Socratic Questioning in Cognitive Therapy

Socratic Questioning in Cognitive Therapy

>>So how’s the job search going?>>Honestly, not good. Uh, I kind of feel like I’ve given up hope
and I just cannot take another rejection.>>Sounds like something pretty serious we
should talk about. So when did you come to that conclusion?>>I think it was Tuesday, I got a call back about the position that
we had spoken about and I learned the position was filled.>>Okay, so when you learned it was filled,
is that when you gave up hope?>>Yeah I think- I remember thinking, I mean if this one doesn’t work out, I just
can’t see another one working out. I thought I was a really strong candidate
for the position, and I had gotten pretty excited about it.>>Well, I can imagine that’d be pretty disappointing. Also that it’s difficult to be hopeful when
that kind of thing happens. Let’s take a closer look see if there’s anything
to be hopeful about.>>Okay. Um, honestly, I don’t feel like there
is. Um, I’ve been applying for a while and I’ve
got nothing to show for it.>>So how many applications do you think you’ve
submitted so far?>>I must have put 20 hours in looking for
jobs and submitting things. I feel like I’ve put a lot of effort in.>>It sounds like you have put some good effort
in there. How many applications do you think that resulted
in ultimately?>>Well, let me think. Um, maybe not as many
as I was initially thinking. Uh, I’d say I put in 4. I think it was just at that last one I really
had my heart set on.>>Well, I can tell that that was pretty important
for you. I think maybe the important question now is
whether it makes sense to keep going. So how many applications do you think someone
would need to submit before they know if they could ever get a
job?>>I think I probably imagined 4 or 5. But I suppose it could take more.>>Yeah. So, um, I think that’s worth considering
a little bit more. Do you know anyone that’s ever had to submit
more than that to find a job?>>Um, I have a friend, she was on the job
market for several months. I don’t know the exact number, but she had
to have submitted dozens of applications, and she ultimately did get something.>>Really, so that sounds like an important
piece of evidence there. So if that friend came to you after the first
few applications didn’t work out, what would you want to say to her?>>I guess to stick with it. Don’t give up, you gotta be persistent some
times.>>Yeah, I think that’s great. I know it’s hard to keep that kind of thing
in mind. Do you think that also applies to your situation?>>I suppose it does.>>So what do you think you could do this
week to help keep that perspective in mind during
the job search?>>I guess maybe I could like write a note
to myself and put it on my computer monitor if I’m searching
and getting discouraged, look up and remind myself.>>Yeah, I think that’s a great idea. So why don’t we take some time thinking about some steps that you can take
this week to keep up the search.

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  1. Great presentation. I use this in tool daily with clients, social media discussions, and private arguments. Highly effective. Thank you for the demonstration.

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