The Evolution of Bacteria on a “Mega-Plate” Petri Dish (Kishony Lab)

The Evolution of Bacteria on a “Mega-Plate” Petri Dish (Kishony Lab)

So what we ended up building was basically a Petri dish, except that it’s 2 feet by 4 feet. And the way we set it up is
that there are nine bands, and at the base of each of these bands we put a normal
Petri-dish-thick agar with different amounts of antibiotic. On the outside
there’s no antibiotic; just in from that there’s barely more than the E. coli
can survive; inside of that, there’s 10 times as much; a 100 times; and then
finally the middle band has a thousand times as much antibiotic. And then across the top of it we pour some thin agar that bacteria can move around in. The background is black because there’s ink in it, and the
bacteria appear as white. First you see they spread in the area
where there’s no antibiotic up until the point that can no longer survive. Then a
mutant appears on the right. It’s resistant to the antibiotic. It spreads until it starts to compete with other mutants around it. When these mutants hit the next boundary, they too have to pause and develop new mutations to make it into 10
times as much antibiotic. And then you see the different mutants repeat this at 100, and after about 11 days, they finally
make it into 1000 times as much antibiotic as the wild-type can survive.
And so we can see by this process of accumulating successive mutations that
bacteria which are normally sensitive to an antibiotic can evolve resistance to
extremely high concentrations in a short period of time.

100 Replies to “The Evolution of Bacteria on a “Mega-Plate” Petri Dish (Kishony Lab)”

  1. So in 13 days bacterial grew completely resistant to 1000x lethal dose of antibiotics?
    My god, antibiotics are useless. I heared antibiotics do things like clog cell functions and tear cell wall apart.
    Think about it. It would be like humans developing resistance to being shot in the head. And then being shot with 10 bullets in the head. Then 100 bullets. Then 1000 bullets. Imagine being resistant to being shot 1000x in the head. And in 13 days no less.

  2. That's adaptation, no evolution. You start with a bacteria and you finish with the same bacteria and those changes are reversible or also irrelevant if the environment changes

  3. You should keep building the bacterias resistance to other antibiotics and then wipe it on a public bus.

  4. What is the time frame for this growth? For example, in stage one, how long did it take (like in days or hours) to get from start to the first level of antibiotic resistance?

  5. вот почему нельзя бездумно жрать антибиотики. Вы просто тренируете бактерии.

  6. That was terrifying.

    You have just visually mapped one very plausible route to the point where antibiotics — and maybe even bacteriophages — offer no defense.

    Evolution, given time, is the deadliest of weapons.

  7. Guess what…
    That bacteria turned into thesame bacteria.
    Stop your evolution nonsense.. LMAOOOOO

  8. The 200+ dislikes are Antivaccers/Christians who either don't (want to) believe in evolution (even though they can literally see it right in the fucking video here) or Antivaccers (morons) who think it's just better to naturally get diseases, in which case sure it's way better to run through a cold or other infection your body can take on by itself instead of use antibiotics, but I don't think that's why these people disliked the video, these people think it's better to get ANY disease naturally and that any simple mention of antibiotics is the devil to them and they just shut down their logic center of the brain (if they had one) and that showing these people just how antibiotics are used to save lives but can also cause these mutants to appear which can survive antibiotics which means we should be cautious with them and look for alternatives… but no doubt this is what these Antivaccers see instead: "AHH FUCK! Look what can happen if you use modern medicine! It's the apocalypse! No doubt those horrible Doctors and Scientists will be looking for yet another 'unsafe' 'unnatural' way to deal with these freak of nature mutants which they themselves have created and now they can't control them! THUS you should NEVER get a vaccine and you should just naturally let your body take care of those measles and polio naturally (and dying because of it naturally)." And even though the video has nothing to do with vaccines at all here I am still convinced that is what the Antivaccers portion of the dislikes thought when watching this, the rest is just stupid ass Christians who can't stand the word "evolution" even though their Pope admitted it to be likely true, but we all know how ignorant these people are that they won't even listen to their God damned Pope. Great video, BTW!

  9. Cool video. It will serve as nice ammunition to shoot at foolish creationists who think their sky daddy is real and evolution is false.

  10. Umbrella Pharmaceuticals wants to know your location.

    Jokes aside, this video is a great demonstration on why you shouldn't overuse antibiotics.

  11. wholey shit! that was amazing! this was effectively a biological combination of neural and genetic computation.

  12. I can't believe how easily people bite the bait on this little animation, like, "Oh, bacteria developed resistance, we should stop using antibiotics totally because they're bad, mkay".

