Storing goldenseal.

Storing goldenseal.

Okay, what I’m doing here is, I’m using
sphagnum peat moss because it’s actually acidic and I’m using
this for storage of goldenseal which is harvested and is going to be replanted at a later date…possibly months from now. What the sphagnum moss does is, by
being acidic, it is it discourages any fungal growth while the goldenseal is being stored and it also holds moisture really well. So I put a layer down. I got a basket
that has drainage and I put a layer of goldenseal, more peat moss. You want to just prevent drying with the goldenseal… prevent any mold or fungal growth while it’s in storage. So I got peat moss.. and I’m going to wet that again. Just keep going in layers and then I’ll probably wet it again once I
get the whole thing full. And I’ll be able to hold this for one to
two months. I’m going to want to plant it by late
February or early March at the latest but this will hold it through the
winter in good condition, keep the correct dampness and fight off
the fungal and mold possibilities with the acidity of the sphagnum moss. And right here this pile has approximately fifteen pounds of
freshly harvested roots and it’s going to take me a while
to plant them so that’s another reason to have a good
storage method here, cause we got a large volume of goldenseal here. It will be healed over – it’s called healing in. I’m going to spray that down, get some moisture in there… close it off and that I’ll put that in a cool location and cover it with mulch, and just use it as I need it. And since we are in the Southeast US, I’m not that concerned about frost protection and deep freezes although I will put enough leaf
material or mulch over it to minimize the freezing. Cover it up and it’s good to go.

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  1. will it grow bigger or does it just get so big then stop growing in root size ? ive dug seal for 27 years and have allways wondered if it could grow real big?

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