(music) TB: I’m gonna just show you so what we have is a little wire. This is the bare minimum amount of pressure we need to feel. Patient: I remember before. I didn’t feel almost nothing just a little bit over here in the middle. TB: A little bit there. And that’s why we’re gonna just test it today for the camera just so people see how we test the feeling. So like I said, this is the bare minimum amount of pressure we need to feel. So I want you put your hand out, close your eyes. I’m gonna touch the back of your hand. Do you feel something? P: Yes TB: Perfect. You felt that, right? P: Yeah. TB: Okay, so I want you to sit back in the chair and close your eyes. I’m gonna touch different parts of your foot. Anytime you feel something you let me know. Okay? P: mm-hmm P: Okay in the middle something little bit. How can I say? TB: You can show me on your hand. Yeah, perfect. Perfect. Keep the eyes closed. We’re gonna keep going, okay? Anytime you feel something you let me know. Very good, we’re gonna keep going a little bit more. Awesome. P: Right here. TB: Yep. Hi, my name is Dr. Evan Lewis. I’m a research scientist specializing in nutrition and nerve health. I’m here today with Jonathan. We’re talking about “Nutarniq Essentials”, my targeted nutritional therapy for neuropathy and we’re also going to work with one of his clients to try and improve the symptoms in his feet. TB: What is neuropathy? DR: Neuropathy is nerve damage. That’s what we it’s the clinical term that we give it. There’s a couple different types of neuropathy; peripheral neuropathies are the most common. Those affect the nerves in the hands, the feet, the nerves that really control muscles as well as sensation. P: Keep continuing? TB: Yeah. Where did you feel? Did you feel something? Okay. So, the truth is the only thing you could really feel up here in this part and just in your arch. P: Yeah. TB: Everything else is pretty much completely numb. So that means all the nerves that are feeding these areas with sensation are pretty much gone and that’s why we’re getting these wounds because you’re not feeling all the pressure under these points. And the tissue breaks down, but because you have no feeling it just creates this wound. I see patients with neuropathy all the time and like the patient we just saw, you can have some pretty harmful effects. Why is it important to try to stop neuropathy? DR: That’s a great question. We need to stop neuropathy because of nerve damage. Once the nerve damage starts, it’s very difficult to reverse it. Traditionally speaking, when somebody starts to develop neuropathy symptoms, tingling, numbness, burning, typically starts in the feet sometimes in the hands. The first line of therapy, up until now, has been to provide drug therapy and that stops the painful symptoms. P: But I was yesterday I wasn’t expected to change TB: Yeah P: The dressing and (?) TB: The first one was really big and deep so and we had this one but that one looks pretty good there’s nothing there as of now. P: That’s awesome. TB: So again, even though I know you don’t have too much feeling, if you do feel something you let me know. P: Okay. TB: So right now, a lot of patients have neuropathy, they take pills. Is this going to make the neuropathy better? Is this gonna reverse the effects? DR: No. All of the medication used right now is either to control blood sugar for people with diabetes or to mask the painful symptoms. So this does not stop the nerve damage. TB: What could I do for my patients to try to help them with the neuropathy? DR: It’s really important for the patients who have diabetes to keep their blood sugar under control. That’s a very important step. But also what we’ve brought to market from my clinical research is a Targeted Nutritional Therapy What we’re doing is we’re providing the body with the fats that it needs to help repair nerve damage and my clinical research has shown that we’ve been able to actually reverse nerve damage in patients with diabetes and neuropathy. TB: So I’ll tell you right now the rim has really closed up a lot more healthy tissue and not as much callus as there was before. So we just got to get off this bad rim of tissue. So not too not too bad. You see how the the rim looks a little fluffy? DR: mm-hmm TB: All that fluffiness has to come off because it’s not normal healthy tissue. We want to scrape it down to where the tissue is whitish, kind of being held together. And like we said before we don’t want the rim to close in and underneath the rim is all open. Much smaller and the rim is closing in altogether. TB: What are some normal symptoms of neuropathy that patients might see in their feet or feel in their feet? DR: So it typically starts with numbness, tingling, burning, and sometimes a loss of sensation. Those are the first symptoms of neuropathy and those can be the most difficult because the