We’re gonna start two antibiotics and just kind of hope that that’ll just take the edge off so I can go on my trip. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ [coughing] Good morning. [coughing] Good morning you guys. Did Peter…did you vlog? [coughing] Hello. Hello. Peter had a meeting this morning. And… Now we’re just doing our thing…obvi. And… I actually just talked to my doctor. So we’ve been making a plan… for kind of… since my body’s been… I don’t know, showing some more signs of infection in the last week-ish. More low-grade fevers. More coughing. Mucus getting worse, that sort of thing. So we’re gonna start two antibiotics… oral antibiotics, and just kind of hope that that’ll just take the edge off so I can go on my trip and enjoy it. Um…I just, I checked my temperature a little while ago and I already have a low-grade fever today. So that was like confirmation. Yeah, I think we made the right choice, but Peter’s editing. Hey, good morning guys. I had a breakfast meeting this morning that was really fun and a good start to the day and now I’m working on editing the vlog and… I’ve got more videos to edit that we filmed yesterday. So I might try to tackle some of those this afternoon and but it is beautiful outside today. It feels like spring and I feel like it’s such a tease because I think… winter is gonna be around for a little while longer. Although… I didn’t hear what the result of Groundhog Day was this year. [Mary] Oh, I forgot about Groundhog Day. Me too, me too. I get Groundhog Day and April Fool’s day mixed up. Yeah, it’s… [laughter] It does seem like this like April Fool’s joke that we actually watch a groundhog on Groundhog Day. I don’t even know what the story is. Anyways, we’ll see you guys in a bit. [on phone] Thank you so much for your patience, Mrs. Frey. I did note in the record that you’re traveling with a POC and that you have traveled with it before and are familiar with the rules, ma’am. Okay? Okay, thank you so much. [on phone] You’re welcome love, have a wonderful day! Okay, thanks. You too, bye-bye. [on phone] Thanks, bye. That was cute. I was calling the airline because… [clears throat] I just wanted to like, let them know ahead of time I’ll be traveling with a POC. POC, uh, that’s the… What is it called? Acronym? POC. [Peter] Abbreviation. Abbreviation? I don’t know. [Peter] Oh yeah, I guess it is an acronym. The portable oxygen concentrator. Um… [clears throat] This flight’s a little longer than the last flight we were on so…just to be safe, especially with… uh, how my lungs have been doing lately. [clears throat] You know, after the last flight we kind of thought… It didn’t really make, I mean, my lungs still didn’t feel great during the flight but… keeping the oxygen on helped my saturation stay up and… So that’s a good thing. It’s better to have my oxygen stay at a good level, so we figured we should do that again. So anyway, I was just calling and… She was really nice, so… Okay. Resuming my vest now. I’m documentaring that we are out of the house. Documentaring? I meant to say documenting. [chuckling] We are out of the house. We had a couple of errands to run and… Fun haul coming soon. Like, for real, you guys are going to love this haul that I’ve been stocking up on. [Peter] Medical nerds alert, medical nerds alert. That’s right. What else? We were trying to think of some… blood sugar correction for like in the airplane if I don’t bring a bunch of my apple juice boxes with me. [clears throat] So… we calculated that these little bags of gummy bears, I can have two tiny bags of gummy bears and that should work for me. So we got that and um… Now we’re gonna run in one more store and then head home. [Mary] Look at the sky. We don’t drive with this on. Don’t be worried, everybody, but we were just in a different parking lot. [Mary coughing] [Mary] Okay, wait, I know what I’m doing. I’m showing you the sky. [Mary] There you go. I got a little distracted. Here you go. Sky shot. [both singing along to worship music] [Peter] Hi. [both] Thank you. [Peter] You too. [Mary] Today, since it was 60 degrees outside, I was outside cleaning the car up [Mary] and I switched out, actually Peter switched out… [Mary] um, we put his gray bed in the house and brought this brown bed, which is just a flat… [Mary] It was like twenty dollars on Groupon or something like that. [Mary] Like four or five years ago. It’s just a flat bed. And then we just thought we’d try it like that. [Mary] The gray bed kind of falls down in the crack. I don’t know. [Mary] We just thought we’d try this for a little bit and um… [Mary] So anyway. [Mary] That’s Ollie’s new couch, I guess. [Mary] And so far he seems to like his new couch, so that’s good. Hey guys, we have been home for a little while. I… have just been working on cleaning around the house and things, just everyday stuff and uh… But I was able to put my headphones in and jam out a little bit while I got some tasks that I wanted to get done finished. And Mary… worked on, she did a little trim trim with scissors on Ollie boy, and she… just finished up her vest so we can go check in on her. [Peter] Are you so silly. Did you enjoy chewing up that toy? [Peter] He really enjoys making confetti. [Peter] He just like rips off pieces and spits them out. I appreciate that he spits them out. [Peter] Yeah! Or else he’d have confetti poop. Which… sounds pretty fun. [Peter] Hmm, kind of like funfetti cake at our wedding. Yeah, and make the… ordinary extraordinary. Confetti poop. Call 1-800… [both] Confetti…poop. [laughter] [Peter] How you doing, bubba? I don’t really know. [Peter] You’re really chowing down on that aren’t you? [Peter] You don’t really know? I don’t really know. I need to take my antibiotics. [Peter] Okay. I don’t even know… [Peter] Did you tell them that you talked to your doctor? I think I did say that. That was along time ago. [Peter] Oh yeah, and you guys saw we picked up the antibiotics at the pharmacy, and so Mary is going to start on those and… hopefully, I’m hoping that maybe that can help the fevers. And just the infection overall be suppressed a little bit. So… to kind of push us through our trip that we have planned. I’ll come sit with you. Do you guys know this is the whale room in here? That’s what we need to call this room. We can call it the whale room. I did mention that. You did mention that? I don’t know that I mentioned it to you, but I mentioned it to somebody I was talking to. I was like, oh, or maybe somebody I was talking to told me. Here’s a whale. Instead of the dining room, instead of the… different names. We were feeling a little like… like… ugh… We were talking about Mary’s health and just where we’re at. How few weeks… I stopped IVs… What did I say, four and a half weeks ago? I think. But then we realized that she continued oral antibiotics after she stopped IVs. And now I’m starting them again. So it’s only been a… handful of weeks. Yeah, but… You know, Peter was like, okay, so maybe that means the tigecycline isn’t the right choice for you. Which I just now thought, so earlier today while we were talking about it, I was like, oh that’s good cuz it was awful! But on the other hand, that means I’ll have to do other IVs, which most likely will make my blood counts drop, but maybe my bone marrow is just… [both] Happy. I vote for that. Let’s all vote for happy bone marrow. And. [both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Goodnight! And a clean and curly poodle. [Peter] Goodnight buddy. We’ll see you tomorrow. [Mary] Do you need me to hold this for you? ♬♬

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