Streaming Highlight [ Kar la goblin ] #Español【Toen juega Dwarf Fortress 】

Streaming Highlight [ Kar la goblin ] #Español【Toen juega Dwarf Fortress 】

Read the Mooncanyon spin-off “The Adventure of Ilid Songher” on my new website. visit: http://TOEN.WORLD Link in the description box ↓ Streaming Highlight – Kar the goblin. Greetings to everyone! Welcome to the celebratory stream for the 1000 subs of the channel. Where we are going to be playing Dwarf Fortress, adventure mode What I’m going to do is simply to use a new Dwarf Fortress from a new directory specifically for the streams and let’s create a brand new world. Medium, medium, and small Size. There. Alright! Medium History, small Size. Alright, whatcha think? Ready? Let’s go. Create! Good. Dwarf Fortress is doing its magic. oh! We can already see a necromancer tower. I don’t know if you can see. I came prepared with a funny little pointer. So I can point out things since the mouse cursos doesn’t show up on the screen. We can see the tower there. Dwarfs to the north. We also have, I think this are the Elves? It is still hard for me to distinguish the worldmap tiles Another tower, oh yeah! Three towers, incredible! We have a third tower in here, as they pointed out in the chat. To the south. That’s crazy! One to the south, another in the middle, and another to the north. it’s as if they cover the entire length A demigod goblin? I like it. Actually, I really like it! We are gonna be a demigod goblin then. Let’s go. Let’s go with what I’m familiar with here. Let’s be sure. We are going to survive with the basic stats. We are an ardent worshiper of Lamoth the Oblivion of Fate. [translates in spanish] The human goddess of Suicide! You’ve finally got your equipment such as it is. Now it’s time of adventure! In the rush of excitement you forgot where you were going to go. Yep, this is like… like a little museum, I can even there’s something here in the pedestal. What is it? Just a bag… We just went outside. It does indeed look like we are to the north. Everything is frozen! How nice! Let’s talk to someone in here. And find out… …what’s happening here. Let’s talk to the human Oh! It seems that she is a warrior an axeman. Let’s talk to her. Maybe she’ll join us. Kar says “Life is, in a word, suicide.” “Long live the cause” That’s my greeting. And the human replies: “Hi. It is good to see you.” “Long live the cause” Does that mean that… … I’m part of a cause? No clue… What’s my name by the way? Let’s continue the chat. We are gonna ask her if she wants to join us. Human: “I will agree to travel with you if you lead me to glory and death” Heh, that’s exactly we’ll do. Great! So we have our first companion. Let’s see if we can get someone else too. Our human axeman… …called Shibbi, is our first companion. To summarize: The human axeman Fathri also joined the team 😉 Let’s do some scouting to better understand where we are at. It looks like a little… … a little hut. There’s only this place. It’s a bit strange, I have no idea what’s around. Well, I have no idea what this place is. Let’s ask someone about it. And we will decide where to go after that. There’s only one person to whom we can talk inside. ‘Lady’, so it seems she is a noble. Kar: “What do you command?” Noble: “You must kill the giantess Naza.” [translating to spanish] I’m gonna have to start taking some notes, because I’m gonna go crazy soon. Noble: “Half day travel to the south” (Talking about the location of Naza) Alright! We’ve been ordered to slay this creature, as you can read. And… the direction to that mission is this point in the map, here on the top left. We need some armor. That’s very important. Some armor, because we are in normal clothes. If I take this would it be considered stealing? Everything in here is for humans so nothing fits me! Nothing fits me… that’s the bad thing about being a goblin. Alright! Let the travel begin! Our objective is to kill a giantess. Let’s start big! No screwing around in here! I had this idea of doing some training first. killing a few smaller creatures before that, training a little… Improving those skills. This place is a bit desolate. I don’t see signs of life on the surroundings. Lots of trees We can fell them with our axe and build our home here if necessary. We found our first wild creatures! What are they? Kea! The goddamn kea! Ok! Let’s try and approach this kea and let’s get revenge in the name of Dwarf Fortress players. We are on ground now. It says here I have good visual stealth So I guess I can approach without scaring them Ok, we are still on the ground, crawling Getting closer to the Keas. They don’t seem to notice. We are right besides him! Let’s see. One more step. Ok! We got it, right here. I’m gonna try attacking with my axe in its upper body. The easiest strike, and we are gonna hit him with a