numbness or lack of sensation can lead to foot damage. So a stubbed toe, maybe a blister that you didn’t recognize, if you don’t detect this these injuries, then they can get worse, turn into ulcers, large wounds, and that can cause a large problem for a patient. TB: So the bottom is starting to fill up. Still really fluffy. It’s not smooth smooth bottom yet, but it is less deep than it was. No pain? P: (No) TB: Yeah, definitely don’t have to take as much; looks very good. So what we’ll do, we’ll apply the laser to to this one and then we’ll do the top one after, okay? P: (Okay) TB: Do you ever deal with diabetic wounds? DR: No. I’ve seen them but no. That wasn’t part of our research application. TB: So, what we want is a flatter, healthier, red, wound. There we go. Looks pretty good. TB: In the simplest terms possible, what makes your product so special? DR: The product is research backed by my clinical research and my research is the first to show anything that can stop and reverse nerve damage in neuropathy. It’s not a drug. It’s a nutrition therapy. We’re creating a new option for people with nerve damage. We’re using nutrition to heal. TB: How does the product work? DR: So it’s a clinical grade or pharmaceutical grade omega-3 and it has all three pro-nerve omega-3 fats. TB: There are normal omega-3s out in the market and in hair products. What components of your omega-3 are different, that’s that’s causing this effect? DR: We have all three long-chain omega-3s: EPA, DPA, and DHA, and your normal health food store omega-3s don’t have DPA and don’t have the same structure as our fats. What’s important is it is EPA and DPA are very very effective at resolving inflammation so that’s important for around wounds or inflamed nerves while DHA that’s involved in turning on the machinery in the body which helps nerves regrow. So we’re providing a complete package of fats that help repair the nerves. TB: Okay, so let me just get glasses for everyone and we’ll do the laser and then I’ll do the big toe. Okay? (handing out protective glasses) This one you, get this one. If you feel too much heat, you let me know. P: Yeah, I know, okay. DR: So what wavelength are you using? TB: So this one has four wavelengths all together. 660, 800, 905, 970. So most of it’s for melanin and then just cellular respiration and bringing more oxygen into the area. What’s the goal with your Nutarniq ? What should these people with these symptoms experience? DR: The goal is to feed the nerves back to health. If we can keep nerves healthy and provide the body with the fats that it needs to repair the nerves, that’s the first step. Our body knows how to repair the damage, but we just need to give the building blocks. So what the way I see our product working is it’s a it’s a take-home therapy. I mean coming to a clinic and getting your nerves treated keeping your wounds clean and debrided are very important but what you can do is by taking our nutrition therapy, you can keep those nerves healthy and start the repair process in between clinic visits. That’s basically it. The name Nutarniq it’s actually an Inuit word and it means new ice forming in cracky and old ice. We take that to mean regenerative and restorative. How it works is we have our bottle with a dropper top and, just gonna open this up, so to take the product, you start by squeezing the dropper and slowly releasing and that fills up the dropper with oil. You then take it and put it into your mouth. We recommend doing that five times. So there’s five dropper fulls in your mouth. Let it sit in your mouth for 60 seconds and then swallow. For people with mild neuropathy symptoms or are looking to maintain their nerve health, 5 mils per day is great. For people with more advanced symptoms, then we suggest up to 10 mils 10 dropper fulls per day and that’s what we used in my clinical research trial. TB: So the majority of my viewers are from the States, so what can you offer because is this product available right now in the States? DR: No, right now we’re only available in Canada at the moment but for the US viewers, we do have something in the works for your market specifically. So hang tight and we’ll be back to let you know when that is ready to ship to you. TB: So where’s this product available right now? DR: Right now through our website, through the Toe Bro website, we’re available on Amazon and we’re also growing the number of clinics that are carrying our products. If you’re a clinic that’s interested in carrying Nutarniq Essentials, you can contact us through the notes below and we’re also expanding our retail presence as well. We have a couple of opportunities that I can’t quite talk about yet but we are looking to expand our our presence as well. So if anyone’s interested in carrying our products, please get in touch.


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