Who knew that, like… number one, you had so much throw-up in you. Number two, that you could like, do so much art at our house. ♬ Oh you gotta breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe ♬ ♬ Let it go and let it be, be, be ♬ Good morning guys. [coughing] It is the morning after starting IV antibiotics. Mary’s had two doses now. [coughing] And she doesn’t start, um… She started zosyn and aztreonam, but she doesn’t start vancomycin until this evening so that we can time the… Like, fourth dose to be on Monday. So that we can get labs to make sure she’s at the right levels and everything, but her fever went up last night, but she didn’t have any crazy vomiting or… anything, so. It was still just a low grade. Yeah. It was enough that I felt cold, but… My head was hurting really bad last night, like, before we went to bed. But… I’m gonna take some Tylenol and… See what happens. All right. We’ll see how today goes. Making it through. Good job. I think the next dose might be… the doozy, but we’ll see. I don’t know if Ollie was feeling not so great last night or if he was anticipating Mary not feeling so great, but he crawled up and laid on our pillows with us. In between us. Like, he never does that. Never. And it was actually pretty cute and cuddly. I don’t know if I got weak or what. Can you pull that blue thing off? [Peter] Pull it off? Okay, that was hard. [Peter] That was hard. Yeah, that was on there pretty good. Um… I thought I’d like, lost some of my strength. [Peter] Well, Mary’s…since this morning Mary’s fever climbed up. [Peter] And uh…but you’re feeling okay? I’m okay-ish, yeah. I mean, the pain gets pretty bad when I’m coughing. But… when I’m just sitting I’m okay. [Peter] Yeah. I filled the bathtub up with a couple inches of water and I got in and it was like, ah… [Peter] Amazing. [Peter] Yeah. Okay, I’m trying to prime this… Let’s see if it works. Oh good. [Peter] Oh good. Yeah. It was a pain to prime it with the pump. That new pump… [Peter] Not a fan? Maybe because it’s new and… [Peter] Just not used to it. Yeah. But everything about it was hard. I was barely strong enough to turn the key. Number one, you have to have a coin. What? [Peter] So…just getting it primed. [Peter] Getting ready to give Mary some fluids. You need help? I can’t tell if that’s air. That was all air. Like, that’s the other thing. Like, what? Where did the air come from? Okay, um… [Peter] What do you need? I need alcohol. [Peter] Okay. Though because this pump takes so long to prime… Don’t break the blue thing off yet. Prime it manually. [Peter] Mmm. Then break the blue thing off. [Peter] Okay. Put the… hinges on the hinges. [Peter] Hinges on the hinges. Push it in and while you can barely hold it, take a coin… because that’s… clean for medical stuff… And… press the cartridge and the key at the same time. [Peter] Wow. Complicated. High volume set latched, upstream sensor on, next to continue. Press next.. Reset reservoir volume. [Peter] Yes. Yes. It’s resetting. Prime tubing. No. Because we already did. Start the pump. Well, I should probably hook it up. Um… Okay, there we go. That was weird. Okay. And then press yes. [Peter] Okay, Mary’s getting pumped up with fluids. It has to go through all the things. [Peter] Hmm. [Peter] Well, she will get pumped up with fluids, then we’ll do her afternoon doses and then… [Peter] Tonight we’ll start the vancomycin. [Peter] So, hopefully these fluids will make her kidneys happy. [coughing] That’s why I didn’t sleep good. [plastic crinkling] [coughing] I guess I should hook up to the fluids again. ♬ upbeat drum music ♬ Mary texted me. She was in the bath. I was downstairs and I came up and she’s like, I don’t feel good, and… [Mary] I’m like, I saw hives on my legs… Yeah. And I just didn’t feel right. I was starting to do the, like… birthing moaning. Yeah, she was not sounding good and she… She’s definitely been feverish, achy… She got up out of the bath… which was rough, and then she… I made it like, six feet to the bed. and started coughing. And then I started throwing up. And then I threw up in the bedroom, in the hallway, in the bathroom, in the sink, on the towels. All the places. Who knew? Who knew that like, number one, you had so much throw up in you. Number two, that you could like, do so much art at our house. It was quite impressive. Cuz you have to laugh or else you’re gonna cry and so, uh, thankfully Mary had gotten some carpet cleaner for her purse… And I was able to use that to clean it all up, start a load of laundry and we are, we’re in good shape. I’m feeling great. Feeling great. But on top of that she’s gonna start her vancomycin this evening. So this is, this is kind of the not fun part. I’m not sure what the- Not that any of it was. Yeah. Well, it’ll be fun when I don’t have headaches every day. Yeah, that, that would be, um, definitely advantageous. We’re gonna keep on truckin’, so guys, thanks for tuning in today, and for cheering us on. Let’s give Mary a thumbs up because it might be a rough night tonight. So… As always… We’ll see you tomorrow. See you tomorrow. [both] Good night. And Ollie, you want to say good night? [Peter] And good night to the Ollie boy. [Peter] You aren’t thinking of sleeping up here again, are you? ♬♬


