Suzanne Somers – How I’d Treat My Breast Cancer Differently Today

Suzanne Somers – How I’d Treat My Breast Cancer Differently Today

Ty Bollinger: Suzanne if you could, just let’s go
back about 10 years, actually 14 years now, in time and tell us about your bout with breast
cancer and what you did to treat it. Suzanne Somers: You know, when I look back
14 years, what I am so glad about is what I didn’t do. I remember that I got the recipe
right away; we’ll do surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and aftercare drug of Tamoxifen.
And even at that time, because you know all of us in the alternative world, from year
to year you know so much more. I can’t do that. The idea of putting chemical poison
into my body to cure me just doesn’t make sense. And he said “you’ll die if you don’t.”
And I said, “I think I’ll die if I do what you want me to do.” So I did end up doing radiation
because a doctor I respected very much, who is an alternative doctor, said “Well, you
gotta do radiation.” And I said, “Really? You would do it, too?” And she said, “Absolutely.” I think today, knowing what I know about radiation
and knowing what I know about a nutritional approach to cancer, I really don’t think
I would have done radiation. Because any problem I have health-wise is as a result
of radiation. So, I have a whole different feeling about it. But, you know, we do the
best that we can with the information we have at the time. And that is what I knew at that

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  1. No need for hormones… my mother and her friends are 85 and never took hormones. Just eat right, be happy and excersize.

  2. where is the video of her talking about the doctors, the law, and what day it was passed; treating any illnesses in america holistically is illegal?

  3. I am searching for a alternative Cancer Care. What I'm finding is that some of these doctors want hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's so disappointing.

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