Testing Homeopathy – Part 1: Plausibility

Testing Homeopathy – Part 1: Plausibility

[Music] in this video we’ll be looking at homeopathy the notion that if you dilute pure horseshit a hundred times people will still buy it and they do the origins of homeopathy are perhaps understandable in the 18th century medicine relied on basic methods such as bloodletting and complex concoctions frankly it was crap a treatment was as likely to make you worse or kill you as it was to do anything else medicine at the time was clearly pre-scientific with a key aspect being the idea of balancing the four humors of the body phlegm blood black bile and yellow bile hugh samuel hahnemann who rejected giving people bizarre brews he proposed giving people a single substance at low doses noble sounding stuff unfortunately that’s as good as it got whilst translating a treatise of William Collins into German he duly applied a useful tool skepticism he doubted the idea that the sink ona bar could be used to treat malaria singko nabob contains Quinny which is an anti-malarial though not for any reason that gives any credence to homeopathy and it is no longer used as a primary treatment Holliman ate some of the bulk and suffered fever shivering and joint pain he had given himself Cinco ISM due to an overdose of Quinny and thinking that these symptoms were similar to malaria decided that an effective treatment causes symptoms similar to the ailment it is to treat this one experience was the entire basis of Hahnemann’s law of similars which isn’t a law of nature at all drawing conclusions like that based on one experience is phenomenally bad reasoning and not scientific Hahnemann believed that to avoid aggravating the symptoms of illness extreme dilutions of the ingredients were necessary and so people the second law out of thin air his lore of infinitesimals and homeopathy as we know it was born in his book the organ on of the healing he claimed the dilution process enhanced the spirit like medicinal powers of the crude substances Hahnemann replaced the four humors being treated by medicine at the time with the body’s vital force which is really just replacing one misguided notion with another one plucked from nowhere he also introduced the concept of my atoms as agents of disease not to be confused with the miasma idea which was overturned in the 19th century with the discovery of germs and the germ theory of disease creationists might like to note at this point that germ theory is still only a theory Hahnemann died in 1843 and so predated the main breakthroughs that led to germ theory as such he always rejected the notion that illness was caused by anything external clearly based on progress made shortly after his death and since we know that pathogenic illnesses aren’t caused by problems with some vital force we were how does homeopathy decide which substances treat which ailments the process is ironically called proving no actual proof is involved of course so to avoid this slight PR issue it’s been rebranded to something that masks its in credibility homeopathic pathogenic trials which due to the injection of extra syllables sounds more sciency but is also a rubbish name since no pathogens are involved either whilst it sounds like it might be similar to a proper double-blind randomized controlled trials it’s only a trial in the loosest sense it’s not even testing a proposed remedy for its efficacy against a specific ailment it goes like this you create your dilutions of some substance and then you give it to healthy people and ask them to record what symptoms they encounter over days weeks or even months if a number of people get a headache in that period you simply take it for granted with no basis whatsoever that the dilution is the call and therefore also a cure never mind that they might just have had a bad day or being dehydrated or stressed some of the group may experience some itching during that time well that must have been the potion to fight this approach something as simple as onion becomes a cure for anything from headaches to red eyes sore throats runny noses sensitivity to light earache pay fever sneezing urinary problems first belching flatulence abdominal pain frothy urine respiratory problems bad effects from getting your feet wet joint problems waking up at 2 a.m. and yawning there is no rationale whatsoever for expecting an ultra die lucien to cause symptoms in healthy people let alone for that same dilution to treat those symptoms in people who are unwell it really is no better than going to your nearest voodoo lady and having her Russell UPS and camel crap and bus tickets actually if she mixes up some Camel crap and bus tickets in water or alcohol the chances are she’s producing a cure for something according to the notions of homeopathy continuing in the vein of implausibility we come to the most criticized aspect of homeopathy the dilutions it is claimed that the more resubstitute ‘add the more powerful it becomes spot the contradiction Hahnemann believed that dilution was necessary to avoid a substance which causes symptoms aggravating those symptoms in illness and yet here we are also saying that dilution makes them more powerful bollocks 30 see is a typical dilution ratio and was the one advocated by Harnam on it means that the original ingredient is diluted by a factor of 100 and that is then diluted by a factor of 100 and so on 30 times what does this mean in practical terms if we start with the smallest drop size used in medicine today 60 drops per milliliter then one drop is 16.7 microliters that’s a drop of water three point one six millimeters across to dilute that to thirty sea levels in a single step we’d put that three millimeter drop of water into one point six seven times 10 to the 52 cubic meters of water which as a sphere is 316 quadrillion nine hundred and twenty trillion two hundred and eighty eight billion three hundred and seventy seven million four hundred and fifty four thousand one hundred and seventy-three