We talked to her doctor yesterday and decided to start some oral antibiotics. [whispering] Aww! ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ [Mary coughing] Good morning guys and happy Monday. Or Tuesday or whenever you’re watching this, but yesterday was Sunday for us and it was a rough morning for Mary’s lungs as she started the day and that’s been increasingly a pattern around here and so after we went to the neurologist on… What day was that, Friday, we started thinking about how basically the whole headache issues and basically Mary’s health in general were on hold until we can get in with the ENT doctor. Which that’s the beginning of August that we get in there. So we’ve got like a month that it feels like it’s too long to wait to do something about her health and so we talked to her doctor yesterday and decided to start some oral antibiotics. I just ran to the pharmacy. I took you guys with me, but I forgot to put the memory card in the camera so I’m just starting the vlog now. We have her antibiotics and so she’s gonna start on two of those and good morning, honey. The, one of the bummer parts about starting… antibiotics is she needs to be careful about sunlight with these. [Mary] And blazing diarrhea. Yeah, and diarrhea, but that’s a given any time of the year. But since it’s summertime, we’re going out on the boat and that sort of thing. We just got to be careful. Make sure… [Mary coughing] She’s not out in the sun too long because they can cause sensitivity on her skin and… Anyways, good morning guys. We… [Mary] Like a lobster, right? Lobster effect, yeah. [coughing] We’re gonna get going on our morning. We have company here. Mary’s family’s here and I feel like we take Sundays off of vlogging now, and so it feels like forever since we’ve talked to you guys and we’re excited to vlog today. I think we’re gonna go out in the boat this afternoon and it should be fun. But first… mornings. Meh. Okay, guys, we went out in the boat last night, had a blast and Wesley did some swimming and we all jumped in, enjoyed the lake and I’m gonna open up the boat. I covered it last night and didn’t do a whole lot of cleaning up. So I’m gonna get the boat cleaned up and get things packed back away so we can go out again. ♬ chill music ♬ Okay, I am working on packing the boat back up. We put all the water stuff out to dry on the deck last night so we keep a couple of our ski jackets, the more comfortable life jackets we have, under the seat over here and we put our tube, the boat doesn’t have like a ton of storage, but it does have up [Peter] here…under these seats, so we keep… [Peter] These pop-up. I gotta unbuckle them… [Peter] And…under here we keep our inflatable stuff. Here, you guys sit here and I’ll open it up. [Peter] So we’ve got a little storage bin, we’ve got our ski ropes and [Peter] Inflatable. We’ll throw some more… [Peter] inflatables in there. Okay. So, tube goes in there. We can fit this down in here. [Peter] That’s probably about it for this one. There we go. [Peter] Hey, you can make a lot of use of these storage spaces. And we also got this… [Peter] This, I think we found it at Target. But it, we thought it would be a good option because it doesn’t require as much [Peter] inflating because it’s got like a wire rim and it’s a… [Peter] net so you just inflate this outside portion, which is a lot less than an inner tube. [Peter] And so cuz it just takes time once you get out on the water and watch this. It can go like that… This is pretty nifty. I think maybe we should get another one of these. And then it’s got this little bag. Look at that! [Peter] And then we’ve got this [Peter] hatch here that we’ve got an extra life jacket so that we have enough life jackets. [Peter] We have more life jackets in there, enough for everybody on the boat and [Peter] extra oar, extra oil for the engine, Windex cuz Windex fixes everything. Look at this. A rash. Put some Windex on it. Please, please! Voula, this works! [Peter] And throw that in there too. And then… [Peter] under here is… [Peter] the engine. I’m gonna check the oil, make sure everything’s looking good before we go out today. ♬ upbeat music ♬ [Mary] Dancing dancing dancing. [Mary] If you haven’t made a sensory box, you should do it. It’s amazing. And then when Wesley’s done playing with it Rachel and I sit here and play with it. And mom. It’s a family event. ♬ upbeat music ♬ [Mary] It’s time for a horsey ride. ♬ upbeat music ♬ [Mary] These are the things of childhood. ♬ upbeat music ♬ [Mary] Ollie says that boat ride yesterday was really fun and really exhausting. [Mary] What are you making? Oh. Lobster rolls. We had lobster last night with some extra for lobster rolls. [Mary] So the way we like it is put some butter in the pan… [Mary] and kind of grill the buns a little. Cuz, you know lobster’s good with butter, so…gotta put butter on the buns. ♬ upbeat music ♬ [Mary] Cheers! Ready? Oh, yeah. ♬ upbeat music ♬ [Mary] How’s that vlog? It’s almost done. [Mary] Good work. [Mary] Oh, he’s clapping! ♬ chill music ♬ We have had a fun day just hanging out here at the house and we are gonna go out on the boat for dinner. So I’ve been grilling some chicken. I’ve got some barbecued chicken on there. I did some… [Peter] uh…like, I marinated these in Italian dressing did some… [Peter] asparagus and we’re gonna [Peter] let this cool and have it cold tonight on the boat. So once those are done, I’ll finish packing up the boat. [Peter] I’ve got most things [Peter] squared away ready to go. [Peter] I’ll pull the car down, hook up the boat and [Peter] when Wesley gets up from his nap we’ll head out. So I’ve taken my first dose of the two antibiotics and so far no side effects or anything. One of the things about those two antibiotics is that I can’t be in the sun like at all. So it’s not ideal for the summer, but it’s fine. I’m usually pretty cautious anyway. There was a summer that I was on an antifungal for my lungs and I couldn’t be in the sun like at all. So I just got used to like having an umbrella with me all the time. So I’ll just do that for the next couple weeks that I’m on these antibiotics, and I’m just really hoping that they help not only with my sinuses but also potentially with like my lungs and just like mornings have been getting rougher and all that. So we’ll see. We’ll see what happens. I just woke up from a little nap, which felt good. But yeah, just doing my thing. Enjoying the day. Doing what I need to with my body. Life. Right? [chuckling] ♬ chill music ♬ [Mary] Hat rescue. [Peter] Yeah! [Mary] You got t! [Mary] Awesome. Good teamwork. [Mary] There was a spider? [Peter] On the water. [Mary] On mom! ♬ chill music ♬ I hope you guys enjoyed that fun little day of family time and time on the water. Memory making. [sighs] Mary… has done two doses of her antibiotics and we’re hoping that with time maybe that can… give her body a little bit of a relief. Yeah. We’re gonna get some sleep and… [both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Good night! ♬ I wonder how many times we’ve said that? A lot, a lot, a lot. And this little guy is a tired tired puppy. ♬♬


