The Big Pharma Is Against Natural Treatments for Cancer – Drs. Rath & Niedzwiecki

The Big Pharma Is Against Natural Treatments for Cancer – Drs. Rath & Niedzwiecki

Ty Bollinger: Yeah, that’s with our group,
The Truth About Cancer, that’s our goal, to educate. Which, I appreciate
everything that you’ve shared today, because it’s very educational. It’s to eradicate cancer, which, I
think that using approaches like this, that’s possible. But it’s also to expose. That’s the three E’s. And so we want to expose this beast, and it
really seems to me that the real war is actually being fought
against people that are offering natural treatments for cancer. I don’t think there’s a war against cancer,
I think it’s a war against natural treatments. Dr. Rath: It’s very true. And there’s a reason for that. We talked about concentration camps. They are surrounded
by a fence. If someone tries to escape the fences of the
modern concentration camp, the ones that confine the cancer patient within the parameter
of conventional thinking, of chemotherapy thinking, they
are being haunted. How many court cases have been filed around
the world for withdrawing custody of parents who went
into natural health as opposed to staying within the confines, within the fences, of
conventional chemotherapy treatments? It’s nothing else. The dimension of a child dying in a concentration
camp, or dying from leukemia, that is being intoxicated
by chemotherapy, as opposed to choosing natural paths,
are the same. The parents are losing a child. The family is losing their future. And that’s the deeper dimension of what
you’re talking about, that the same interest groups that have proven again and again in
the past, namely the pharmaceutical investment business,
how ruthless they are, are still around trying to fool us,
trying to tell us, “Well, believe us.” Why should we? If we don’t have the courage to liberate
ourselves, then we will not make progress. And this is why this is important, this series
that you are doing, Ty. It’s being kept alive, and I just can
encourage everyone who’s seeing this show, that you spread it and help Ty to get his
message around the world, and not only tame this beast, but
eliminate it. Not by violence, but by education, by becoming
aware about the three E’s that you mentioned. Dr. Niedzwiecki: Yeah. We need to recognize that fear is being used in controlling patients, in controlling society. Fear is a very powerful weapon, and fear of
cancer is being used in manipulating people. And so by educating, by bringing this knowledge
to people, explaining both the basis of the problem, but also showing about possibility of new solutions to it, this fear is being alleviated. Dr. Rath: Elaborating on that, Alex, among
all diseases, the one disease that the status quo, meaning the
pharmaceutical investment, needs most to continue its business, to stabilize, to cement its
system, is cancer. They can afford to allow, let’s say, advances
in osteoporosis, that decrease the number of bone
fractures, without major damage to its future existence. They can allow progress in this and that disease
to kind of mask their principle business. But they
cannot allow, they cannot allow cancer to disappear, being identified as a disease that
can be regulated or prevented. So long ago, they have initiated what Dr.
Niedzwiecki mentioned, the fact of fear. In fact, it’s more than that. It’s a psychological warfare on humanity
that the pharmaceutical industry is leading with the tool cancer. Keeping cancer as a death verdict is the platform,
is a precondition for this entire investment industry to continue. Ty Bollinger: Wow. Dr. Niedzwiecki: It’s strong, yeah? Ty Bollinger: It is.
Dr. Niedzwiecki: Yep. Ty Bollinger: Really amazing information that you’ve shared.

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  1. Most of American people are just duped by the medical model of " trusting their doctor" but don't realize how blind and arrogant the cancer industry truly is!!

  2. We are FORCED to pay healthcare-insurance for healthcare that doesn't save/heal us, but only prolonges our suffering a while longer so they can extract more money… THAT's what's being done to us all.
    To keep educating, keep waking people up is important, yes, but we must stop co-operating with this system en masse and demand and stand up for our right not to be exploited.

  3. I'm not sure that cancer is the central support of the pharmacetical industry because they sell many medications such as Statins, diabetes medications, blood pressure medications and anti-depressant medications, etc , etc not just cancer drugs.

  4. PLEASE learn how to light and mic the interviews. Light on the face, less backlight and everyone miked and volume tested before taping. Be aware of clothing and background color. Thanks. I appreciate all you do and want the best for you and all.

  5. What do you think of immunotherapy and viral therapy? Are these therapies effective at curing all types of cancers at four stages?

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