meters in diameter or to put it another way a sphere of water with a diameter of thirty three point five light-years and for some reason people think that a little sugar pill with a drop of this supposedly highly potent solution will cure them of anything this poses the obvious question as to whether they believe the 30c dilution of pure bat will treat them a very rationality the mechanism by which these delusions are claimed to work is that of water memory it is also claimed that this effect only occurs when water is shaken there is zero evidence to support this claim any experiments claiming to demonstrate a memory effect have not been reproduced when subjected to proper controls it’s hardly surprising the idea that water molecules remember the characteristics of a substance has some obvious flaws there is no compelling reason why water should choose to remember some substance after a bit of a shake rather than the size of the container it was shaken in or any impurities in the container or from the air while the substance was added there’s no reason why it should prefer the substance shaken in it now rather than propagate any residual memory of substances the water has been in contact with in its life before being used by homeopathy the stringent standards applied to water for analytical laboratories specify impurity levels of ten parts per billion using our earlier one sixtieth of a milliliter drop we’re talking one drop of impurities in 1666 0.67 liters of water or one drop in a sphere of water one point four seven meters across such purified water cannot be kept in glass or plastic containers since impurities had leached into the water and yet homeopaths expect you to believe that one drop in a sphere thirty three point five light-years across has potent healing power and how pure is their water to start with we took 70 milliliters of ordinary tap water and place it inside this beaker we then took 70 milliliters of rainwater collected from the laboratory roof and place it inside this beaker don’t ask me why even if we were to grant water the magical power of remembering a substance shaken in it homeopaths are left with another problem but typical room temperature molecules of water are going to be moving around but an average of over 600 meters per second which begs the obvious question as to why water moving at such speeds should care whether it is shaken at speeds orders of magnitude lower than that if memory of a substance is so easily given to water it should lose or corrupt that memory just as easily and it can’t be that collections of water molecules gang up to remember a substance either the short structural memory of water has been measured it lasts less than 50 femtoseconds leaving homeopaths with no mechanism by which either individual water molecules or collections of molecules can remember substances they have been in contact with many homeopathic remedies are delivered in the form of sugar pills homeopathy requires that first water memorizes the substance that the homeopathy wants it to memorize and that the memory is transferred to the sugar pills before the water evaporates oddly you don’t hear homeopaths going on about how solid sugar must have a memory this multi-carrier memory must be retained despite any other disturbance throughout its journey to the consumer and through their digestive system until it can past that memory and it’s alleged effect onto the body where it is propagated without shaking we should note to where it is needed the allegedly potent eyes defect of say onions making your eyes stream then has the opposite effect thanks to the non-existent ghost of a piece of onion and the made-up law of similars water memory couldn’t possibly make the remedy more potent as homeopaths claimed consider some pure essence which we’ll call bad that we’re going to make a homeopathic remedy from say we make 10 milliliters of solution from the first dilution and let’s assume that with decent mixing every single molecule of water in that 10 milliliters gets an imprint dilute again now 1% of the water carries the imprint give it the homeopathic hippy hippy shake assuming that every shake is equally success every molecule of water once again has the imprint the obvious question is how is the second dilution different to the first how is it more potent it can’t be dilute again so 1% has the imprint give it the magic shake and if every shake is equally successful then 100% of water has the imprint again the homeopath is by any reasonable benchmark wasting their time repeating in the dilutional process even if the concept of water memory were true even if every molecule in our 10 milliliters of water had an imprint of batch it and even if the imprint had exactly the same biological efficacy as pure batshit by what batshit crazy process can that be any different to just consuming batshit in its pure form how can it be more potent the entire notion requires nothing less than a chain of magic and magic remedies are peddled by charlatans homeopathy isn’t science and it isn’t medicine however much its proponents like to dress it up if it really worked if the half-assed proving process really matched remedy with ailment if ultra dilutions were really able to affect biological systems and if homeopathic principles were in any way sound where is the homeopathic birth control pill a reproducible cure for any type of cancer or its progress on HIV these don’t exist because apart from the claims of the most outrageous charlatans homeopathy doesn’t deal with anything that actually matters and it doesn’t do so because it’s bollocks in a future video we’ll look at what it takes to become a homeo quack and look at more of the arguments for and against it see you then [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Your logic fails in the assumption that water has no memory, it does, it's proven and tested many times. This is an example of research by the Nobel prize winning scientist Montagnier: https://youtu.be/R8VyUsVOic0

