Tamil Beauty Tips for Facial Bleach at Home Beauty tips for Face in Tamil Beauty Tips in Tamil

hello viewers welcome to G-Studios this is your divya i have bought something very useful tip to you all that is bleach… you may roam out extremely and your skin may get tan for that you have to go to parlour and have to get bleach… or else you have to buy some costly cosmetics to get rid if you do these things then your skin will get harm.. Even there is a time period to use bleach…its about 21 days once only you can bleach.. if you do very frequently then your skin will be damage so today i gonna show you that how to bleach at home by using simple ingredients.. as we gonna do a homemade bleach it wont let your skin to be harm for example if you bleaching at parlour.. it will reflect a brown colour on your face hairs.. but in homemade bleach it wont happen let me show you how to prepare at home at first will see about required ingredients 2 spoons of corn flour egg white half lemon baking soda let me show you how to prepare this pore egg white in a bowl beat the egg white well because of avoiding smell we are using egg white.. if we add that yellow it may smell bad..better avoid that add some baking soda into it i am done.. now i am adding corn flour do mix it very well add few drops of lemon… then mix again very well see how it chaning it forms foam it will turn like cream.. it has ready in a simple method if we use brush to apply this bleach it will spread even on your face… just because of applying bleach i have wore this band.. even you can wear like this.. to avoid hair disturbance gonna apply this so, viewers i have applied well.. after 15 mins we have to apply second coat on it.. so, viewers it has dried well.. see how its breaking.. after dried well you can do second coat.. gonna apply second coat… i have applied 2nd coating now have to wait another 10 mins after that can wash your face it has dried very well.. and i have applied even in hands.. because i just came by bike so my skin got tan ..so that i have applied on my hands.. so it has dried very well now i gonna wash my face.. then will show you the difference so i am done washing.. now you can see a difference so viewers.. it was really a usefull tip right?… do try this tip without fail before that let me explain you about the ingredients which we used lemon contains citric acid and it has bleaching agent as well so that i have added this baking soda.. this is what the activator of this tip which i used corn flour.. it can give a thick consistency to the bleach..not only that even it can change the complextion of the skin i have added a main ingredient that is egg white..i can control the wrinkles and also it reacts like tightening.. it contains more proteins.. it will give the complexion, bleach look try this tip without fail share my video to your friends and family… do like my video and cooment on my video and subscribe my channel.. thank you viewers

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