Sorulara Cevaplar ve Pratik Bilgiler

Sorulara Cevaplar ve Pratik Bilgiler

friends will show you some practical information before that, you did not want to get information about the bead needle. there are demands in this direction Snowball has a new bead or, I’ve seen this new as I meet with new materials, I’ll give you information This needle is definitely not broken does not break, it is becoming coming into shape coming to the shape you want, but not breaking a very nice pin, I liked it very much, I wanted to share it with you selling snowball supplies You can find it anywhere In Eminönü, where snowball wool is present or, in the haberdashery, you will find I found it in a shop in Hamidiye If you have gone there, there is a must in Eminönü other than this finally found, latex, super soft he is passing This line doesn’t wrinkle friends, it doesn’t bend to one it is 0.16 mm 8 – 8,5 kilograms just a nice fishing line, i would recommend it you can ask the shops that sell fishing equipment in Karaköy already, there are 2, 3 shops you can find it in each A low quality of it this brand what i tried if you can not find it, you can get it, but insisted I would recommend it, it is very nice Length 200 meters I bought it 40 Lira that old brand which is 0.16 mm but weighs up to 2.9 kilograms curl let me tell you, I showed you the work if it wrinkles, as you can see, I’m hardening with wax while working, a little bit of that wrinkle is gone after that, let me show you how to string the beads on a thick rope Let me give you another practical information about fishing line, let’s do it with for example, how to pass because the holes of the snowball needles are too narrow I am doing with a straight pliers, not serrated In this way, I flatten slightly see this way I drove a little bit of wax just like that Although this is 0.16 mm, it is very difficult I wouldn’t do this flattening work. flatten the tip this is a practical Let’s see, how to string the beads on a string knot as you can see, this pin hole is too narrow too narrow You can use needles with narrow hole for fishing line you can use it if you are going with fishing line If you are going to do it with lace rope, you can choose a slightly wider hole in this package. see, the holes of the needles in this package are different all of them have different holes inside this package, you can use the wide hole look at this pin this is a little stranded, let’s do the following again rope wax As in that passed Look, it’s two floors, but it doesn’t matter. you can even pass delika beads here see, for example, if I’m sorting a template even if it’s two floors, it’s easy to see. here, it is important that you thread the rope in this way friends, now let me give you more practical information For example, only one color bead will be set we need to transfer the bonckles to our rope maybe, most of you know, but I’ll still show you for example, one color, green you don’t need to set it up with a single, single needle we do, we import in this way, we are connecting with a single node pay attention, we will transfer then slow, slow to the other side in that this, we get additional information for you If there is anything you want to ask, write in the comments section, I try to answer it collectively

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  1. Kocaman teşekkürler. İyiki varsınız. İlk fırsatta alacağım. İğne ve misina konusunda çok sıkıntı yaşıyorum. Elinize, emeğinize sağlık.

  2. Merhaba ben sizin takipcinizim çok güzel ve anlaşılır gösteriyorsunuz teşekkürler benim sorum takıları yaparken boncuk ipi hangisini kullanıyosunuz kolye yapacağım kilim deseni gibi benim kullandığım cabuk kopuyor

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