  2. Great video as always! You, sir, are quite knowledgeable! I just cannot grasp the fact that people can be so stupid to actually believe this silly mumbo – jumbo! (Then again, some people believe in Geocentrism, Sky Demons, Flat Earth and all such extremely silly (& hilarious) " conspiracies " that homeopathy actually appears saner in front of it!)

  3. I'd like to buy some homeopathic medicide, using homeopathic methods of payment. I want a million dollars worth of product for which I will pay exactly 10 cents, because that's surely unimaginably precious.


    Dude, that's 2160 Kilometers Per Hour! Or, just over 1342 Miles Per Hour!

    That nearly equals Concorde Turbojet at top speed!

    I think you might want to check your numbers.

  5. Waters memory of a long lost drop of onoin juice is infinite,but somhow forgets all the poo thats been in it. -Tim Minchin(Storm)

  6. so, there's this recent study about homeopathy… long story short: they've figured out, that homeopathy "works" – as placebo! (and we all know how placebo "works" – as placebo) 😉

  7. Wait… so could i use homeopathy.. sprinkle some water on a vagina… then that water remembers that vagina… and then I have access to that vagina for life… since the water remembers what it comes in contact with?
    Or… am i missing a crucial element?

  8. 11:10
    Come on, at least give a cure for bat shit…
    Like if you ate or smelled bat shit you'd puke… so the homeopathy cure is for… puking.

  9. 6:20 in other words it's a sphere of water with 166 times the mass of the observable universe. In case somebody doesn't realize how big that is, it's roughly 8e24 times the mass of the sun, or 5.89e12 times the mass of the entire Milky Way. It'd create a black hole 5.24e9 light years in diameter. That's half the diameter of the observable universe. Just like we feel tiny in the face of the Universe, the Universe feels tiny compared to homeopathic dilution.

  10. To be fair Hahnemann's ideas were not much wierder than quite a few others of his time. What really amazes me is how this crap stuck and people in the XXI century are still going for it!!!! Oh well… guess it's a world of batshit!!! 😛

  11. Who was the guy that did the 9/11 debunking? British guy, i can’t remember, but you guys ought to get together and kick some tardo ass.

  12. Sadly, the placebo effect is usually a part of why people sometimes buy into this crap, they believe they'll feel better, thus causing their bodies to ignore symptoms, thus claiming they're cured.

  13. 7:30 I wonder if this is a primitive notion of dissolving. They get rid of most of a substance but not the microscopic bits that go into the water, and thus claim water has onion memory because a little onion chemistry is dissolved within.

  14. 10:09 SO this means they are no longer using elixers, that is they aren't even potentially harming themselves they're just eating (possible bacteria-y/dirty) sugar… Well it's safer… despite the fact they're rejecting modern medicine which is still dangerous.

  15. There's no reason to test homeopathy. The world's first double-blind study was done on homeopathy. It was worse than placebo. Several hundred studies later… Still not as effective as placebo.

  16. It's such a weird idea. They dilute the substance to make the symptoms less impacting yet the diluted substance is supposed to be more potent? How does that even make any sense? I guess people shouldn't have been enriching uranium for nuclear weapons. They should have been diluting it to point of 0 uranium in water to 30C so that they could build 50 megaton bombs with a thimble of the water. Hell we could just dilute that uranium to 100C and have insanely powerful nuclear fuel that can power the world for centuries with just 1ml.

    I have a friend who believes this BS. She's always like "I had a cold and the remedy fixed me right up". When ask her how long she was sick she says a 2 to 3 days. I'm like "that's the normal amount of time had you not taken anything. She also does not find it weird that every one of the remedies taste exactly the same, like a sugar pill or sugar water.

  17. Funnily enough I took, for a VERY short time, a homeopathic remedy for menstrual cramps. It was slightly different from the 30C shit, and was in a sugar and powdered milk pill, for some fucking reason.

    Note: I only tried it because I have a natural high tolerance to Anti-inflammatories, and I was looking for any possible substitute that I could find so I wouldn't need to constantly overtake just to get it to work.

