The BEST Antioxidant Rich Drink – Kerala Herbal Pink Water Pathimugam – Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Hey guys, I am nisa homey and welcome back
to my channel. Today, I am sharing an amazing ayurvedic herbal
water from Kerala which is also a thirst quencher. If you have ever been to a restaurant in kerala
or visited a malayalee friend’s home then you may have been served with this herbal pink coloured water, which has a subtle woody taste This pink herbal water is made by boiling
“pathimugham” as it is known in Malayalam. Also known as East Indian Rose Wood or Sappan
Wood. Pathimugam is widely used since ancient days
as a herbal medicine. Pathimugam is a medicinal tree and when the
wood shavings or small pieces are boiled in water, it disinfects the water as the wood
has antimicrobial properties. This ayurvedic herbal water is an excellent
summer drink as it helps to cool your body and it is rich in anti oxidants, the high
antioxidant content in this herbal water makes it a great substitute for green tea. So, if you are not a big fan of green tea,
then drinking pathimugam will make sure that you will get your daily dose of antioxidants
and better protection from free radicals. Those with allergy issues especially asthma
related allergies should make it a habit to have pathimugam as it has anti allergic properties. I would say it is the best herbal water for
children especially to take to school. Pathimugam also has immune boosting properties. Now, let me show you how to make this anti
oxidant rich herbal water and then I will mention some more health benefits of pathimugam. Okay, to make this herbal drink I am taking
some thin pieces of the wood and adding it into 3 liters of water and then switch on
the flame. I am making this for the whole family and
trying to give you an idea how we Malayalees make this at home on a daily basis. So, as the water is heating up you can see
it is starting to turn to a light pink color and once the water starts to boil, the color
changes to deep pink. Now, once it starts to boil simmer it for
about 5 to 7 mins and then switch off the flame. Allow it to cool down slightly and then transfer
to a glass jar. I am pouring the herbal water into a mason
jar so that you can see the color and this is much easier to carry to work as mason jars
have airtight lid hence you dont have to worry about the water being spilled out. This herbal water has your daily dose of antioxidants
and protects you from free radicals. Those with health issues like thyroid, diabetes,
pcos, skin diseases, high cholesterol, or kidney stones to name a few should definitely
try to include this herbal water in your diet. Also, pathimugam is the best herbal BLOOD
PURIFIER. Pathimugam is very good for your heart as
the red pigment in the wood improves cardiac health. In Kerala this herbal drink is popular in
the monsoons as it prevents waterborne diseases and in summers as it helps to keep your body
cool along with preventing waterborne diseases. Pathimugam is used as an ingredient in almost
all ayurvedic medicines and because of its prophylactic nature, it can be used itself as a medicine. This ayurvedic herbal water is extremely efficient
in preventing and curing skin diseases, diabetes, stomach ailments, kidney diorders, kidney
stones, piles, cholesterol, and certain types of cancer. Pathimugam is included in post delivery diet
as it helps in increasing breast milk along with its other health benefits. Now, if you have acne issues try washing your
face with this herbal water. This wood is used as a natural colouring agent
because of its vibrant red colour. Pathimugam is usually served warm before a
meal, it has cytotoxic, anti tumor, anti microbial, anti viral, and immuno stimulant properties. So try to include this medicinal ayurvedic
water in your diet and get its benefits. You can find pathimugam in most stores in
Kerala or in ayurvedic stores across kerala. So, if you ever visit Kerala pls make sure
that you get some pathimugam. So friends, do try to include this amazing
herbal ayurvedic drink in your daily diet. If you like to see more such videos, pls show
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