Skin Care Tips for Kapha Skin — vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda

Skin Care Tips for Kapha Skin — vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda

Your skin is connected to all aspects of
health. It is the largest organ in your body. This is why Ayurveda recommends only using the best natural products and formulating a skincare routine that is
unique to your skin type. Now, if your skin is its soft, it’s cool to the touch,
it’s clear, and maybe even its radiant skin — in Ayurveda this is
considered Kapha skin. It’s made up of the properties of earth and water and
embodies structure and stability within the mind and the body — that’s Kapha. So, within your skin, Kapha in balance — so it’s right where it
wants to be, it’s right where it should be, it’s healthy means that it’s very
clear. People with a lot of Kapha in their physiology have this radiant
glowing beautiful skin they may not even wrinkle or look aged till very late in
life. Now, out of a balance though, so too much Kapha —
that can be a bit of heaviness. So that it can appear as excessive oiliness
within your skin it can be the formulation of enlarged pores, of
blackheads, of pimples. So in order to keep your skin clear and keep that
radiance glowing, here’s a couple of Ayurvedic tips for Kapha skin. Our first tip is to detox. Keep your skin clear. You can start this daily
detox very gently by starting your day with a cup of warm lemon water very
first thing in the morning. That helps open up the channels within your body
and helps that natural detoxification cycle, start from the very beginning. Our
second tip is to cleanse and use a stimulating cleanser. This is our
Citronella Creamy Herbal Soap it’s actually
formulated for Kapha skin not only to cleanse but also to stimulate. Our second
tip is to exfoliate your skin. Use something natural like a bentonite clay
when you exfoliate this can be done daily or even just once a week, if you
find that’s all your skin needs. Now, after you cleanse, after you exfoliate,
our third tip is to moisturize. We recommend something like our Youthful
Skin Cream this is actually our herbalize, moisturizing cream and for Kapha
skin. It’s especially balancing because it’s an herbal astringent, meaning that
it helps reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. Now our fourth tip is
self-massage. Not just any kind of self- massage but Garshana massage to be
specific. This is lymphatic massage also known as dry brushing. We actually have a raw silk glove, this is a Garshana glove, that is just for dry brushing. So before
you take your shower, you put on this glove and you massage up the long bones
and circular motions over your joints. On the upper body you move towards your
armpits, on the lower body towards the groin. You can even go over your tummy in a circular motion and this helps get the body going. Its detoxifying, it’s
invigorating, stimulating and added bonus it helps reduce the appearance of
cellulite within your body. So it really gets everything going which can be
especially important for Kapha to keep your skin clear. Now different from
Garshana massage, there is Abhyanga which is warm oil massage. Now, you may be
thinking, “I already have oily skin and why would I add more oil to it?”. Well, Abhyanga is actually a very nice practice to help
detoxify the body. It can be invigorating! We do recommend using an
oil specifically formulated for Kapha, like our Simulating Kapha Oil. Now that
can do the perfect trick to add in Abhyanga as a daily practice but avoid
that excessive heaviness, excessive oiliness. Now our fifth tip is exercise!
Now we can all use a bit of exercise, but Kapha especially, add that into your
routine. Exercise can help get the body going, it can add in this natural
detoxification when you sweat. And for Kapha it can be especially important to
keep your skin clear. Now, our last tip is to add in healthy — healthy detoxification
into your body. Which is organic fruits and vegetables, avoid leftovers when
possible, and for Kapha especially avoid fried, heavy, oily foods which
can add that oiliness that’s already within your skin. Now if your skin is dry
or if it’s sensitive that can be an indication that you have either Vata
skin or Pitta skin. Now, if that sounds like you, we’ll provide links down below
to videos to provide you with some recommendations for those different skin
types. We hope that these tips from this video helped you formulate a skin care
routine that is just as unique as you are. For more Ayurvedic recommendations,
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  1. Maam i think i am kapha vatta type. And i am suffering from seborrhoeic dermatitis on head due to this i am losing my hair.can i get my hair back and what is ayurvedaic treatment of this disease. Does excess mastrabution is responsible for this problem? Please help me please reply

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