SYMPTOMS AND HOME REMEDIES FOR PARKINSON PART-1 II पार्किंसन रोग के लक्षण और घरेलू उपचार भाग -1 II

SYMPTOMS AND HOME REMEDIES FOR PARKINSON PART-1 II पार्किंसन रोग के लक्षण और घरेलू उपचार भाग -1 II

Welcome to health care at home Today we will talk about “Parkison” Parkison is a brain disease It doesn’t happen suddenly, in fact it develops from a period of time. Some time it doesn’t have any symptoms When this disease start getting severe then its symptoms began to display. Its symptoms- your hands shiver Whenever you are doing anything, your hands and feet will shiver. And sometime it doesn’t even shiver. How will you came to know that Parkison is developing in your body? When you are writing something Then you won’t be able to write anything and your alphabets won’t be appropriate. If you are doing shave then you will be unable to do it. Sometime you try to put the thread in the needle but you are unable to do that. Those who have problem of Parkison their face is generally blank. They have no expression, they have big eyes with blank face. Even if they try to smile but they are unable due to their blank face. That’s too is the symptom of Parkison. Generally it happens in one side, if its happening in your left side then your left leg and hand will shiver. if its happening in your right side then your right leg and hand will shiver. When this disease become sever then it start affecting both the sides of the body. Both your hands and feet start getting shivering and you are unable to walk. You are unable to eat & had sudden hiccups. Let me tell you its some more symptoms. If you are drinking water with the glass then water will flow out from the sides of your mouth Due to that light shivering in the mouth , water start flowing from the sides of the mouth. Similarly, sometimes you voice start shivering. It seems that you are stammering. Speed of your for eating food that too become slow if you are suffering from parkinson. Patient of parkinson likes to sit quite and alone. They have lost of sleep and even have constipation at times. Patient of parkinson are unable to stand straight and can’t stand for a period of time. They usually stand with a little bend in their entire body. They even have problem while walking They reflection and power of thinking and talking become slow. Sometime we ask anything and we get instant answer, but such patients are unable to revert like this. They take time to revert and think. So the entire process becomes slow. You have shortness of breath while walking Vertigo and blankness in front of your eyes and excess sweating. Parkinson is basically an old age disease. All of these symptoms are seen in old age even. So these were its symptoms now let’s talk about its treatment. There is an effective remedy for parkinson and that is Velvet Beans Use Velvet Beans Take 1/4 sp Velvet Beans Powder in morning with Luke warm And you can also take 1/4 tsp Velvet Beans Powder in the evening. Or you can do one thing take 1/2 tsp velvet Beans powder and boil it into 2 cups of water When the water is reduced to its half then take take 1/4 cup of this water in the morning and evening. If you will regularly follow this remedy then you will be able to fight with the problem of parkinson. Similarly you can use Brahmi. Brahmi increases blood circulation toward your brain. It also saves the brain tissues from their damage. You can plant Brahmi at home, take out its 7-8 leaves, wash them and you can consume them. If you are unable to plant at home then you can do one thing You can buy either Brahmi powder or syrup from the market. So you can use any form of the brahmi, as its very good for your brain. And when your brain is healthy then you will be able to fight with the the problem of parkinson. You can also use Shankhpushpi, its syrup is very easily available in the market. Buy that syrup, if you consume 2-2 spoon morning and evening. Even then you can fight with the disease of parkinson. Let me tell you one more remedy, as its disease is often seen in old people and who lives alone. If you are living alone then you can keep a pet dog at home. You must be thinking what is the concern of keeping a dog with this disease. But there is major concern. When you keep a dog at home and you are back home from any work Dog increases your flexibility, he plays with you then you have to play with him or have to move your body. Its also good for your emotional health If you are back home with the stress and tiredness And when you are back home and your dog pampers you , lick your feet start loving you Then even for sometime but your forget your entire stress. So, you emotional health gets improved. So, follow these remedies you will definitely get help to fight with parkinson disease. So these were its symptoms and few home remedies We still have many effective home remedies that i will tell yo in next episode. Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell to your friends & relatives to subscribe this channel. 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  1. Thanks for sharing .I have PARKINSON Disease and these herbs are great .I see a lot of great changes.THANKS A. MILLION.Keep up the good work.

  2. There is NO DiSEASE that is Incurable.First you need spiritual intervention .I pray to God.Second it's your belief ,be positive and tell your self that you will be cured.find the right herbs.

  3. My father is suffering from parkinson disease.. can anyone please suggest one best medicine from the video which we should start using?

  4. My brother age is 37 years and he shows involuntarily motion of their neck and hands please suggest me good treatment for it.

  5. Sir, I'm suffering from stretches in my all body but if I rest few seconds or minutes (meri body mein akdan rehti hai jab main rest karunga but thodi dair movement karne ke baad sahi ho jata hai)

  6. Sir my mother has Parkinson disease…she is taking syndopa plus one in the morning at 7 am, half at 12 and half at 5 pm …before doctor recommended her pacitane 2 mg also…half in the morning and 1 after dinner( daily 3 mg of pacitane) but recently doctor asked her to stopped taking pacitane…can she still use Ur mentioned remedy while taking syndopa plus??

  7. Thanks very good information per m ye puchna chahti hu ke three herbs jo apne btai hi vo thino ek din me lesakte hi ya koi ek herb choose karni hi

  8. hi doctor
    I`m taking LEVODOPA + BENSERAZIDE (Madopar) can take the Mucuna Pruriens as well,
    could you please let me now.
    many thanks

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