Stroke Treatment With 5 Natural Food

Top superfoods that can cut your risk of stroke Stroke also known as cerebral vascular accidents if the medical condition caused by sudden cerebral vascular lesions This condition can be caused by a blockage of blood vessels of the brain cerebral infarction Halting the blood flow to the brain behind the obstruction or due to the rupture of blood vessels in the brain Making the intravascular blood escape outside and spilling into the brain tissue causing the tissue destruction and compression of the brain Consequently the relevant part of the brain which is wounded cannot work Resulting in part of the body, which is controlled by that part of the brain cannot act a well-planned Diet can help prevent stroke to treat your stroke medications are needed Medical treatment is a simple safe and effective option however Certain foods can also help reduce the risk of stroke and boost the effectiveness of your metabolism So you can be away from stroke disease? Here’s a list of some of the best foods and herbs to eat if your goal is to prevent and cure stroke 1 ginkgo biloba Ginkgo, biloba is used to treat stroke It aids to prevent the blood clots from growing and increases the blood stream to the brain The herb has been proven to inhibit the free radical formation The service used widely in Europe in order to treat complications of stroke containing balance and memory problems Vertigo as well as disturbed thought processes Many studies reveal that ginkgo increases blood stream to the brain besides ginkgo also Eights to decrease fragility of capillaries This helps prevent the hemorrhagic stroke European physicians often recommend an extract of ginkgo leaves for the problems at stroke More importantly it is not toxic. So you should not worry when using it you need to choose a product containing at least 24% of Ginkgo hetero sides and consume 40 to 80 milligrams three times a day however, you also need to seek the medical advice before using it in case you are taking blood thinning medication like aspirins an excessive intake of gingko you may experience irritability diarrhea and restlessness Too turmeric Before we continue this video do not forget to subscribe my channel to see other useful health videos Research has shown that turmeric can help in regenerating brain cells, which helps in curing stroke This is due to the wonder ingredient present in turmeric called curcumin This compound helps in repairing damage caused by stroke therefore stroke patients should include turmeric in the diet Turmeric is a common spice used in Indian Thai and Malaysian food It is used to give color to curries, so you must have curry dishes Turmeric is one of the home remedies on how to treat stroke that you and my other readers should know and make use of it for good Many studies say that the compound curcumin containing in turmeric can reduce the formation of blood clots Turmeric is a key ingredient in cooking and may be found in most of the curry spice blends you Should consider eating more curry dishes to reduce and even treat your stroke? Taking turmeric may help limit your risk for strokes by lowering your cholesterol Limiting any clogging of your arteries and thinning your blood However more studies using people are needed to verify that these effects happen in people as well as in animals Turmeric may also help relax your blood vessels, which widens them and allows for blood to flow more easily potentially lowering your blood pressure Three ginger you can also use ginger to prevent and cure stroke It helps in reducing cholesterol and improving blood circulation It functions as a tonic and give strength to heart and this improves the health of stroke patients Ginger does not let the blood clot excessively, which helps in curing stroke You should include ginger in the diet and added while cooking food Drinking ginger tea helps a lot you can make this tea by steeping grated fresh ginger in boiling water Take the drink when it becomes cold Ginger is a cardiac tonic because it can treat stroke decrease the cholesterol levels aid or circulation and prevent blood clots excessively Take 2 TSP of ginger daily for about seven days can neutralize the blood clotting effects of 100 milligrams of butter you Can take advantage? Ginger in your cooking or you can take ginger tea by using 1 to 2 TSP of fresh grated ginger root per cup of hot water For fish oil Fish oil is also a great and nutritious natural Ingredient that can help when it comes to tips and home remedies on how to treat stroke naturally at home Omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to offer positive benefits including treating stroke fish oil Especially from fatty fish like salmon are very high in healthy fatty acids and has an ideal ratio of DHA epa and ala an Alternative for vegetarian people is MC oil although it is more expensive Fish oil benefits stroke people in two ways by improving nervous system and mental health function and by preventing coronary artery disease Thus following a stroke? It also eats to prevent other diseases related to blood vessels which is important for people who have suffered a hemorrhagic stroke Although there are some benefits of fish oil it is worth warning that excessive amounts of this oil can contribute to the secondary stroke risk In case you are unsure how much to consume you should talk to your doctor or pharmacist Five garlic garlic has the effects on lowering hyperlipidemia and hypertensive everyday if you eat two cloves of raw garlic pickle garlic or drink five milliliters of vinegar with pickle garlic it can help to maintain stable blood pressure levels in Addition the diet with garlic can help to reduce the risk of colon cancer prevent esophageal cancer and inhibit breast cancer Eating one or two cloves of garlic every day will help to reduce 13 to 25% of the triglycerides Level lower the risk of blood pressure cholesterol and blood clotting use garlic for preventing and curing stroke garlic contains compounds that have anti-clotting effect Garlic helps in thinning the blood and decreasing blood pressure, which helps in the treatment of stroke You can eat raw garlic and take it in the form of capsule add garlic while cooking the food mix it with salads garlic only helps an ischemic stroke patients who have hemorrhagic strokes should not take garlic and Here are seven common signs of a stroke that you should to know One weakness in arm or leg We already know that stroke usually affects only one sign of the body and