Start of 1 YEAR of Ayurveda Hair GROWTH Challenge

Start of 1 YEAR of Ayurveda Hair GROWTH Challenge

Start of 1 year ayurveda hair growth Challenge. TOday I’m going to tell you the day that we
start the 1 Year ayurvedic hair care growth challenge. I posted a video where I said, hey, what if
I did a 1 year growth challenge with Ayurveda products, herbs, seeds. I wanted to get an idea of who is goig nto
join me and guess what you’ll were like Ife, I’m in on this. Ife I’ve got to do this. I am just going to post the comments so that
you’ll excited you all are. Because you are as excited as I am. 1st thing you want to know. ife, when do we start? So literally the day that I posted that video
was the start date but I guess not. I’m going to get started on 1st of December. It’s a special day on the natural hair care
challenge and I want you to join me. In the meantime, get your stuff together,
whether you need to infuse your oils or start with buying your herbs or Ayurvedic powders. Everyone is asking what’s the best brand of
powders to buy. I don’t know. I want you to buy the brand that you think
are most suitable for your growth or journey. I have already put together a video previously
on my Ayurvedic haul and in that video I laid out all the different herbs and what they’re
useful for. So if you feel as though you need some shine,
ther’s one for that. If you need some more growth. There’s one for that. healthy scalp care, one for that. Strengthening your hair, another one for that
too. You have choices, get started on buying your
herbs getting your products together. Get prepared. I’m so excited that you are excited too! And if you have reached this far in the video,
Subscribe, what are you waiting for? Come on we’re trying to hit 12,000 subscribers,
help me do that. Someone asked me, Ife, is it only going to
be Ayurveda products? That’s up to you. It’s not going to be like that for me either. I’m going to incorporate it, I’m just going
to add certain things into my regimen to see how best it can just fit in nicely with my
current regimen. If you want to go fully Ayurveda, you can
do that. If you want to just add a few things, you
can do that as well. I want you to use something weekly to incorporate
it into your whole system of taking care of your natural hair. We are going to be doing this for 1 year,
I am asking you to be consistent and take note, map, journal what you’ve been noticing
or observing about your hair. Please come back to any videos that you try
or any DIYs any strategies or techniques that I incorporate into my regimen. Please be sure to let me know in the comment
so that I can get feedback on what’s working for you because I’m excited to see what your
results would be too. All of our results might not be the same. Something might work better for you than it
will work for me. They might work better for me than it might
work for you. Some things you might be allergic to, you’ll
do your allergy testing to see what’s going on with your hair and if your hair likes it
or not. Of course we’re going to massage our scalp
too, I always used to massage my scalp with my finger tips but I massage my scalp with
my scalp massager. Yea, i like this one. This one has been working working really well. And a lot of you have been asking, Ife… I want one just like this. Not the one that the one that I posted. You’ll want this one. I wish I had more of them, they’re sold out
and some people were able to get some as well, some of my friends. I will actually show you a video dedicated
on how I massage, my gosh! Sigh… when you are finished massaging you
should be so relaxed and pretty much ready to pass out. Knocked out from massaging your scalp. That’s how good massaging your scalp should
be for you. Remember to moisturize, in the midst of all
of this, let’s say you do a deep condition or a DIY or recipe in your hair every week
for this challenge or every other week depending on your routine. Remember to moisturize, either every other
day and in between, I’m going to be also using my Fenugreek, methi hair growth oil, every
week or every or every other week I will post a DIY that I use within this challenge and
I’m also going to use the fenugreek hair oil that I did last hair because my hair loves
that, it had a great response from that, a lot of you who did it as well, you also loved
that fenugreek oil and I’m going to do that again. I will use the same recipe, you’ll follow
along the recipe. I will post a link as well below so that you
can do that recipe again for yourself. We’r’e going to moisturize and oil our scalp
with that fenugreek oil, and I going to use a deep conditioning recipe that we put together
with some sort of Ayurveda powder that we have. Spritz your hair and follow up with an oil
or you can add the fenugreek oil to your Shea butter mix, which is what I also do as well. Finally I want to encourage you to your favourite
protective style, whatever works for you. I don’t what’s your favourite, whatever that
is.I’m just going to bounce between, some large twists, 2 french braids, smaller plaits
and a loose top bun, not a very tight one so that my edges are not stressed out. Those 4 protective styles, I am going to do
those for my hair so that it does not get too much exposure to the cold weather that
I am experiencing right now while I live in China. Did I leave anything out? Please post in the comments below something
you’re going to incorporate into your regimen and somethings that we need to incorporate
in our routine as well, December 1st we being the one year Ayurveda Hair Care Growth Challenge,
thank you for watching, smash that like button. See you Ciao!