  1. I'm so glad can do IV antibiotics from home. There's nothing better than being at home in your own bed when you feel like crap. I can just imagine the hospital takes the life out of you when you're feeling your worst and they're coming in every 2 minutes to check vitals, do chest pt, etc.

  2. I saw that someone asked if you use the plastic vomit bags, maybe you should have those all over, my husband used to have to use them, they work so well.

  3. I am thankful for your genuine nature and revealing this side of CF life. I am sorry you are having to endure this. I am so glad you have Peter and Oliver. Keep going Let's do this! Praying for you!

  4. I’m so sorry you are having such a rough go at it! There is little comfort in knowing what to expect. You are quite the fighter and with Peter by your side, you will conquer this round of antibiotics together! ?

  5. You are in my prayers Mary
    J am just awed by your inner strength. I hope you made it through the night without too many problems. Take Care as I know Peter will care of you also. God Bless. Get better soon?❤??

  6. All my props to you Mary and of course Peter for the constant support! You guys are warriors 🙂 hang in there!!!

  7. Maybe elderberry syrup can help you get stronger, Mary. It just to help make your immune system feel stronger. Feel better

  8. Peter and Mary, I am in total awe of you! You are great examples of what real love and commitment is about. In sickness and in health! Hugs & Prayers! Hang in there!!!!!

  9. ❤️❤️❤️Your love together is too cute! Thank you for always showing both the good and the bad in life! God gets you through it but if there wasn’t any bad you wouldn’t be able to tell that He got you through it, hope that makes sense! Hugs ❤️❤️❤️ feel better!

  10. Mary, your strength is inspirational to me; Ollie senses what we humans cannot. I wait for your words of cheer in the future.

  11. I just want to reach through YouTube and give you all the gentle ((hugs)) Mary, and give Peter all the high fives ??

  12. Hi ?? I’m pretty sure I saw you and Ollie at BCH today, 7/2/19. I had to do a double take and I said to my mom ‘omg I know them!’ She of course looked at me like I’m crazy lol. We were visiting my niece Avery who had her 4th open heart surgery. I hope all is well ❤️

  13. I have bronchiectasis and I am on orals at the moment and that's enough to make things yuck! Hang in there Mary! I hope you start to feel more on top of things soon!

  14. Make sure you have all your buckets ready So Peter does not have to spend all night cleaning up that mess . feel better

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    Who knew you can do such good artwork ?

  16. When I first heard the intro I was like that was mean but you know you gonna laugh to make it all better 🙂

  17. What a bummer..sounds like very busy evening…Peter love your sense of humor during the through the house moments.. And Mary bless your heart, you are a true trooper through it all!! Together you guys are incredible ..In sprite of the lots and lots of crap.. Praying for feeling better

  18. I don't even know what to say. God has blessed the two of you with each other. Mary, you are such an amazing fighter, and Peter, you are the most supportive, loving spouse anyone could ever dream of finding. You are both in my prayers!!

  19. If you know you're going to throw up, go to the bathroom or use something to throw up in. It's just very gross at this point.

  20. In the vlog you said Ollie has never crawled up on your bed like that…do you think he sensed something was wrong?

  21. It is soooo painful to see how sick she is! I know how it feels and it hurts my heart. Prayers for all!!!

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  23. Artwork – now there's a new one! Sorry you're having an especially rough go of it Mary, hope you're feeling "better" today (as in improved, not well)

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  26. Prayers for comfort and gentle moments. I am so sorry you have these reactions to antibiotics…sending Light and love.

  27. Mary, sorry you're feeling so rough, hopefully the meds will help and there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Peter, you are so great at taking care of her. You guys are such an inspiration, the love you share is second to none.

