STI screening as HIV prevention

>>Well in the United
States there are about 19 million new sexually
transmitted infections diagnosed every year. That is a huge number. We also recognize that sexually
transmitted infections– namely gonorrhea, Chlamydia, herpes and syphilis can actually
increase your risk of HIV. If you’re infected with an
STI, we think it’s more likely that you will acquire
HIV if you’re uninfected. If you’re also HIV infected
and have these STI’s, you’re also more likely to
transmit to your partner. We’re taking a number
of different approaches for reducing the burden of STI. First and foremost because
these infections have no signs or symptoms, individuals
don’t know they’re infected. If they go and seek
medical attention, if the provider does an
exam, they will find nothing. They need to do a
test to be able to identify these infections. So it’s absolutely
critical that screening, meaning testing someone
without symptoms, is one of our main strategies for identifying these
infections. Once we identify them, the
majority of them are treatable and therefore we can
actually treat the patient and reduce complications
in the individual, reduce HIV transmission, and
reduce other complications.

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