Sperm Morphology & Its Importance in Male Infertility

Sperm Morphology & Its Importance in Male Infertility

Hi I am Dr. Sweta Gupta, Clinical
Director, Medicover Fertility. Today we are going to discuss about sperm morphology.
What is it? How is it diagnosed? What is the difference between normal and
abnormal sperm morphology? What is the impact of abnormal sperm morphology on
male infertility and How can Medicover Fertility help you with
abnormal sperm morphology? What is Sperm Morphology? Sperm Morphology refers to the
shape and size of the sperm as observed under a microscope it has three parts
head, mid piece and tail. Head piece or the head shape is considered the most
important part because it affects the sperms ability to enter the outer
surface of egg and to fertilize it. How is sperm morphology test performed? A Sperm
Morphology can be seen in routine semen analysis test for the test we need a
fresh semen sample from patient from that sample a drop of semen is taken on
a clean glass slide it is then dried, stained and observed under a microscope
to determine the percentage of normal sperm. When the sperm morphology ranges
from 4 to 14% it is considered normal which means that the fertility potential
is good, a sperm morphology less than 4% means that it will take a longer
time for a man to impregnate a female, the shape of the sperm give us an
insight about sperm development or spermatogenesis that happens in testes.
Men with a defect in sperm maturation tend to have a problems with sperm
morphology and that may in turn affect fertility of men. What is the difference
between normal and abnormal sperm morphology? Normal Sperm Morphology for a sperm to be considered as normal form, it should have an oval head
with normal connecting mid piece and a long straight tail it should be free
from any defects like head should be smooth the acrosome
tip should have forty to seventy percent of the head of the sperm the head should
not contain vacuoles the mid piece or mid section should be
thinner than the head and the tail should be thinner than the head and mid
piece. Abnormal Sperm Morphology also called teratozoospermia or teratospermia in which a large percentage of sperms have an abnormal shape they may
have a large deformed head the midsection may be defective the tail may
be crooked or double tailed and at times large vacuoles may be present in the
head normal sperm morphology is up to four
percent less than four percent is considered abnormal which means
impairment or reduced ability to fertilize. What is the impact of abnormal
sperm morphology on male infertility. In order for a man to be fertile only four
percent of normal sperm is needed just having abnormal sperms won’t reduce
fertility completely there are other factors also like sperm number, sperm
concentration, semen volume percentage or sperm motility and abnormally shaped
sperm doesn’t mean that in the genetic material in all cases will be damaged. In
majority of the cases it is healthy but it has reduced fertilization rate it
means that he may need a longer time to make female pregnant if natural
conception is not occuring he will require help of assisted reproductive
technology. How can Medicover Fertility help you with
abnormal sperm morphology? Medicove Fertility is a renowned international
brand we have a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors who help couples
with dealing with infertility. Medical Fertility has a high fertility
success rate as we use the latest technology in infertility treatments.
Here the couples are carefully evaluated to find out the cause and the most
appropriate treatment receiving a diagnosis of male infertility can be
emotionally disturbing a lot of cases with abnormal sperm morphology are dealt
in Medicover Fertility with the help of ICSI technology we have been available to
solve problems of abnormal sperm morphology. ICSI stands for
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, where a man’s sperm can be directly injected into
the cytoplasm of an egg. Men with less than 4% normal forms of sperm can also
father a child. ICSI requires one selected normal sperm to
fertilize the egg Thank you for watching this video if you
have any concerns or questions regarding sperm morphology you can drop your
questions in comment section or call us on 7862800700 do subscribe our channel for more informative videos

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  1. The video was really very educational. I thought only the number of sperms is what matters for fertility. But now I know that shape also matters.

  2. Thank you Dr. Sweta for making this video. Your explanation really helped me to understand what sperm morphology really is.

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