Spiced Mango Soup | Easy and Delicious | Ayurvedic Recipes for Summer Season

Spiced Mango Soup | Easy and Delicious | Ayurvedic Recipes for Summer Season

Namaste. This is Sapna. Welcome to my home and in my kitchen I’m
so excited because I get to talk about mangoes once again, mangoes are my all
time favorite fruits and in our house we look forward to mango season all
year long. When you think of mangoes you usually
think of it in a sweeter dishes like desserts or just enjoying it as a fruit
by itself or adding it to a fruit salad but today I am going to show you how to
make a very easy and very yummy mango soup! Yes you heard me right, we are going to cook mango and make this into a wonderful, warm, delicious soup! In Ayurveda, mangoes are regarded
very divine, in India they are regarded as the king of all fruits. Mangoes are sweet
in taste and they’re slightly heating for our bodies when we eat mangoes in
moderation, mangoes actually balances all doshas, for all body types so
everybody can enjoy mangoes when they’re in season. They can be a little heavy to
digest so in this we’re going to be using some spices and that is going to
balance out the heavy quality of mangoes so let’s get started. Let me quickly
show you the ingredients that we would need to make this mango soup of course
the first and foremost you will need well ripe mangoes; there are many
varieties of mangoes all around the world in India itself you may find 130
different varieties of mangoes. Mangoes are easily found in America are, you know,
probably most of them come from Mexico and they’re equally delicious. The
one that is my actual favorite is the Kent variety of mangoes that come from
Mexico and that’s what I’m using in this recipe. What I did was peel the mangoes chopped
it up and pureed in a blender so this is about a little over a cup of mango
puree from one whole mango. The next ingredient you will need is ginger this is fresh
ginger root and all I did was mince the ginger finely. This is optional, just for a little added heat are some
green chilies. These are 2 green chilies and all I did I slit them up length wise. These are Indian curry leaves. Curry
leaves are found in Indian grocery stores this is another optional ingredient, if you
don’t have currently please don’t shy from this recipe go ahead and enjoy the
soup. It’s okay not to add curry leaves. If you do find curry leaves please at them because Curry leaves are so medicinal they are anti-cancer and
anti-inflammatory & it adds a beautiful flavor in our recipe then you need a little bit
of canned coconut milk. I just bought some organic canned coconut milk and all I
did was took out one fourth cup of coconut milk and the coconut milk in the
soup balances the fruity quality of the soup so it doesn’t taste as you’re
drinking fruit so I just love the addition of that mango milk of the
coconut milk in this recipe the last two ingredients are just garnish that you’re
going to do it at the end. This is finely chopped cilantro leaves and this is
fresh shredded coconut I love it as a garnish and let me show
you how the coconut looks like this is how I purchased it is freshly shredded
coconut and you can find this in any Indian grocery store in the freezer
section if you don’t have this you can just get unsweetened dried coconut
flakes and you can find that at any grocery so you can always you know
substitute that as well. Let me show you the spices that go in
the soup. This is my spice container, I’m going to
be using turmeric. I always cook with turmeric powder so this is going to be added in the soup. I’m going to be adding whole cumin seeds, whole mustard seeds, we’re going to be adding some roasted cumin seed powder a little bit of red chili powder that’s up to your taste and your heat level
that you prefer and some coriander seed powder and of course salt to taste so
that’s the spices that we’re going to be using for the soup. I cannot wait so let’s get started! So to get started I’m putting about a
tablespoon of vegetable oil and in this case I’m adding sunflower seed oil to a
pot, I want the oil to be able to be hot and an easy way to check that is by
dropping one or two seeds of cumin seeds so if it’s not dancing or sizzling
that means the oil is not at the right temperature yet. So as you can see there are bubbles and the soup is coming to a boil that’s when I’m going to add about a
fourth of cup of coconut milk and stir that in and lastly I’m going to be and topping
it off with some fresh shredded coconut and finely chopped cilantro leaves let
this simmer for about a minute or so and our soup will be ready to
serve. So as you saw this literally just took
me five minutes to make and I want you to see the consistency of the soup it’s
more like a broth so you can actually call this a mango soup or you can call it a
spiced mango broth. You can serve the soup bowl and serve it
traditionally or you can serve it in a mug and people can sip on it and enjoy
all the flavors so grab some mangoes before the season is done and make this spiced mango broth spiced mango soup for your family stay connected with me and
definitely take a look at our videos on my channel and I will see you soon.

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  1. Love your channel! Could one use ghee in place of vegetable oil? or would this change the potency and quality of the food influence on the doshas?

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