Squat Therapy With Cherie

Squat Therapy With Cherie

You guys have a job. You’re gonna come in over here, and you’re gonna look right here, and see if he keeps this nice and neutral. Spine. That’s where he can use some work. Right? That’s where he’s got some flexion going on. .So I would do this everyday No joke. Put your feet up against the wall. Squat full depth without falling over. It’s phenomenal for building your squat. I think Chris is gonna come pretty close, but because I like to give my athletes success instead of failure to start, we’re gonna push him away from the wall and we’re gonna see how low he can go. Your job is to look at that spine and that depth, because those are the two things that we’re trying to make sure we can correct. I’m gonna make it so you feel safe, Chris. Go ahead and sit down on that just randomly so you know where it is. Cool. Go ahead and stand up. I’ll even move it a little bit closer to you so you don’t feel like it’s too far behind you. Now tighten back up and you’re gonna go all the way down to that ball. You don’t have to sit on it though. Go nice and slow. Slow. Knees out hard. Knees out. Knees out, slow, slow, slow. We found some weakness. I’ll attack you. Come over here. Right? We found some weakness. We found some difficulty. I’m gonna do this a few times. Maybe pull him back a little bit. Maybe pull him forward a little bit and see if we can build some of that kinesthetic awareness, which is what he’s trying to find, and the ability to maintain this. Ready, slow, slow, slow, slow. Good. There you go. Slow Hard job that is. Go one more time. Go nice and slow. Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow. Slow, slow. Ugh. We’re gonna go one more time, and you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna pull this back a little bit. So bring your feet back just a little bit. Now, instead of losing it at the bottom, I’m gonna see if he can maintain it, ’cause I gave him a little bit more room. Did you guys see where his hands are at the top? Okay. Go nice and slow. Slow. Slow, stop. Pull the chest up if you can. Yeah! Yes, yes! Do you guys see that? Go slow. Starting to fall over. Go slow. Go slow. Stand. Oh, that was brilliant. Go nice and slow. Ready? One more time. Slow. Knees out. Slow, slow, slow, slow, stop. Stand up. I like it. Go again. One more time. Slow, slow. Knees out Slow, slow, slow. Stand. I like it! So I wanna see if he can do it without me standing and supporting, so let’s come back out here. Alright, get in your squat stance. Hands up over your head. You’re gonna think the same way that you were. Tighten your belly. I just punched you in the stomach. Go slow. Good job. Knees out. Knees out. Stop. Good. Go slow. Knees out. Your eyes should be here guys. so if you’re over there you can’t see it. Slow, slow, slow, slow, stand. That was so much better. Hi-five.

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  1. Not judging, asking, is this a " desk jockey" issue lack of structural strength?  I install floorcovering for a living.  I don't have any of these problems.

  2. We did this at our lvl1 too. Really do have to revisit it from time to time, I dropped into a box and my form was pointed out. You get better but CANT forget the basics….I went straight to the wall and started doing this.

  3. Cherie chan is said to be one of crossfit best coaches. I really like her, i like her husband (have not seen much from hin since regionals) BUT THOSE SQUATS ARE FCKING HORRIBLE. This is dr Kelly Staretts Influence at work here. This is very much his style of squatting. Its sort of a hybrid using low bar technique with high bar position. Overall its rather simple: Just stand up, big breath, and try doing a deadlift with as upright a torso as possible. This uses the hips as a prime mover.
    This is not necessarily wrong, but its fcking horrible seeing how everyone has to do this. Different people need different approaches in Squat form, not everyone needs the same approach.

  4. Has she even considered spinal issues like joint manipulation that may be required to ease of tension and get back complete felxibittly in the back.

    Seems she is just smashing the technique in

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