Simple Trick To Stop Negative Thoughts

You know, if you’ve watched my videos, uh, for a little while now, you’ll know that I’m fairly against these quick fixes. You know, change your life in a minute. Beat depression in 60 seconds. Um, you know, to, to create lasting change- things take a bit of time. They do. Okay? In this case, though… – How to stop negative thinking… This one tip is really all I needed to do to really create lasting change in my thinking. This is, uh, a little technique from cognitive behavioural therapy. One of the therapists- I’m stealing all of, all of her ideas. If she watches these videos, oh she’s gonna be pissed! This tip is so great for, not only negative thinking, but… Have you ever had moments where you’re daydreaming? Or you’re just thinking about things that aren’t necessarily negative but just, there’s no purpose to it? Right? You’re thinking of, maybe, a scenario of your, in your past and you’re like, ‘oh, I wish I just did that differently.’. ‘Let me think about that time in the past, oh, okay, let me go back there and I’m going to do something differently there.’ Or, oh, I now know what to say to that person! And I’m going to go back in my mind and, you know, alter that thought. -Try to change the past through my thinking. Do you know what I mean? Have you ever, you know, wasted time doing this? Unwanted thinking. Well, ME TOO! And negative thinking and unwanted thoughts are so debilitating. And take up so much energy. And are pointless most of the time. So, here’s the tip. Without, uh, any more background here. It’s just three words. That’s all it is. When you’re having a negative thought, a thought that you don’t want in your brain, you’re gonna ask yourself this question… Okay? Are you ready? Are you ready? Write this down. Is… this… useful? Simple. Now, you’re, you’re thinking, ‘Scott, how the heck can that question stop my negative thinking?!’ ‘Thanks for wasting my time, buddy!’ ‘See ya in 2016!’ The point of asking yourself this question, guys, is to put you in the driver’s seat of your mind. Okay? It puts you in control. When these negative thoughts are spinning and unwanted thoughts and you’re just listening to them, you’ve invited them in, they’re doing whatever they want in you brain… Why do I keep doing this with my hand? You’re allowing the thoughts to have power over you. Both mentally and physically. When you ask that question, you are putting your brain in a vulnerable state. Vulnerable to you. So, let’s saaaaayyyyy… puh ch Let’s say you are… Feeling a little depressed. You’re feeling sad. Maybe you’re feeling anxious, sorry for yourself. And you’re feeling lonely. Alright? You’re feeling lonely. It happens. It happens. And you’re thoughts are like this, ‘I feel so alone.’. ‘I have no one to talk to.’ ‘What am I doing with my life?’ ‘What’s wrong with me?’ ‘I wish I had more friends.’ Ask yourself the question. When these things are happening, ask, ‘okay, wait, are these thoughts useful right now?’. ‘Are they useful?’ What’s your obvious answer going to be? Of course they’re not! What good is feeling sorry for yourself at that present moment? What good are these thoughts doing? They’re just making you feel worse. So, you ask yourself, ‘is this useful?’. You say, ‘no.’. The thoughts will stop. Because you’ve asked yourself. There’s no point. You have given yourself permission to stop the thoughts. What this also does is encourages you to take action, guys. That’s the biggest thing. So, the thoughts aren’t useful, ‘I’m lonely, I’m lonely.’ so, the thought’s done. Now, what are you gonna do about it to not be lonely anymore? You can really focus on the present moment when you don’t have these negative thoughts stirring in your mind. ‘Is this useful?’ These three words have changed my life. Have created clarity in my mind. I invite you to try it. Thanks very much, let me know if it works. Take care.

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  1. My friend who is not anymore, told me about how he got into a psychiatric hospital for trying to strangle a puppy. My moms friend had someone come by their house and about 2 days later the girl that visited their house burned 2 churches down, I got so worried that I’d be like that one day and it’s driving me crazy to think if I’d be like that one day (and I know I wouldn’t because I’m stable and shitty stuff is happening and reoccurring thoughts from around this type of the year are coming back). So I tried this and it shows that I can be in control of my thoughts, I can’t thank you enough.

  2. I needed to see this video cuz everytime in school after a test even though i do the questions right i find different things to make my day bad like wait i did not wrote that oh No what if i get a bad grade

  3. It sounds like it might be worth trying. I just now saw this video and discovered it so I am going to try it starting now. Thank you, good sir.

  4. When I think of negative/ Unwanted thoughts I just picture myself in my death bed realizing how much time I wasted my time thinking of unwanted/negative thoughts.

  5. I cant focus anything because what I make what happened and what situtations I was in. Is this useful is not working. I know thats not in my life right now but It makes you to doubt yourself. And if you are anxious about being a proud person, the person who deserves nice things you think about majority and society. And that makes you think about how you look all the time.
    We always say value is not coming from how people view you but if someone had no one to think good about them, does it makes them bad? I mean no human brain is thinking about them being nice and lovable makes them opposite? We say of course not and everyone is valuable and thats birth right we never do that. If we think someone shouldnt be liked it makes them the ultimate bad person for us. And for us, if someone has more people to love them they should be really good.
    Think about a tree. Its falling. But no one didnt hear or see it happen. Did tree really fall of?

  6. All people say the bad thoughts are like a bad job but what my bad thought is death and I'm afraid of that thought what should I do

  7. Thank you so much you have honestly no idea how much I appreciate this. You’re brilliant. Thank you so much.

  8. Me : is this useful
    Nope? Right?

    Thanks alot lot LOTTTT that worked so well to me!

  9. Thank you so much, this was amazing advice. Really helped me get a hold of my thoughts, simple and effective. Can't thank you enough. Left a like on the video, keep on doing you!

  10. What if you psyched yourself out and said yes these thoughts are useful? In that they help process negative emotions.

  11. You are my angle guy! To day is too down for me. The situation is not that bad but because of my thinking. I try so hard to control them but i fail. Luckily i found your clip. Thank you so much!

  12. I struggled the whole video to focus on what you're saying ! You just have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen ..

  13. What I try to do is that I think of other things then I can’t remember those “Thoughts” But then they come back again, but if I keep doing it I think I’ll eventually forget them..My friend on discord was talking to someone and I asked what they were talking about he said it was “Dirty-Minded” Stuff. I didn’t know what that was but no that I have these “Thoughts” in my mind, I now realise what they meant. I became dirty minded cause on discord (Dif server) Someone posted a “Dirty minded pic” Snd that’s I became like that. (I left the server if course) I wish I never saw that pic..

  14. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Bro. I saw a video of you about two years ago August 2017. You helped me HUGELY then and now AGAIN. By the grace of Heaven I found you, reprize. I hope life is awesome for you!

  15. What i can see is the more you ask your self the more it's going to get worst it's not going to do you any better and it's going to put you silly

  16. Thinking about the past is not going to get you anywhere because the past is the past and now is now

  17. Who else came here to read other comments?, if you read my 2 leave a like and read the next commet thnx

  18. It’s weird how this works so well at least for me. This a good tip for controlling your mind that’s starting or is spiraling out of control. Controlling your mind is such an important thing to do and I’m still constantly looking to get better at it. Thanks you for this one

  19. I know this is not related to the video topic but I just have to say that ur cute lol and I'm going to try those 3 words I've been looking for a solution to my negative thinking hope it works !!

  20. I'm not lonely but thanks! The question in my mind "is this useful?" helped me. Saying no to negative thoughts put things in perspective LOL I laugh n say NO smh N move on. Thanks again!

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