Talking with Parents Who Refuse HPV Vaccine – One Pediatrician’s View

Talking with Parents Who Refuse HPV Vaccine – One Pediatrician’s View

32 Replies to “Talking with Parents Who Refuse HPV Vaccine – One Pediatrician’s View”

  1. And than some discharge your family from their practice for declining it. This is what happened to our family

  2. 7.9 cancer cases per 100K v. 2300 severe HPV vaccine reactions per 100K, which include chronic fatigue, paralysis, and death. Taking the HPV vaccine is indeed the risky choice. Pediatricians, do what parents are learning to do w/o you – Read Vx makers material for the serious vaccine side effects.

  3. taking the vaccine is the risky choice. Are you kidding, vaccine itself is the virus. Itself is STD!!! people wake up. our children do not need to get STD injected in their body.

  4. People have died from this vaccine it contains borax. Causes reproductive harm in girls and autoimmune disease you should at the very least tell them that.

  5. My wife died at 38 years old of cervical cancer, it ended her life in her prime, changed my life for the worse forever and I still think about what she went through daily 20 years later. The disease was horrific, it turned a beutiful young woman, with hope for a bright loving future, into despair and disease leading to her shrivelling up like a jaundiced prune , being sick many times a day until she died after becoming unconscious and left me in a state of what I now think was post traumatic stress, I cried every day while it was happening, to a state when i cried myself dry, it couldn't have been any worse. She left two young boys for me to bring up without a mother. She was not fortunate to be of an age to take advantage of the hpd vaccine, god i wish she had of been and so does her sons and wider family, who go to her memorial still yearly. Anybody who is wavering, over having the vaccine, should see somebody going through this terrible disease, in real life and they would waver no more. It is a no brainer for young girls, their future offspring and their wider families. Get it done, that's what i would say to anybody – please.

  6. apparently everyone in the comments is smarter than all doctors. pretty sure they went to medical school for 8 years, while most of you probably didn’t go to college at all. if anybody knows what’s best it’s doctors and pediatricians, not dumb dogs.

  7. wow disgusting lies. I can see in your eyes and and your facial expressions that your aware of the injuries and risks associated with vaccines. Either that, or you a just being willfully ignorant.

  8. There is side effects! I took my second hpv vaccine today and I passed out within 5 minutes after. The doctor said my face turned pail, my lips turned white, my eyes rolled back and I was shaking on the floor. I would still get the vaccine to be safe but be aware, there is most definitely side effects!

  9. “anti vaxx kids are spreading illnesses” why do you care? if the vaccines work so well, then you won’t get the disease

  10. So controversial a topic – one thing I notice, having otherwise no agenda to push, is that some against the vaccine state that the disease itself is in the vaccine. But, my man on street understanding is that that is what a vaccine is and how it works – that a tiny amount of the disease it's designed to prevent is in the vaccine. Am I out to lunch on this?

  11. What parents want you to understand is that we know you've taken a hypocratic oath. & when you insist on injecting my child with a harmful substance you're forsaking that oath. Parents who refuse a vaccine are doing so because they have discernment – a God-given gift. Don't think you know better than we do. You have no greater concern for a child than her parent.

  12. I don’t care if you get an easily preventable cancer!!! I’m not vaccinating you and letting it happen!!! Cause I don’t want to give you this although there has never been any proven negative consequences to it but because I believe any wild story I see on the internet

  13. Every time I go for a check up and refuse this vaccine for my daughters they try to make me feel like crap. They do this in such a carrying soft tender voice. I feel like I'm refusing the mark of the Anti-christ. They tell me all the possible bad decisions I am making and how my kids will die of cancer. Uuuuggghhh!! I hate them. Whay can't you go and not be shoved vaccines after vaccines..

  14. This lady says she doesn’t want to jam it down our throats then why are kids being locked out of their rights to get an education because their parents did their own research and decided that vaccines, especially the GARDADIL VACCINE that causes girls to become paralyzed and infertile is DANGEROUS

  15. what to say? I'd say show me the double blind placebo controlled studies like every other medical intervention. ooops there are none.

  16. It might be bad for you I have had the first one not the second one
    But it’s a small risk I had a dead arm for the rest of the day that was it

  17. Oh come on guys, the CDC would never do anything to hurt anyone for their own profit and political agenda. Oh wait, nobody said that in the comments. Now where on earth did i get that from? Oh i dont know, maybe because thats exactly what they do.

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