  13. this is why i never trust antibiotics. My children are given essential oils or herbs from my garden to cure whatever ailments they have and so far its been working great

  14. This is yet another reason anti vaxxers are dangerous. More people get sick with preventable diseases, raising the chances that mutants like the ones in this video appear, making the diseases not-so-preventable anymore.

  15. this proves that bacteria can become resistant to something harmful to it when exposed to it enough overtime. this does not prove that we evolved from a single celled organism… damn it now i'm gonna have to deal with cucks trying to refute me. i should just delete this comment

  16. Please do this same experiment with essential oils and or other natural products. I'm so curious to see how it would work. I've seen small scale versions of this with thieves blend from young living and nothing survived the area with the thieves.

  17. The bacteria adapted , God put adaptation and diversity into everything He created. But , Hey the bacteria is still bacteria and always will be.

  18. So, what should I describe the methods used to demonstrate the emergence of antibiotic resistance in bacteria?

  19. это не эволюция это адаптация. Бактерия так и осталась бактерией.

  20. It is very obvious that 98% percent of this comment section failed science and biology or barely passed, but somehow the education system has succeeded in brainwashing evolution in to their minds. But, religion is like that, ya know?

  21. Nice work.. But this is not evolution, this is adaptation by plasmid uptake or point mutations… Evolution is the advancement into a new specie of bacteria all together… this was just an advancement into a more resistive strain of the same ecoli… It just acquired resistant genes by lateral gene transfer from probably other bacteria contaminants…. this happens all the time and was one of the major issues that kept messing up my diffusion agar plates during my under graduated degree… lol

  22. Check out the real science papers out there proving how this bacteria strain was already pre-programmed to resist these antibiotics and modern science has already been trying to fight even worse strains. Much less the GMO biological warfare agents that makes these strains look like kids playing in a playground.

    Einstein said Atheists can't be scientists.

    "Religion and science go together. As I've said before, science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind. They are interdependent and have a common goal—the search for truth. …

    And it is equally absurd when scientists say that there is no God." — Albert Einstein, Third conversation (1948): William Hermanns, Einstein and the Poet: In Search of the Cosmic Man (1983), p. 94

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  24. "The survival of the fittest" at the bacterial level, my students are going to love the clarity of the video, recommending it in my channel.

  25. I show this to my students every year! Explaining antibiotic resistance is much easier thanks to this amazing vid.

  26. People think this is proving evolution by natural selection but it is NOT as that would mean these mutations are happening randomly ALL the time and this has been shown to not be the case,

    "Not only do bacteria get precisely the same three genes changing the same few thousand base pairs at essentially the same time (as soon as their safe space fills and they need genetic change), but that specific set of gene edits are also singled out to be duplicated as they rise up in higher concentrations of poisons. Not only that, but all of these experiments have a control group where there are no poisons. Gene sequencing with 21 isolates per sampling show that the gene changes in the mega plate are NOT happening without exposure to the toxin." Tyke Morris

  27. What's to stop some insane terrorist to do this a few hundred times and create the mother of all plagues?

  28. Survival of the fittest not mutations… They where both there since the beginning, the resistant bacteria just increased in population.

  29. This is not evolution. It is extinction of some variations which let room for other variations to reproduce, and all these variations existed since the beginning of the experiment.

  30. I like to image the bacteria are humans and each band is a different planet, over time we will evolve to go further and further beyond

  31. How long they ( bacterial culture) take time to cross one level to another (the antibiotic resistance)

  32. This is caused by a loss of genetic information that result in a weakening or loss of a function required for the digestion of antibiotics, the bacteria has less information, it is a good try, but a fail.

  33. I swear I saw another part of this video where they put the natural bacteria up against just a solid wall of 1000x antibiotic and it just couldn't make the jump. Does anyone know where I can find that?

  34. The resistant bacteria has:

    1- less genetic information, darwinism requires new added information.

    2- Impaired or removed digestive functions, darwinism requires new functions.

    3- Resistance to antibiotics, but by damaged functions.

    4- Less chances to be selected IN NATURE, because bacteria needs a health digestive system more than antibiotics resistance, and you can have only one, not both, because it is not a new function, actually it is the impaired digestive function that already existed.

    To debate evolution nowadays is like beating a dead horse, dont you guys have anything better to support your fairy tale?

  35. Alright morons listen up : this bacteria stay as a bacteria . It didn’t evolved into a scientist! If u believe a bacteria can evolved into a scientist after 4.6 billion years , keep your religion to yourself… don’t force others to believe it. Idiots !

  36. It shows bacteria dying and some getting used to/ building a tolerance to the antibiotics and then devides into same bacteria thats resistant. Branch only shows where it was dying out and then reproducing again. Even shows different groups or colonies of bacteria not exactly evolutionary links

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