  1. Could there be anything better than soaking up these amazing moments with my family? Thanks for coming along with us on this journey called life. Let me know in the comments- are you a boat person? Do you enjoy being on the water in a canoe? Kayak? Floatie? Boat?

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  7. I'm half way through 2 week course of oral antibiotics that have similar warning about staying out of sun but finding it impossible as in the middle of a rare heatwave here in uk, and I'm on holiday at moment and am addicted to feeling sun rays on my skin. Paid the price couple of days where got really sunburnt (I can normally take sun a lot better)'so now trying to be more sensible, but soooooo hard 🙁

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    Your Dad is a great granddad. What a sport to let you film him as a horse. Even had sound effects. This is priceless!

    You both have amazing, loving families. So glad you share them with us. Thank them for me, will you?
    Peace, Love and Light to all.

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  45. Unfortunately that's a common issue with anything "anti". I was on a LOT of 'anti' drugs & it made me deathly ill. Spent 3.5 weeks in hospital and came away with a Gastroparesis DX (among half a dozen other DX's). Thankfully I only had to be on Antibiotic for 10 days, removed from all my 'anti' drugs except antidepressant (2) but…any 'anti' drugs will cause diarrhea. so far…knock on wood…I've not had any problems in that area with my antidepressants. first time in 2 yrs I've been diarrhea free…for 2 months now! I go to the dr Friday, she says there is a drug I can take to help with delayed emptying & slow motility. It's an anti drug so not sure I'm gonna take it. I'll talk to her first & see what she has to say. I've only lost 9 pounds in the last month so I think I'm doing pretty good in getting my nutrition. I was losing up to 15 pounds a month! Good Luck Mary!!!

  46. Fun for little guys: oobleck. Mix equal parts cornstarch and water. Nontoxic and easy clan up. Let dry, then brush off or vacuum up. Add foodcolring for extra fun!

  47. I am so thankful for these videos. I have CF as well. I have a common cf gene. I was recently in the hospital when I found your videos. It made me feel so much better about myself. Like i wasnt alone. All my life I struggled psychologically to take proper care of myself and constantly had the question why me? I have developed diabetes type 1 and 2 and arthritis and osteoperosis. I have recently lost 40 pounds and am having trouble eating. I have MRSA in my sinuses too. Because of these videos and because I know im not alone I have been taking such better care of myself. I want you to know you saved my life. Thank you so much. God bless you.

  48. Hi Mary & Peter! & Ollie. To answer the boat question…none! LOL. I don't like being on the water. I got sea sick one time & that ended that story right there. I like my feet firmly planted on solid ground. ? Thanks for letting us come along on your journey. Today's proving to be a struggle bus day for me. It'll get better. ?? Hope on Aug 3 you're doing better in the hospital.
    Love & prayers…

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