quick blow. ‘You silently hack the skinny kea in the upper body from behind…’ So it was like a ninja attack or something. Done! The first kea is down. I’m gonna jump to see if I can get closer to the next closest kea! Our goblin is behaving like a real goblin here! ‘Attack the kea?’ yes We are just sharpening our axe. That’s all. Same result. The kea gets blown away by the impact. And the second strike… on its head. How violent! Hack! Another kea struck down. That’s enough. And my companions killed the other kea left apparently. It’s time to truly put our skills to the test. Let’s fast travel. in search of the giantess. I’m gonna travel into this village here. Perhaps we can get some water and some food. It looks like some kind of fortress or keep. There should be lots of people in here. All around. We are still not hungry or thirsty. No problem at all. It’s all toooooo good. Cool! We finally found the entrance. to this kind of a Fortress. where everyone is making all the noise. Yes, here they are! Oho! Greetings everyone! So many people! There’s a bit of everything! Let’s scream to the room. To let everyone know. So, basically, Kar goes insde… … and screams: “I killed a Kea!…” “…while lurking the Veil Hills” Let’s see. Nope. Nothing… Nobody listens. They ignore me… I’m not famous yet. Let’s get out of here fellas. This people is not interested in our stories. Oh! We have discovered a camp. First, let’s change the mode to sneak. Cause we don’t want any bandits. to see us. We can see someone here, in the upper levels. They are all sleeping! What are they? Humans! I wonder if… …if they are bad guys or good guys… We are gonna steal from them, and if they wake up… ‘God thou will shall be done.’ Coins! Let’s get some coins. Some silver coins. Let’s take… … all of them. Seventy five. I hope is not too heavy. I’m gonna take the gold coins too of course! twenty one. And if they wake up I know what I’m going to say to them. “IT’S JUST A PRANK BRO!” No one saw anything here. Are we getting closer? Oh it’s getting late. With the adventurer whom I got to the best skills, ever… …in all my life, who could even… …kill a dragon and everything. When it came to fighting boogie-men… …that was its demise. You simply cannot win against them. But, I’m not going to sleep yet…. …because…. It seems like I’m not sleepy, nor hungry nor thirsty… Oh shoot. We walked straight past it. We walked straight past it! We are too far to the south where we were heading at! Oops! Let’s ask Shibbi How she’s feeling. Kar: “How are you feeling right now Shibbi?” Shibbi: “I got into an argument with Fathri, it makes me very bitter” So while I was walking around, looking the scenery and enjoying myself, Completely unaware. This two guys where arguing the whole way! That’s bad. Very bad. Alright. Let’s make a little campfire. A little bonfire. There we go. Time to sleep. To sleep is the capital [Z] key To sleep! Until sunrise. Aaaaah! I just realized something very important! I think goblins don’t need to eat or drink! Isn’t that right? Because my goblin is still not hungry or thirsty. And normally after sleeping they are at least thirsty. That’s gonna make things easier! Too much even! My companions must be hungry but, hey, they’ll have to manage. I’m circling like a fool, I have no idea. I have no idea what I’m doing guys! I have to reach the mission but don’t know how! Isn’t it this point here? Surely. ‘You feel uneasy.’ We are getting close! It must be around here. What’s this? Giant aligator recruit? Like some kind of lizard man? Let’s talk to him! I wonder if he’s also looking for the giantess. Let’s see. What do you have to say? Nothing? Absolutely nothing? He can’t speak my language or…? Let’s ask him why he’s traveling. Nothing… total silence. Ey! ey! ey! A fight started! Oh well… it seems like my friends are attacking him because they want to. By sport. So much free violence. This is Adventure Mode fellas. It is what it is. Oh! Here, here! Can you see here on the floor? Right besides me, to my right? There’s a little down slope to a lair. Let’s crouch…. …and go inside. I can’t see anything yet. I see some kind of …clothes and stuff all over the floor. Like, it’s her stash of stolen things? CLothes I see clothes… …shoes… …coins… I’ve heard noises. I’ve heard noises up north. There are coins and a lot of different things, from all the people that she must have… …killed or robbed. A body! The body of Sulban. I don’t see anything yet. More bodies, a human body too. There she is! There she is. Slim giantess. She is a giant (obviously) Crouching here in her lair. Since right now she is on her back… … she is looking north, to a wall, I don’t know what she’s doing. I’m gonna try approaching from behind and strike first. I have the advantage! Let’s go from down here. A little more. &%#[email protected] Alright. She