82 Replies to “Start of 1 YEAR of Ayurveda Hair GROWTH Challenge”

  1. Hey there. This is going to be great. I got so excited that I made the oil as my stuff came in. I put the oil in today.

  2. I'm in ! I have a lot of stuff already. Can't wait to get started mustard oil is my go to oil for Chicago winter months .

  3. oh yes girl I'm in. I am a henna head and always add my ayurvedic powders to my henna and or my DC.. can t wait girl,,, LOVE YOU ??????????

  4. I will join u. I started 2 months ago. My hair has stopped breaking, thicker hair and hair growth. Your hair is beautiful.

  5. I was already making the decision to do this as I am going through postpartum shedding. So I’m definitely in. Where do we put our progress though? Like pictures etc

  6. I was already making the decision to do this as I am going through postpartum shedding. So I’m definitely in. Where do we put our progress though? Like pictures etc

  7. December I’m ready I also add different butters: raw kokum, raw cocoa butter, raw capuchu, mango butters, I also got a massager.

  8. I'm in…well some what!  Since we get some harsh winters here in Halifax so there will be periods of time my hair won't be exposed (crochet braids).  But I will use the fenugreek spritz to moisturize daily and then use the oil mixture in my scalp.  When the braids and out then I'll use the powders for deep conditioning.


    I am so in on this challenge . I have been using Ayurvedic Herbs for a few years, but while my hair have grown, the ends still break off. Highly porous hair ?. No chemicals ….Strictly natural for over 20 yrs. Henna gloss weekly or the past 5 weeks consistently, followed by moisturizing D/C.
    I live for DIY's, it's ah Trini ting ???? ??

  10. If you want to get started, check out the videos below!
    Fenugreek/Moringa Hair Growth Oil –
    How I use Moringa in Smoothies –
    Fenugreek Hair Tea –
    My last Hair Growth Challenge –
    Ayurveda Product Haul –☺

  11. I'm in too! I recently purchased fenugreek, avocado oil, bhringraj and bamboo tea. I also plan to purchase brahmi, amla, hibiscus and henna before the challenge begins

  12. Chile I’m doing this already lol
    I think I want to try Aretha lol tho Maybe I will order it. I’m using Chebe regular right now. I’m fully Ayurvedic but have some product reviews to do for people so getting those all done before December

  13. I'm all the way in.   
    Oil: avocado, castor and olive infused with fenugreek, chebe, bhringraj, henna and patchouli essential oil (and when I can afford it vanilla)

    Cleansing: soap nut, amla, shikaikai and mixture.

    Deep Cleansing: Rhassoul  or bentonite clay with honey, ACV with the mother and oil of choice

    Gel: flaxseed and or chia seed with oil or butter of choice
    Conditioning: fenugreek spritz, whipped mango and shea butter with jojoba and almond oil

    Deep conditioning: coconut milk, honey, and aloe vera powder
    Massage: Inversion method 7 days a month,  and daily regular massages with my scalp massager

  14. I am in. Using fenugreek hair spray, full strength henna masks, amla oil, maybe black seeds, scalp massages. And coconut oil hot oil treatments. And hardcore protective styling – own hair 2 strand twists.

  15. So happy to join you on this journey. I have incorporated Cassia and aloe vera powder into my weekly deep conditioning routine.

  16. I wanna try Chebe and blend it into the hair Oil… remember I'm allergic to MSN so I can't use that.

    Have you heard of chebe? I want to know if anyone has used it and the result.


  17. I am in on the challenge! I’ve been using henna for over 6 years mainly to color my grey hairs. I also love it’s benefits! I have a few Ayurveda herbs and have been using herbs for hair health for a long time. Oh yes, I’m 100% in!

  18. Im in. I ordered some castrol oil from a black owned company so im waiting on that but i have EVERYTHING ELSE. Past shoulder length but trying to make waist length. Lets begin Chicas??

  19. I'm going to start this challenge, I have severe anemia, low prosisty and l suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiency so I'm board to try something new

  20. I used a fenugreek powder paste then shampooed and did a cassia gloss. Both left a lot of residue and was a monster to get all the grit out BUT my hair came much softer and shinier than normal. I’ll try the fenugreek as a spray next time.

  21. I'm only just seeing your videos for the first time, but I had already made that commitment for myself, so I will follow along with this group in the challenge as well! I have my routine mapped out and I wanted to start fresh in 2018 so I started with my first wash day of the new year. I am excited! I will be supplementing with a few Camille Rose Naturals products for styling, but all of the hair health will be Ayurvedic. I will be following and I can't wait to see our results at the end of the year!

  22. So how as it been going guys because I just started my journey…would like to know what I have to look forward to.

  23. I just clicked the link on your Live today, so I'll begin today. I was once waist length and now I can't get past bra strap length ?. I've got: Henna, fenugreek and alma. I look forward to retaining length once again.??

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