8 Replies to “SOTU 114 | “Herbalist” – Yeti&Kira”

  1. This is AWESOME! I'm SO glad you posted a video this week! The song choice about money laundering is really surprising and effective, and you kept going and going on those rasta lyrics. Kira's melodica is a wonderful support for the uke, giving it some counterpoint to the steady strum. I did not expect anything like this and as a result, I am delighted!

  2. Great job. I always struggle with that Reggae beat. It sounds simple but it's surprisingly difficult for me to keep that tight even beat going throughout. There's nothing better than a good reggae beat, and nothing worse than a bad one I reckon' Yours is the former!

  3. I cant stop see you, its espectacular i would like to see more of reggae covers revolucion of alborosie will be great.
    Keep going !!
    Jah bless

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