The Flash Season 4 “Therapy” Trailer (HD)

So, Barry. Why do you think Iris wanted
you two to see me today? Well, we recently started working together. You cancelled training the
other day without asking me. Training? – Swimming
– A marathon. It’s a… triathlon. – Mmhmm. If we’re not on the same page,
people could die. Like if they crashed into a brick wall
going 100 miles per hour. Metaphorically. The weight of the whole city falls on my shoulders. I’m The Flash. You are not The Flash, Barry. We are. I trust you, Iris. Then run, Barry. Run. Hey look, it’s The Flash! Hi. If I were you, I would start running. I gotta go. You’re gonna write down that
he ran out of here, aren’t you? Yes. Okay. The Flash Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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