SnG: Bollywood Couples Therapy

SnG: Bollywood Couples Therapy

Hello, my name is Simran and this is my husband Raj. Keep it there. My name is Sakina and this is my husband Tara Singh. Hello Doctor So Mr And Mrs India, what seems to be the problem? The problem is very simple Arun Mr India Is Mr India in the world and even inside home. I want Arun! We live only once. We die only once. We fall in love only once and we get married only once. And you know what, it’s fucking true. I don’t know which world she lives in. Instead of being a wife, she insists on being my friend. She can’t make up her mind. When we got married, she said I am in love with Sameer. So I took her to Italy. I found Sameer I made her meet Sameer. Then she went to Sameer and when I was coming back, she came back to me. And why are you here? He screams a lot. Who screams? Hindustan Zindabad! This marriage has become a joke Aye Senorita don’t say that. Shhh. Senorita Senorita. We met in Switzerland not Spain. Stutterer. What does everyone say? That a boy and a girl can’t be friends But look at us, aren’t we friends? Are you telling me that or to the pigeon? Go go pigeon, go ! And now see, our marriage is falling apart. And he? He is physically and emotionally invisible. Do you have anything to say to that Mr India? Hello? Mr India? Sorry, I had gone to pee. She is like, He taught me how to love but you taught me how to be faithful in love. Balls I taught that! How many affairs did you have after we got married? See this. Bloody cheater. Hey, don’t call me a cheater. That’s what you are cheater, cheater, cheater, Anjali Anjali And why are you here? See doctor, my wife Kalpana and I, Kal.. Dad, why did you let me go to Europe? Why did you tell me “Go Simran go, go live your life.” To hell with Europe! Arrey in big big countries.. Don’t ….you fucking dare! Mr India, do you have anything to say to that? You haven’t changed from the day we got married Seema You still look 20 years old. So beautiful! But me? I haven’t remained the same. That is why I removed all the red bulbs from the house. I will hit you with this! Where do you keep getting these? Lamington Road Just shut up! But baby what is the problem? Shut up! I don’t even understand 30% of what you say. How many times have I told you to go and take speech therapy lessons? And you still haven’t taken them. And this jacket? In Bombay you are wearing this leather jacket and roaming around for 20 years. You have no shame? Arrey baby, it brings out my eyes. No it brings out your smell. After some time, she changed her mind again. So we went back to Italy. I found Sameer again. I made her meet Sameer again And she went to him again. Just shut up ok. Stop stop moving. I am sorry she is dead. Whose dead? Whose dead? Stop For how long? I quit boss. Idiot. When was the last time you made love? There wasn’t a first time and you are asking about last? Actually, after going to Mogambo’s hideout, He was infected with some X-Ray So everything down there.. is shut. You mean as husband and wife, you guys have never… I am not in the mood. Anjali, don’t call me a cheater. And then I was coming back home, She comes back running to me. Again. This is a safe place Mr India. I think it’s time you became Arun again. Come on baby! You can do it! Okay Oh..Fuck. Okay I didn’t even know when I fell in love. He is in my heart. He is on my mind. Ok Anjali, I am sorry. I am still a virgin. He touched me here. Touched me here and here. He touched my soul! Sameer..gust of wind Seriously, this guy? Kalpana is dead. Raj, if this girl loves you, then she will turn back and see. Turn back Turn Back Turn back

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  1. I think I've found the key to happiness after subscribing this channel ?❤ Everything is just ?? Specially all the SNG Gold Actors I really appreciate there work. This was lit ???❤❤ I just loved it..keep going

  2. Srk kajol actors of kKhh and ddlj had great chemistry
    Biswa was hilarious as always….plus when kanan showed up
    Actress playing sridevi was spot on
    Maine pyaar kiya bit was so cool
    Poor ghajini though!

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