  28. hi mary it is lily and i have cf too i really want you to email me back i get that you are busy and al so dont rush with emails lol i love you guys

  29. Peter, you make me cry with how much you love Mary.. The love you two have is just so heart warming and refreshing.. So many people give up on marriage and don't take their vows seriously and to watch such a young couple do what it takes to make sure that each of you is taken care of truly is so heart warming.. Even when Mary is feeling better she will find little ways to show you that she loves and appreciates you.. I can't wait to watch the journey all they way to the end with healthy lungs for Mary and to see you two with healthy lungs.. God really does move through you two

  30. Did ya disinfect the coinf irst? Cause that sounds like a good idea… Also Santa Vomitina strikes in astonishing ways! I know that too aheeem… Hang in there

  31. Oh Mary, I’m so, so, so sorry!! Keep on trucking on-we know u are a pro in that! We are all here, cheering you on. Hang in there❤️sending u tons of love??, hugs ?& prayers?Peter, please give Mary a hug for us!

  32. Oh dear, what will we do with Mary?? let's just all hope that the night will go OK.
    Some note: those like double sided cloth kinda blankets look so comfortable, where did you get them? Love you Mary hope you're feeling better soon.??

  33. So,sorry your feeling so awful. Thankful that you have such a wonderful husband to help you and Ollie. Hugs

  34. Oly probably felt and knew that Mary wasn’t feeling well, and came to lay next to you. Having a dog around is said to make you feel a little better. And helps the depression

  35. ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Lots of love for you two! May the Lord hold you in the palm of His hand. Comfort & Joy & Blessings to overflowing GRACE! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  36. You can do it,Mary!God will bless you!You are good fighter.You may feel so uncomfortable or sad ,Mary.But no need to worry. You have so many around you who love you and God is there to help you.We all love you so much,Mary!!!

  37. You bring a smile to my heart. Your resilience. Ollie just wanted to be as close to you both as possible.

  38. She could put a few bags in the trash can and when she throws up throw the bag out, then she won't smell anything. How hard is that?

  39. My daughter was allergic to vancomycin apparently it’s called red mans syndrome. She would get Fevers her whole face was red Instead of working it looked like it was making her worse

  40. We use the disposable emesis bags in our family. However, we don’t vomit quite as much. That is a LOT of plastic that would be going into a landfill if she used those. Also – she uses towels. They can go right into the clothes washer with the water on hot, it gets them clean! I know – we cloth diapered and the washer got those clean!

    Mary doesn’t prefer to use buckets. That is her choice. I personally would rather dump some towels into the washer than have to clean out a bucket. She’s lived with this a lot of years, so has Peter. I respect that they know what is best in their own lives.

  41. Can you take any antihistamines before doing these IV antibiotics to lessen the reactions? Peter is amazing for not complaining about puke clean up : D

  42. Oh boy, Mary, I pray this "not fun" part passes quick! Thanks, Peter you are awesome. Oh just saw you're in the hospital. Praying for you.

  43. God love you, you stay so positive with all you’re going through!! You’re a tough young lady, love you to bits ❤️??‼️?‼️

  44. Not gonna lie…. I cried a little when you said "this is why I don't sleep ?" and Peter said "I know" then held your hand. That is love. You might be sick, you might have a troublesome body, but Peter's love and support is there to help balance everything out ?

  45. Is 5:16 your ivs or is that Benadryl for an allergic reaction? If you haven't already and your ok and it is safe to do so next time you have a big allergic reaction can you show us what you do? But only if your ok with that. I am not in any sense wanting you to have an allergic reaction but if you do.

  46. Awesome job, both of you! Mary, you're a trooper! And Peter, you're such an awesome husband being so supportive of everything Mary goes through, even though it's tough for you to see someone you love so much going through such difficult things.

  47. Grrr, my comment just disappeared ? Anyway, this video made me laugh and bring back puke ? nightmares. I hear you on the volume of puke we humans can have. My friend’s little guy was born with bad kidneys and because of that he had a lot of problems. He was tube fed and required around the clock care and medications. Poor kiddo puked every, single, day and night. Multiple times a day ? But as he got older and started recognizing the signs he tried to stop himself, by putting his hand over his mouth. Let’s just say, that did not help and almost acted like a sprinkler. His fingers never quite covered his whole mouth. Yet instead of water it was projectile yucky throw up. I felt so, so bad for him.

    Hang in there, you’ve got this!!!

  48. Mary: you are such a warrior!
    Peter: you are a true gentleman and devout husband!
    Where is your blanket from? The one with the teal background?

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