Slap Therapy | Season 6 Ep. 16 | BOB’S BURGERS

Slap Therapy | Season 6 Ep. 16 | BOB’S BURGERS

I’m Tammy Larson with
Wagstaff School News. Our top story– Boys
For Now has broken up. Son of a bitch. It’s true. I’m not kidding. I wish I was kidding. I am not kidding. Anyway, here’s Joceyn. They’re breaking up because
Boo Boo is going solo. But who cares about Boo
Boo, because everyone cool likes Griffin. Or Alan. Jocelyn, how are
the fans taking it? [sobs] Stop it, Jocelyn. Don’t you cry or
I’m going to cry. Louise! Geez, Tina! Boys For Now, Boo
Boo– did you hear? I heard. Pull yourself together. We need each other right now. Come here. I’m fine. Let go. Fine, like you’re a mess fine? Tina, Boys For
Now is your thing. I could care less. But remember when we
went to the concert and you kind of lost her mind? Listen, some freak thing
happened to me at that concert, but then I slapped Boo Boo’s
face and now I’m cured. Slap therapy, Tina–
ask your doctor. She’s happy and slappy. Well, I’m glad to hear that. Thanks. But the Boys For
Now fan club I belong to is having an emergency
meeting after school. It would mean a lot
if you went with me. Why would I go with you, Tina? Did you not hear me just now? I did. It’s just, I could really use
some sister support today. I think she means from you. OK, Tina, I’ll come. Thanks, Louise. Who wants to join
my tater tot club? We’re meeting right now. Gulp gulp.

22 Replies to “Slap Therapy | Season 6 Ep. 16 | BOB’S BURGERS”

  1. How can Tina be in the same school as Gene, and Louise? Tina is 13, Gene is 11 and Louise is 9 so Tina should be in middle school while Gene and Louise should be in elementary school

  2. So toward the end of this ep., Louise has ANOTHER "Slap Therapy" moment because Boo Boo doesn't remember her from their *first* encounter back in the concert ep.
    The second she bitch-smacks him he's like "Oh my gosh, HI! How *are* you?"
    Not only does he instantly remember her in that moment… he's, like, SUPER cool with her physically assaulting him.
    SO weirdly freaking *funny*, LOL.

  3. 0.50. Louise, if you could care less, it means you do care at least a little (I think it's later shown she does care so maybe the grammatical aberration was intentional).

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