noticed. And she instantly attacked, and since I was on the ground trying to be stealthy Her movements were so fast compared to mine, that she attacked first, but fortunately I have good dodging skills. I rolled on the floor and dodged. Everything is ok! She didn’t hit. My two poor followers will have to suffer… … her wrath. Kar: “There’s no room for mercy in this world.” But when she was speaking the giantess attacked many times This is too dangerous guys! Time to scape. I “m gonna go outside and confront her outside. Otherwise this is gonna end badly. So, ‘sprinting’, and let’s get out of here! Let’s run boys! Outside! I don’t need to say anything to them. They were already running away! Escaping in front of me! Come on, let’s go! She so fast! I thought giants were a bit slower! I don’t know why I have these partners to be honest… Cowards! We have the advantage now. Where did my companions go?! Where are you!? You cowards!! Come back here!! Why the hell do I have them? Let’s allow her to advance towards me. and when she is right besides me Here we go! Attack! Let’s strike the giantess Where? Let’s strike in the neck, it says is a ‘Normal Strike’ and very square. Let’s do a normal strike and see what happens. With the axe in her neck! The giantess jumped! And dodged me. Ok. We are going to wait for her to get closer again to attack. And let’s strike, as they are saying in the chat, in her leg, let’s hack her leg. A ‘Quick Attack’ to prevent her from escaping this time. ‘You hack the slim giantess in the left boot with you silver battle axe tearing the fat.’ So it wasn’t very effective. As they are saying in the chat, maybe my axe is not that sharp after all, or maybe I’m just weak. Good, the giantess strikes but the shot was blocked. That means she is gonna lose balance a bit. Exactly! She is recovering from attacking me. Now is my turn! Again, in the left foot. Because it’s the easiest strike. She must have her foot closer to me. Look! The cowards are looking from a distance! They are doing nothing! This time, let’s do a ‘Heavy Attack’ since she is losing balance. ‘Heavy Attack’! Hack with the axe! Ugh! She dodges. She’s pretty good. Once more! Attack! To the head. It says ‘Normal Strike, Fairly Solid’ Attack! I only managed to tear appart a bit of fat, so is still not enough. To the next strike! Left lower leg ‘Easy Strike’ Let’s go for it. A ‘Heavy Attack’. oh, oh! I hit the hand! And she dropped something to the ground. A ‘Biseklisat’?? Oh! It’s an artifact! But it’s just a shoe… Nothing more than a shoe. Anyways, it’s an artifact! And she was carrying it in her hand, so she was like… …like Gollum, with her precious artifact in her hand. Oh wo wo! Perfect! We stunned her! Because we bent her neck! Great! We almost got this! We are damaging the muscle now! Not only her fat. So we are starting to do some real damage here! ‘The giantess loses hold of the Ïggal Zodost’ What’s that, another artifact?? A bone ring. It’s a ring!! The One Ring! This is a dwarf bone ring. We hacked with our axe through the upper spine bone! We hacked through fat and skin, muscle and now the spinal cord! ‘The giantess gives into pain’ And falls over. I don’t needed the help of my two coward whippersnappers! Shibbi and Fathri, they are only here to keep the boogie-man away! I was able to do it alone! Now she is on the flor. Trying to regain balance. You can see now, all strikes became ‘Simple strike, Direct Hit’ This is our chance guys! Let’s attack! Once again to the neck, which is already weakened. Let’s do a… ‘Precise Attack’ Again the upper spine. An artery has been open by the attack That’s it. We are done. Now is just a thing of brute forcing this. Continuing until she dies. We are slowly cutting her head out. In the neck, heavy attack. Another artery opened. Strike, in the neck… Axe hack…. Ok… So how are you doing guys? While I’m still striking let me know, how you’ve been? How’s everything going? This is gonna take a while… In the neck… Axe hack… Another artery… Once more… strike in the neck Attack…. Strike… Neck…. Axe….. Alright….. we are gonna keep going like this for a while until something happens… “And we’ll be back soon!” As I use to say in the Mooncanyon episodes. I wish I could do a fast-forward here. /It’s the magic of editing ;)/ Just a sec. The giantess had lost consciousness completely. And now she passed out from exhaution. She is completely exhausted. And she can’t do anything at all. So now I can walk around, eat something and do whatever I want. /Fast Forward Time!