    So, when I took this weird ass pill, I got a severe leg cramp. Very weird. This happened every time I took it. So I looked up the plant in the pill. Its a potent abortion agent from ancient Egypt, and my body was freaking out XD homeopathic remedies are bullshit, but are also fun XD

  18. In an interesting scientific breakthrough, it has been discovered that the cure to cancer all along was camel crap mixed with bus tickets.

  19. If water has memory triggered by shaking, and the human body contains roughly 70% water, does that mean violently shaking people with Alzheimer's disease will make their memory 70% better?

  20. 5:48
    "And yet here we are saying dilution makes them more powerful."
    wait for it… waaaait for it…

    I love it

  21. Sugar pills – I remember those. As a child my mum took me to a homeopathic clinic in glasgow – cant remember what they were trying to cure – probably my asthma or adhd. Great job (NOT).

  22. If water memory were true you could use it to duplicate a solution out of pure water. For example you could make one bottle of whiskey, dilute and shake it and now you'd have more whiskey. So long as you didn't drink the last of the whiskey up and had access to water, you could always make more whiskey by simply diluting and shaking it.
    Nobody has ever wished something were true more than I wish that were.

  23. Homeopath. Even the word sounds like some sort of sinister lunatic. Which I suppose they are should they eventually start taking money from desperate, terminally I'll people.

  24. Before I even start watching this video I am gonna make a guess as to what its pros are.
    1 can cause a placebo effect
    2 ?????
    and for the cons
    1 Everything else
    2 Lose all your monies to total fucking charlatans

  25. As a kid I learned about homeopathy like follows:
    I asked my father why the people living in that house have their chandelier outside and so much junk in the garden.
    He explained to me that it is a homeopathy doctors office.
    I asked what he does.
    He told me when whiny people feel sick, they go there and get sugar pills and a good show.
    But when they are really sick, he sends them to a proper doctor.
    Also people who are afraid of taking medicine are sent there by a doctor and the homeopathy nurse fetches the prescribed medicine from the pharmacy, grinds it down or otherwise puts it in sugar pills before the patient arrives. When they have to perform a injection they hypnotise people or give them sleeping medicine in the sugar pills.
    The end.

    Then many years after the fall of the wall I hear about homeopathy again. This time a woman asks me if I had a idea what is wrong with one of her friends. Her friend has a broken arm and it won't heal, despite the medicine she has taken. So in my confusion I asked her, what kind of medicine would help with a broken arm? The shocking answer was homeopathy pills left over from when she had back pains. I nearly lost it and asked what kind of doctor suggested that kind of treatment. The answer was that her friend didn't go to a doctor, because they give people cancer to become rich. In the end it turned out she didn't even wear a cast and the arm was swollen and inflamed. I was lucky to convince her to call a ambulance before she loses her arm.
    So I learned that homeopathy in the west is somewhat more shady.

    At this point I also want to thank the author of this video for all the things I learned by watching this video. And for hopefully curing some dumb in the world.

  26. Homeopathy was a product of its time. One can't blame the founder when he didn't have any access to the knowledge we do now, but one can blame those that try to advocate it now. They should know better. It is like the old flat earth and geocentric theories too. On the surface, these theories might seem to be plausible, but only for prehistoric societies or those societies that don't have access to the knowledge we have now.

  27. If water has a memory then it should also remember the digestive tracts off all the creatures it has passed through for billions of years 🙂

  28. The question is, why was the NHS even paying anything for this woo!


  29. I really don't understand how Homeopaths and Natropaths are legally allowed to operate in any sane, non corrupt country!!

  30. At the average velocity of a water molecule, it would only take about 16,000,000 years for the "medicine" to homogenize throughout that sphere of water that is the required size of a third the size of our galaxy.

