The Benefits of Ayurvedic Lassi and How to Make It

Lassi is a popular drink in India but
it’s also a very healthy Ayurvedic drink that supports digestion and is a
probiotic and it’s also easy to make it only takes a minute
Hi, this is Lívia with Healthy Happy and Wise bringing you the latest Ayurvedic
diet and lifestyle tips. In this video we will cover three topics: number one what is lassi, number two, what are the benefits of drinking lassi and number three, how to make lassi So what is lassi? Lassi is an Ayurvedic drink made of
yogurt, water, and spices, sometimes sweetener. So it’s basically a
diluted yogurt drink which you make in a blender. Lassi is not only a delicious drink it’s also one of the most important Ayurvedic digestive aids There are several types of lassis: there is plain lassi, and there are sweet lassis such
as rose lassi and cardamom lassi. There is also salty lassi with various spices. And there are other flavored lassis such as mango lassi. On a side note, some of
the fruity lassis you get in restaurants are more like milkshake, and sometimes
they use milk in addition to or instead of yougurt. Ayurveda doesn’t recommend
mixing yogurt with milk or fruits, so these drinks although delicious, are not
Ayurvedic. Lassi is usually drunk with a meal, at least that is the Ayurvedic recommendation. Now let’s talk about the benefits of
lassi. First of all, lassi contains probiotics, which are important for
keeping the gut microbiome healthy. Probiotics and dairy also have a special
synergy, which makes them a good delivery system for probiotics. Probiotics work in our gut, but before they get there they are vulnerable to destruction by stomach acid and bile. Dairy foods act as a buffer against the stomach acid and bile and keep the probiotics alive. More and
more disorders are being linked to the imbalance of the gut microbiome, so regular consumption of probiotic foods can improve many of these conditions. From the Ayurvedic perspective, lassi enhances the absorption of minerals and nutrients, supports the digestive fire, increases the reproductive fluids, and also enhances the flow of prana in the system which is life energy. The fermentation of milk during the yogurt-making process makes the final product
more digestible, including lactose. Probiotic dairy products such as yogurt
and lassi, can also help with gastrointestinal infections, immune system stimulation, constipation, and allergic reactions. So if you have difficulty
digesting milk, try lassi instead. Now, what’s the difference between yogurt and
lassi? Why don’t we just eat a few spoonfuls of yogurt with our lunch? Why do we have to make lassi? Well the answer is interesting. Yogurt is heavy in nature and can clog the body and cause mucus. When you dilute it with water and blend
it, the process changes the yogurt’s molecular structure so it’s more easily
digested. Now let’s learn how to make lassi. First, use fresh home-made plain yogurt if possible. It’s easier to digest than store-bought yogurt and may contain more probiotics. Some of the yogurt in stores
contain no live cultures, so make sure to check the label for live bacterial count. Commercial yogurts are sour and heavy and can aggravate Pitta. They tend to cause congestion. Especially avoid flavored and sweetened
yogurt. If you can’t make your own yogurt, look for fresh, plain yogurt with live
probiotics. By the way we have another video on how to make yogurt at home in a thermos. I would also recommend using organic yogurt made from whole milk. the less processed the dairy the better. You will need a blender, preferably, or a
large glass jar. Here are the ingredients for a salty lassi. 1/4 quarter cup fresh yogurt 3/4 cup room-temperature water pinch of salt pinch of roasted ground cumin and pinch of black pepper. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend it well, for 30 seconds at least. And serve it right away. It’s best to make lassi just before the meal. You can also make the lassi in a large jar and shake it until its texture is smooth and even. As you see, this is a thin lassi because
it’s only one quarter yogurt. if you prefer you, can make it thicker. If you are predominantly kapha, stick with thin lassi. If you are pitta or Vata, you can
try the reducing the amount of water and increasing the amount of yogurt. It
should depend on their strength of your digestion. Now here is a sweet, rose lassi
that is specially balancing for pitta. Here are the ingredients: 1/4 cup fresh yogurt 3/4 cup room-temperature water 1 or 2 teaspoons honey or cane sugar and one teaspoon rose water. And you blend this the same way you blend the salty lassi. Although lassi is lighter than milk, it’s still better to consume it mostly with lunch and not with dinner. Dairy at night can be hard to digest. You can sip the lassi with your meal, or drink it at the end of the meal. So that’s how you make lassi. Let us know in the comments below what kind of lassi you like and any benefits you notice from drinking it. Remember to check out to learn more about the Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet, and leave a comment or question under the video. If you like this video remember to give it a thumbs up. If you’re not already subscribed, make sure to hit the subscribe button on this page to get more free videos. Thank you so
much for watching. I’ll see you next time.

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