Stand With Us and Help Reach More People with Trusted Teaching

Stand With Us and Help Reach More People with Trusted Teaching

R.C. SPROUL: I think one of the most important
things we do is to try to deepen our understanding of the character of God. It matters profoundly what it is that you
believe. And what we’re trying to do is to train people
to think as Christians, to seek the mind of Christ. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the kind of
thing that you cannot program in a studio. God is sovereign. If God is not sovereign, God is not God. If there is one maverick molecule in the universe,
one molecule running loose outside the scope of God’s sovereign ordination, then, ladies
and gentlemen, there is not the slightest confidence that you can have that any promise
that God has ever made about the future will come to pass. If Ligonier is faithful to its foundations,
and I believe it will be, we should have ourselves in the middle of a worldwide renewal of the
Reformed faith. CHRIS LARSON: And that is happening. God is building His church around the world
through the gospel of Jesus Christ, and He’s also using Ligonier Ministries to really take
the historic Christian faith around this globe. In fact, our trusted teaching—it’s now being
translated into more than 40 languages and it’s reaching more people than ever before. We believe that God has set in front of us
some amazing fields of opportunity for outreach, and we can only take advantage of those with
your support. This work, it’s a true partnership. So, would you give a gift here at year’s end
to enable us to cross this threshold into 2020 with strength? Please donate today to help Ligonier Ministries
continue to serve you and millions like you in 2020.

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  1. Thanks to men like Sproul, MacArthur, Piper…there's a new Reformation we're living in and don't even realize. The idea of saying some prayer and God saves you and that's it crept into the church. Arminianism took hold. I've talked to countless people, me being among them who finally took to understanding Paul's writing and affirming the doctrine of election. It has strengthened my faith. My church is full of individuals who came to the same conclusion and after the great theolgoianas of centuries past affirmed it, it's making its way back into the church in a big way.


    True Calvinism, and thus the true gospel, is one of Equal Ultimacy, and nothing less.

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