/ This thing doesn’t die! Ok, just a moment. I’m gonna pick-up from the floor those artifacts and maybe they give me some strength! Get Ïggal Zodost. Yep. aaand… get Biseklisat. Ok. And I will wear the One Ring Ïggal Zodost to get its strength. the ring is in my finger now. …the ring from the giantess… Wait a minute!! I don’t know when, I don’t know how! But when I put the finger on … …the giantess… ….died on the ground, while I was looking the other way! This is so sad! And I wasn’t able to cut her head off! Kar: ” I’m the death of the giantess Naza… … who’s now only an embarassing memory” Ha, ha ,ha, ha, ha! Oh god I shouldn’t have laughed like that. My companions disappeared completely! Completely I said! Now we just need to go back to that noble and tell her what happened. First I’m gonna grab proof that I killed the giantess. Look! Look who’s coming back now! Look there! Who’s coming back here. Yeah! Now? Now you come back!? Now it’s fine, right? Now you are coming back… Disgraceful! I’m ashamed! Where the hell where you at?? What is this…? Alrighty! Let’s continue. What do we have in here that may be useful? Still chain leggings. I’m gonna pick this up, because it doesn’t say that they are big for me. Maybe I can wear them just fine. Let’s see. Wear. Yes! I can wear them! Ok, ok! I’m finally finding some proper armor. We found this nice steel chain trousers Backpack? I’m gonna grab this. Because I can use it to store more stuff. Let’s return! To talk to the queen, wait it wasn’t a queen. To talk to the noble! Who gave us the initial mission. sincerely, we are surviving a lot! We are back, now We’ll see if someone pays attention. I’m walking around, dragging the blood of the giantess So I just entered this place, like a showroom, with a few humans. Carrying a huge giantess skull, dripping blood, And now I’m gonna scream: Kar: “I am the nemesis of Naza.” “the giantess” “… a spineless slug who was crushed…” Alright, basically “I killed her” Chubby human: “There’s nothing like a good brawl.” Yeah man, you wish! I would have loved seeing you fight a giantess as if it were nothing! Well then, we’ll try and paint with blood the whole room. Are they cleaning it? No, no. Yeah. All the room, let’s get it all bloody. That’s perfect. Let’s get out of here boys. We already left our proof here. Great! This is great. Everything is coming along just perfect! And still using the same character! No deaths. Nothing!. Let’s fin a place where we can build our own little fortress. to store… …the giantess skull. And we can learn how to… … build on Adventure Mode that I wanted to try that. We have to get some distance from the main Fortresses. Away from places where there’s any buildings. So we can fast travel. Here we go. And we are going to…. I think we… Let’s go more to the south where we have some trees and there isn’t so much snow. This place looks very nice. Let’s get off in here. ‘You have discovered a river’ Ok, first we have to fell some trees. Let’s do that. It gives me only one plank. No wait, there’s the rest. Perfect. That’s quite a lot of wood. Let’s fell this one too. The tree falls. This one too. Here you can determine where you want walls to get built. I’m gonna give it two rooms for now. Uy! We have an Elf here! What’s this? What do you want? Who are you? I’ll ask him to join us. On our adventures. He joined! By the way, in my list of… …slain monsters… …that I managed to kill, I have a dragon, …now I a giant… …and I do have necromancers. No, my mistake, I mean zombies. How nice! This looks great! Yeah. How about the upper floor? Is it finished? Yes, only the roof is missing. Currently raining in here, because it’s outdoors. Right? Here. This is the necromancer’s tower. And here is where I want to go. We are three (four in total) now. Maybe we can do this. Let’s march! This adventure is not going to be like the previous one. This is gonna be a lot harder. I believe that, right there, is the tower. Am I right? It has to be it. This is a very, very hard challenge. Time to change to… …’Sneaking mode’ and on the ground. Ok we are in the best possible… Lot’s of thing coming! What’s that? Oh, oh, oh…. Oh, oh! I think this was a very bad idea! Fathri says: “This is my fight too…” Yeah now you think you are brave? Fathru: “This might require an answer.” An Katslet, our new Elf, says: Katslet: “I have a part in this. This might require an answer.” Well, right now is the worst time possible to join the battle. Because we have a huge horde Of goblins. I mean, ghouls. Zombies. Who are actually goblins, I believe. ‘Goblin corpse’ yeah, exactly. Which is the necromancers army. Oh! Look at him! He is finally showing some courage! Shibbi! At last! Attacking! Oh, no. No, no no… This looks really bad. We are gonna stop ‘Sneaking’ How many are they? Well, the other two companions got scared and are waiting there. They got away. Shibbi is actually slashing and hacking the zombies, and pieces of them are flying around. It looks like her right hand is bleeding. And she has injures On her hip and on her left knee. The best way of acting now is, while this soldiers are