  31. I understand all the reasons why homeopathy is bullshit, but unfortunatelly, I have positive experience with that. Once I´ve had multiple warts on my feet (one big and 8-10 smaller). I had them for about 8 months, I was several times treated by dermatologist – they burnt it few times with no effect, they told me to "cut it off" regularly after bath, so I did. Nothing was working. Then I tried those homeo sugar pills. I already knew its just placebo and didnt expect anything. But it has visible effect after only 2 days of "using" and warts start to disappear. After 2 weeks it was fully healed and no trace of wart.
    I know those sugar pills couldnt do anything, I doubt that possible placebo effect could have been so fast and effective. Still this homeo bullshit is the only thing that helped me. So I guess Im dumbheaded homeotard (at least im not a flattard) 🙂

  32. Shaddup you pretentious twit, Homeopathy DOES indeed work. Made my knob bigger! And I only had to smear pheasant droppings on it, thrice daily, for a fortnight. So easy! (Weekly maintenance doses of dung beetle, liquefied and dissolved into enema fluid are required, I should add)

  33. if water has memory… sewage reprocessing plants… TOILETS… ye see the issue… having peoples terrible diseases remembered by water

  34. Camel crap and bus tickets. That's where I was going wrong. I was using tram tickets. The stuff you learn on the internet. Thanks for that.

  35. While homeopathy is complete bollocks… the placebo effect is real. People thinking something will cure them usually are cured or at least feel better. How is this possible ?

  36. Only found your channel yesterday – via links from watch James Randi videos and I am glad to see a nice Woo-woo reference to the Amazing Randi in this vid! The videos are excellent and deserve for more exposure!

  37. Before you show your ignorance about the facts concerning homeopathy, you really should do your homework first. If homeopathy doesn't work, why do government's around the world recommend using homeopathy to over billion people around the world who use it to HEAL their ailments that modern medicine can't do anything to help. If you are interested, which I'm sure your not, but if you are, you can give me your email and I'll send you an Evidenced Based Research 200 page pdf file.

  38. man i dont know what this says bout me but i think i understand why they think that, not that i agree at all
    if you take a powder and mix it in water it changes colour right? idiots think that its remembering the powder so if you and if you shake it, then itll REALLY remember

  39. surely by the same logic if you took a drop of cyanide and diluted repeat diluted repeat etc. you could kill thousands in an instant if you were to then contaminate a water supply. If so the military would've utilised this years ago.

  40. Of course. I didn't know what this was before I watched this video and OF FUCKING course there's religion involved. Sadly for religious people, science can change, the Bible can't. It's set in what it says, factual or not and they wouldn't dare modify it.

  41. In a moment of idle curiosity, I Googled how many Homeopathy "practitioners" were in my local area… 6 appeared, some of whom were listed under an NHS link.

    As I believe the kids say these days… WTF?

  42. So if I drink my own urine and start vomiting and suddenly contract violent diarrhea, that means my urine will cure vomiting and violent diarrhea, even though drinking it caused those symptoms in the first place…

  43. 4 years after upload I cant watch this horse shit. You are cimparing 18th and 19th century medicine to 20th century medicine. There is no comparison. This video is horse shit mixed with batshit with a dash of bollocks. The reason why life expectancy has doubled in the last 100 years is because of 20th century medicine.

  44. By the "water remembers stuff by shaking it" logic, wouldn't water remember every last drop of piss and diarrhetic crap that got spun into it via a few trillion toilet flushes over the past century, thus literally making homepathy full of shit?

  45. Just writing in to say I feel bad for "witches" and their bad reputation. When Christianity decided it wanted a monopoly on healing in Europe's dark ages, it stigmatized such people as druids and herbalists, accusing them of serving the Devil and forcing them to undergo lethal or rigged 'tests' to prove their innocence of the accusations. In reality, these so-called witches and wizards typically knew what they were doing, their knowledge passed on for generations with solid observations at the base. They may not have had access to the tools that scientific research has today, but they were most decidedly no quacks.

  46. LoooooL, I'm an idiot…………..!
    I wanted to subscribe to you. I clicked the button and a message appeared on the screen asking me: "Unsubscribe from CoolHardLogic
    Me: What??? :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  47. It seems that France has grown tired of wootards, and changed their laws with regard to health insurance so that "treatments" through "alternative medicine" (explicitly mentioning homeopathy) are no longer paid for by insurance.
    Currently, insured people in France can get a refund for 30% of the costs of homeopathic "treatment" through their insurance company. The French minister for Health, Agnes Buzyn (a former doctor) wants to reduce this number to 15% in the next year, and to 0% in 2021. This decision is based off of a report released in June from the Haute Autorité de Santé, the independant national authority on healthcare in France, which concluded that homeopathy has no proven efficacy and thus should not be considered for compensating through taxpayers' money. Last year, refunds for homeopathic treatments cost the French government about 125 million euros.

    With this approach, France follows the example of the UK, Belgium, Sweden and Austria.

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