Silicia Homepathic Medicine

Hello friends, welcome to my channel.I am doctor Ritu Jain. And I am a homeopathic consultant and today I am going to talk about SILICEA homeopathic medicine. they also pronouns it as silica but it is a SILICEA medicine. And today I will talk about it’s symptoms. Generally , who can take this medicine in what condition they can take it so today I will tell you few points about it and it’s purpose.SILICEA is a homeopathic medicine and is a polycrust medicine which covers a lot of things but I will tell you only few important things that you can understand and can be used generally for SILICEA. So there is an other name for it it is also called as surgeon’s knife. If there is surgery then a surgeon is needed as well as this medicine is also needed. so it has a secondary name called as SURGEON’S knife I will tell you where it is used and how it works as a surgeon. Generally this medicine is suitable to those who have deficiency and nutrition problem which means people who are malnutrited but quality wise and quantity wise the food is not less.Even their absorption in the body is very less. And if you are malnutrited because of that. There are kids who take food properly quality wise as well as quantity wise but still they have health issues because their nutrition and absorption is not proper. For them it works very well and if you look at the body structure then those who whose stomach is too big and hands are legs are very thin so for them this medicine works very well, specially in kids you might have seen children with malnutrition whose stomach is big but hands and legs are thin even the head is too small.So for them SILICEA medicine works very well. Now let us come to the next topic that is NERVOUS DEBILITY , which is found who are weak and patients who can easily get cold and suffer from plenty of diseases and aggravations so we can see this symptom in them and are always in need of vital heat source wherever they are during the summer or winter season they need a warm source so for these kind of patients SILICEA medicine works very well. The next main symptoms is suppuration. It means wherever there is puss discharge if there is any infection or if there is any boil which is infected and there are puss discharges then it is called suppuration. So this medicine works very well for that which I already told you the name which is surgeon’s knife. You have to treat your wounded region with surgeon’s knife and that helps in discharge of puss and then dressing is done,all these works are singly done by SILICEA medicine. If there is suphoration It cleans the puss and dries up the boil or the wound if there are boils, pimples or any such thing or the fischers that are in anus,puss is formed in them or if there is any other wound which is filled with puss and even if there is earache and along with that there are puss discharges then this medicine cleans the complete wound just like a surgeon. hence the name SURGEON’S KNIFE. And if you have a minor injury also it suppurates easily. The one which is suppurated is cleaned but there are few people who have tendency there are few kids if they suffer from a minor injury there is puss formation and it is infected immediately so when those wounds are formed and are rapidly developed so for those kind of people SILICEA medicine works very well. Along with that it is suitable to those who sweat a lot specially on your head on your palms and your soles generally there are people,when they hold a pen or hand kerchief or any thing in there grip, there hands become sweaty and the thing slips out from the grip so for those who have sweating on the skin specially on the head, palms, soles so for those kind of people homeopathic medicine works very well like, dandruff or hair fall due to hair fall there is lot of sweating or if you have any skin disease such as eczima due to which your hands sweat a lot and also there is pus formation, so all these diseases will be cured with the help of SILICEA. Then there fissure or piles where there pus formation this medicine will work. Along with that if there is any foriegn body that has entered your body such as a thorn or a bite of insect or if there is a wound due to needle and if the reminants of it are still under the skin so for those foreign bodies this medicine expels it out. so it is again called as a the SURGEON’S KNIFE. Where a knife is required to operate the wound or a foreign body, there this medicine works very well that is SILICEA.Now apart from that there are other symptoms of SILICEA beacuse it is a polycrust medicine in homeopathy .It is used to treat many diseases but for today this is it. And if you want to use any SILICEA medicine then I will tell you the doses It can taken in two forms,one is in dilute form dilutions specially, 30 dilutions 200, 1m, 10m there are many dilutions according to the potency but it depends on your severity of the disease, so the potency is used depending on that. So It is important to consult your homeopathic doctor and if you like today’s video or if you want to know more about it then you can comment and tell me. and like and subscribe to my channel. Thank you.

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