distracting them here trying to enter the tower and try and kill the necromancer. If I manage to do that… … he won’t be able to revive the zombies again. We are running now. Let’s see how far we can go. There’s a lot of them! Oh god! Hmmm… One by one, perhaps? One by one. It sais in here that the srongest odor is ‘Death’ Here comes the first one. Where are they heading at? Alright, yeah, here they come. Here it comes the first one. Attack! Strike! On his head. No. I did some damage but couldn’t strike him down. and I’m about to be devoured by thousands of them, so let’s… Let’s just run! Let’s scape from here! Where are my companions? Maybe I can lure them here. Alright, Fathri. Good luck my friend! Wait, I must witness this. Give me a moment. I want to see him fighting. Oh dear lord. Where is he? Where is he? yeah… looks like they are eating him. Yep. I’m afraid so. Here they come. Oh! Who’s that?! You are still alive? My god. He is alive! We must escape Katslet! No! Come on! Kar: “I killed a giantess!” We can manage with more than this! Maybe they are not looking at me. Let me test it. No, no. Definitely, they see me. Definetily. I have to stand up. And let’s… …let’s escape! So, did they kill him? Oh, no… Look right here. ‘Katslet… …has been struck down.’ AAaaAaahh!! I’m gonna try entering the tower! Now that they all gathered outside. I can clrealy listen inside the tower to the necromancers speaking . Now the zombies are on the other side. This is my chance to attack. Sall we? Let’s go! Let’s go!! What was my goddess name? Let’s pray to her before the attack. Since she is the goddes of suicide. Lomoth! The Oblivion of Fate! It’s now or never! Well well…What do we have here? A muscular Kiwi woman Herbalist Necromancer! What’s up with this character? A muscular kiwi woman Herbalist who’s also a necromancer! I love it! There’s also a Dwarf Necromancer, a human necromancer, with a very high-pitched voice. Another human , and this other one is a… Dwarf. So there is a bit of everything. Good. ‘You hack her with your axe.’ On her upper body. From behind. Tearing apart the muscle. And breaking her ribs. Uh, I’m stuck. The other necromancers are getting towards me. They will attack me. A group is not a very good idea. Let me strike her once more before they can reach me. Right. On her neck. A fast and clean strike. Good! With my axe I hit her neck, and her head flew away in an arch. That means the first one is down. And now… To the second one. I’m gonna jump right on top of him and attack. He dodges. But now he is scared! Attack! Yes! Lets see. The body of the necromancer that I just slain, stood up, because another necromancer revived it. So I’m still fighting several all at once. I’m gonna try jump in here. If possible. Once more. Great! I jumped over them. And one fell to the floor by the jump. So now what we are going to do is… Attacking this one here. Yeah, that’s right… As soon as I kill one, another stands up. They revive each other It’s a disaster, but it doesn’t matter because they revive as zombies. Not as a necromancer so if I manage to kill them all my problems will go away. They will stop reviving. Good! We killed another necromancer. And we’ll jump again to escape. Man how I love escaping by jump! You know what, let’s enter this other room. To kill the rest of them. They are so many! We have some books in here apparently. Written books. ‘A right lower arm’ I’m fighting agains an arm. I’m gonna defend with my shield. Block! Ooh! That’s nasty. I slashed the lower body And all his entrails are spilled out. That’s horrifying. ‘The bushtit woma’n fishery worker has been struck down’ Good. We don’t have many left. Just a few. Just a few more necromancers and zombies. To death! To suicide, actually. I’m begin attacked by the corpse of a necromancer, a necromancer’s arm, a necromancers neck! And another corpse. So I’m being attack from everywhere but I’m defending from all their hits. for now. I really do wonder… How does a neck attack? And after killing that one, I believe all the extra kills will not be able to revive. So let’s do a last jump. And attack that necromancer! Here you are! Dead! The necromancer is dead. Now what I have to do is… Start killing all the rest of corpses and body pieces that are chasing me And pray… Pray!