often a weakness appears in the opposite side This can be manifested as a weakness or numbness in the arm or leg or even paralysis There is an easy test to check if this is happening to you. Just extend your arms with palms up for 10 seconds if One of your arms drifts downwards it usually means you are having a stroke do this with your legs as well by lifting each of them separately with your eyes open to difficult speech Difficult or slurred speech is another obvious warning sign if an individual suddenly has difficulty speaking or forming Intelligent sentences it can indicate a stroke Observers often explain it as watching someone helpless trying to talk or look of sudden confusion on the affected person’s face The person experiencing the stroke can feel extremely confused at the inability to speak words together in a sentence or simply trying to focus on speaking Speech can be greatly improved in the first few months following a stroke the American Stroke Association Identifies three speech disorders that can occur after a stroke, aphasia difficulty or inability to use or comprehend words apraxia difficulty initiating or executing movement necessary to speak despite being physically able to and oral apraxia Difficulty moving the muscles of the lips throat soft palate and throat for things besides speech like smiling There are comprehensive treatments and therapies to help a stroke survivor regain their ability to speak well and normally 3 loss of balance The onset of a stroke will cause extreme physical turmoil so much so that often victims have trouble walking Lose their balance and coordination Completely and even have trouble sitting down without falling You could stumble and they could feel next to impossible to get your balance even just focusing on your balance and coordination dizziness discussed in more detail further in this article is a common symptom that goes along with balance walking and Coordination issues because the dizzy feelings can actually sometimes be the cause While loss of balance in a symptom of a stroke you can also experience it after a stroke You may continue to feel dizzy and insecure in your ability to walk without stumbling or falling According to the Stroke Association you are more likely to experience balance problems if the stroke affected the left side of your body Some stroke survivors may only feel mild balance issues while others may have severe loss of balance impacting their quality of life for impaired vision Those affected by a stroke often explained. There is a period prior where they have trouble seeing or seeing clearly They could experience double vision blurred vision or complete loss of vision These fission problems might only be temporary but observers can test visual aptitude by asking the victim How many fingers they are holding up if they can’t tell call 9 – 1 – 1? Many people who have had a stroke experienced vision problems afterwards Especially if the stroke was on the right side of the brain You could have blind spots or trouble focusing because of the cells that are destroyed in the visual cortex While a high amount of stroke survivors have impaired vision Medical advances have increased the chance of seeing well enough to do regular things like shopping going out for a walk or even driving Intense treatment involving retraining the brain has helped many survivors get some or most of their vision back five facial paralysis Often times the stroke inflicts the facial muscles where one side of the face droops Or goes totally numb so the face appears non symmetrical when they try to talk or smile This is a common symptom. That’s easy for other people to notice When you suspect someone if having a stroke you should ask the person to smile This is a quick way to identify if they’re having a stroke, and if facial paralysis occurs get them emergency medical attention immediately Even if the non-symmetrical smaller speech difficulty isn’t from a stroke. It’s still a sign that something serious is wrong rehabilitation therapy plays a crucial role in recovering from facial paralysis some stroke survivors fully recover from facial paralysis over time But it is permanent for many people this symptom and often permanent effect of a stroke is caused by either lack of Oxygen to the facial nerve in the brain or bleeding that puts pressure on nerves and tissues six loss of sensation in the days leading up to a stroke It’s common for a gradual or even a total loss of vibratory sensation or feeling on the skin Nerves in your brain sends signals to different areas of your body When you’re having a stroke these signals can be damaged or stopped functioning properly causing complete loss or reduced sensation You could experience it in one or several areas of your body depending on the affective nerves The other senses such as smell taste and earring can also be fully or partially affected unfortunately stroke survivors can experience difficulties with sensation after a stroke including hypersensitivity to touch loss or reduced temperature sensation Not knowing where a limb is without looking and reduced touch it can be frustrating and upsetting to have temporary or permanent damage of this sense and Depending on the severity it may greatly impact your ability to do the normal everyday things you did before the stroke 7 lack of reflex it is also common to experience a decrease or loss of reflex for instance many stroke victims complain of trouble swallowing when eating to the point where they gag the American Stroke Association says that up to 65 percent of people who have a stroke can develop dysphagia a swallowing disorder Since this is a predominant symptom and after effect of a stroke. It’s always examined when you’re in the hospital There is a swallow test that can be done And if you don’t pass the test a speech-language pathologist will be needed for rehabilitation in the temporary or permanent damage from a stroke varies from person to person But one thing remains the same the earlier you seek medical attention when you’re having a stroke the better your chances are at not just survival, but also full recovery Knowing the warning signs and symptoms of stroke can help protect you and those around you Please note the content provided below and elsewhere on this video is not intended nor should it be construed as providing professional medical or nutritional advice Do not rely on information provided on this video for your health problems instead consult a qualified medical professional for advice

