Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer Patient Still Alive after 32 Years – Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Ty Bollinger: What was the name of your 2010 book that
you finally got published? Dr. Gonzalez: “One Man Alone: An Investigation of Nutrition, Cancer and William Donald Kelley.” In there we have the 50 case reports. Now, initially the patients actually gave us permission not
only to use their medical records, but to use their name. But
with the internet we don’t want these people…a lot of them are still alive. They’re still in their 80s, some of them in their 90s. So we don’t want them being harassed and reporters tracking them down, so we blacked out their
names with one exception. Arlene. I can use her name
because she’s a good friend. In fact, she called today…Arlene
Van Straten…she was one of Kelley’s great patients. I now follow her. 1982. Appleton,
Wisconsin. Typical American success story. She and her husband ran a gas station 7 days
a week. Worked their tail feathers off. Added a store
to it. They were later bought out by a big chain and let’s put it this way, they were able
to put their kids and grandkids through college. She starts getting gallbladder pain and the
doctor said “you’ve got a gallbladder problem.”
This is 1982, before they routinely did CAT scans. They take her to
surgery to take out her gallbladder and opened her up. She had a tumor in her pancreas, tumor
in her liver, they biopsied the liver lesions and of course, you know, metastatic
pancreatic. They close her up, she meets with an oncologist and chemo wasn’t going
to do nothing. This is 1982. It still does nothing today in 2014. She goes
to the Mayo Clinic and I have the note from the Mayo Clinic guy who said “I’m not going
to give you chemo. It will just ruin your quality of life. Enjoy
your life.” She went to the best of the best and they said they can’t do
anything. She learned about Kelley from this 32-page book “One Answer to Cancer, 1969,”
at a local health food store. She reads it, calls Kelley and
he said…”Well, I’ve trained this chiropractor locally and he trained
some people who does it really well. He’s near your town…Why don’t you go see him?” She does. Under Kelley’s direction she goes on the program. She never went back to another doctor and here it is 2014 and she is alive and
well. Interestingly enough, paradoxically, ironically, today she called and said she wants to chat…usually
it’s about her family. She’s 32 years out…in
August it will be 32 years…stage IV pancreatic cancer, biopsy
proven with liver metastases confirmed at the Mayo Clinic. To put it in perspective
and to give Kelley his credit, and I searched the literature religiously.
I know of no patient in the history of medicine with stage IV pancreatic cancer, adenocarcinoma, the worst kind, biopsy proven liver metastases confirmed
at the Mayo Clinic…not some local hospital in Guatemala, but by the Mayo Clinic, who is alive 32 years later. Never found
a case like that. I have challenged doctors at conferences when I lecture to match it and
they’ve been unable to. Ty: 32 years. Dr. Gonzalez: 32 years. In August of 1982
she was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer and
alive 32 years later. Technically I cannot say the tumors went away because she’s refused
to do scans for 32 years.
Ty: She is alive. Dr. Gonzalez: She’s alive. That’s all you need to know. You don’t need
to know anything else. The average survival for stage IV
pancreatic cancer in those days and today is 3-4-5 months. Nobody lives beyond about
18 months with that kind of disease once it’s in the liver.
Ty: Right. And this is 32 years. Dr. Gonzalez: 32 years later. Now if she had been
a conventional patient and treated in a conventional institution, the American Cancer Society would
have held a press conference and it would have been on the
cover of Time Magazine.

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