…. cause I just remembered something … pray that the rest of the zombie horde outside, the one we managed to dodge before, by going around them like cattle. don’t come back in here. If I pull this off… …this mission will be a success! Wait a sec. What is this thing? A slate! I’m not sure. What’s this? It says ‘This is a tin glaze slab. All craftsmanship is of the highest quality… …The slab reads “The secrets of life and death”‘ So it’s a slab containing the …secrets of life and death, meaning that it has the power to transform myself into a necromancer What do you think? Should we become a necromancer? God. I’m being attacked from everywhere, I’ll try to stand up. Good! I stood up. Where am I? I don’t even know where I am standing. Ok, I’m on the left upper corner. And now if we continue jumping, we’ll be able to get closer. Good. Another jump. Come on. One more time. One more jump! And we are here! We are right on top of the slab. Let’s pick this up. Read the slab. So if we can imagine the situation: Cornered, with a handful of zombies coming towards us… …and absolutely desperate after getting ourselves into this mess… … we are reading this slab which will give as the power of rising our own zombie army. Before the enemies reach us first! If we are lucky we can read it before that! ‘You read Engoslupi. The secrets of Life and Death’ Ok! Now I should be… I should be…a… necromancer. Where does it say that I am a necromancer?? How can I confirm that I am indeed a necromancer? Is anyone upstairs? Let’s check. Or is he outside? That exclamation point outside. It must be. Let’s go upstairs anyways. I have to sprint. Oh! I’m already running. Ok, in here I’ll be able to fight a bit better, agains the zombie chunks. Attack. What’s inside this room? Nothing. All empty. Oh! A zombie. Attack. In the upper body, and a slash. Good. It fell down. Good, good, good! Another zombie approaches. Let’s allow him to get closer. There he is. Attack! On its lower body. I managed to escape momentarily. But this is a disaster… How many zombies are there in here right now? No. I must escape. They won’t let me. Jump! I can not! I’m on the ground! Stand up! Jump! Great! Here! Jump again! Down there! Jump! I wonder if I can reach the stairs and get out of this mess. No… Come on! Let’s push them over and reach the stairs! No… Again. Ugh! Damn. He won’t let me! I have to attack him. There you go! So how about now? Jump to the stairs! Good! And I fell down stairs! Right? I believe I fell downstairs. Yes. I jumped on top of the stairs and of course, she fell down downstairs. Now let’s sprint to the exit! Ugh! Ay! Ay!! They are all coming, don’t they?! Oh my god! I’m not sure if we’ll be able to get out of this one… Uuugh! We jumped over them! She is tired. It’s fine, it doesn’t matter, we must get out of here! Can you see me there on top of… Oh! And that is in fact a necromancer!! There you are, damn! I’m gonna throw something at him. Let’s see… Let’s throw to that necromancer… …the shoe. Nothing… Let’s use my super arrow. Here you can see my character. In the middle of a maelstrom of corpses… …necks, and pieces of corpses. All attacking her. Here is the necromancer who must be the one reviving all of them. And I’m right next to him. We just stole his slab, and I really want to escape. I wanted to be a necromancer too. And we did read it, supposedly. This is a disaster. A real disaster! Oh dear lord. Here they come, all of them!! The horde from outside!! This is like The Walking Dead. The horde of zombies is coming in, slowly. And there’s still a necromancer alive. God damn! We are jumping on top and across all of them. They are clashing agains each other. We are basically running on top of a kind of a zombie wave. Like in the movie… World War Z One more! Jump! Success! We advanced a bit. One more jump! Come on! We can do this!! Come on! Keep jumping on top of them until we escape! Come on!! YES!!! WE DID IT! But my goblin is so tired!! Oh god! Too tired to stand up! So I can’t jump anymore. I can only crawl… So let’s do that then! Crawling away! Wait, what happened?? Oh no… Oh my god… NOOOooO! *Mic bump* Watch the arrow, and see what just happened. ‘You are deceased.’ Apparently, the corpses and bodies where falling all on top of me. I was stunned, and I was having troubles breathing… A corpse was latching strongly with their mouth, biting me. I passed out of exhaustion and because I couldn’t breath. And of course they ended up destroying me. Kar! What an adventure! We did so many things! And we died almost at point time. To end the streaming. A bit weird that I wasn’t able to… Revive my own corpses… I needed my army. I was trying but… I couldn’t do it… Oh well… What an epic adventure! We killed keas, we killed a giantess We couldn’t get back to that noble though… the get our reward, if there was any. And here we are. After fighting the necromancers… Only one necromancer left. And his army of the dead, even though we killed a lot of them… in fact, I can see him right here! Yeah, to my right I can see him in pink! Yep, that’s the guy besides me. So maybe he also took part on the massacre of kar. Demigod goblin. The worshiper of suicide. She died in the best possible way. Following what his destiny demanded. As they correctly said i the chat: ‘This is how legends are made’

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