actually, med school is my second option right now. I am currently trying to get into dental, but if I fail I will move over to the med route then try to apply to OMFS residency at a dental school, after med.

  6. What a bunch of bull cr**p….. The whole conversation in this video makes absolute no sense. Have you ever taken any classes or have even seen the curriculum of the dental school before laying out this distinguish nonsense? For your information and to enlighten you I can say this much, dental school is MORE EXPENSIVE and VERY COMPETITIVE than Med school. Also a general dentist makes significantly more money than a average general practitioner and they are doing this while having a BETTER LIFE STYLE than their colleagues, the physicians. On top of that remember for a dentist the concept of "how much money you want to make" rely on your potential, ability and motivation. So a general dentist can hit 300K easily if he wants to. So please don't say anything if you don't know enough about the subject. If you are bored and want to make animations there are more options out there rather than wasting your time and others.

    Also FYI, there are close to 65 dental schools in US and if you want to be a dentist you have to go to a school(either DMD or DDS) in US because there are no other dental schools in Caribbean. On the other hand you throw a rock and look a round you'll find at least 2 med schools in the same town and not to mention around US as well…. 
    So do not ever say that dental school in not competitive nor prestigious. I don't think Forbes just handed over the "best job" title to the dental profession for last 2 years for nothing…. right….. It is about time people realize the importance of a dentist ( not to mention who is also a doctor who gets almost the same amount of training as a general practitioner with specialized training and knowledge about the head and neck of a human) in their lives……..

  7. This video is actually retarded. To future doctors and dentists, as respected members of the society, do what you think would suit you. neither is more "important" than the other and neither is more "easy" than the other. If you want more overall knowledge of the WHOLE human anatomy, medicine. If you want to learn IN-DEPTH human anatomy from everything between your cheeks and neck, Dentistry. Dont listen to this bullshit video

  8. dentists salary varies alot. It depends on location, number of hours you work, type of procedures you do, how many patients you see per day, you own or your practice or not. Practice owners can make 400k or more

  9. Dude this video is a load of crap starting from the fictional salary averages to part where u mentioned Dentists have only one specialty!!! There is like way more than ur tiny brain can comprehend and for fuck sake DENTISTS have RESIDENCYS!!!!!!!

  10. Dentistry pays better, less working hours, 9 to 5 job, chance to own your dental surgery and be your own boss. But I think I would enjoy learning more about the whole body rather than just teeth. Anyways, the NHS (Im from the UK) is a big mess, understaffed and staff working overtime.

    Any advice peeps?

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