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  1. My father's right leg weak after a stroke in 10mnths before. Pls tell me the further treatmnts for him. In which doctor we want to meet for that

  2. Thanks for lot's of information
    My father age is 72 he got brain strock in 2015 at right side of head (It's a very low in range ) doctor informed me ,
    but my father can't balance perfectly to walk .
    Please can you tell me what's solutions to this problem. (“with home natural remedies”)

  3. Doctors want you on their pills not natural pills, most doctor disagree with your own research.. they don't study nutrition. They want to make money, not keep you alive.

  4. According to my experience just apply oil and massage from head to toe and give them physiotherapy excersize ever day if possible take them to gim I have also heard and experienceed good rewives on pelmaner a small village in and andrapradesh any one effected first go their you will get relief

  5. I had a stroke last year and i have regained my abilities on my left side and inside of my body…meaning my sexual organs…i lost the ability to smile correctly…weakness in the left side of the body and numb sexual organs. I can smile pretty much normal and my walking and moving have became normal as well! I can also lift objects and recall numbers quickly and turn my head quickly..don't recommend that for everyone though! .It did take a while to get to this point but I did it on my own with a lot of walking,yard work and strength training. Also my then partner helped with the other half?…any way said all that to let those who have been affected know….you too can get your body back to normal or really close to normal!

  6. My uncle have lost his speaking ability after right sided stroke three yrs before still he could not able to speak kindly give me suggestion

  7. Hi I did not get too bad facial damage slight very slight turn down on my lip I had three accute strokes which unfortunately is not obvious like a full blown stroke these minor strokes so invisible damage that continues on for a longtime I think mine is over but it has done damage to my right hand my balance is still an issue but I am alive I wish you all the best never give up and one day the ignorance will stop

  8. Most Doctors are not honest and they are there to make $$ and don't care about you or your love one
    It is so sad and enthical and be protected by educate yourself !!!

  9. How can i eat fish oil. We use this oil to cook our food.. or eat capsules. Plz rply me i m waiting 4 ur rply

  10. I completed my brain tumour surgery in the year 2015. My mouth is crossed after surgery. And eye get drynessed. so pls give a sugisition fr mouth. When i smile it looks very ugly as well as when i take a photo my face is very bad. so if u have any suggition pls tellme. thank u .

  11. Deadly disease. Prevention
    Eat lot of vegetable and fruits.
    Reduce SALT intake.
    Drink water and other liquid more.
    Avoid salty,oily,fried and junk food.
    Avoid meat,which is dangerous.
    Walk more, take sun shine. God sun cures us.. walk more and take deep breath.

  12. Its so fruetrating this stroke , Ikeep iosing balance,keep falling over and have a constant dull throbing pain down the right hand side of ny body.Im old, but ive had a great life…..?

  13. If you have a family history do not have latenights ,working with high stress life style drinkibg alcohol,redbull,cofee &smoking african chatt

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