25 Replies to “The Lie That Heals: Should Doctors Give Placebos?”

  1. I think yes, but in litigious america it can easily get out of hand, even though they are documented benefits

  2. YES. Doctors SHOULD give placebos. If you can help the patient without chemical drugs, not doing it would be a huge mistake.

  3. This is what bothers with me the closed minded sceptics of 'alternative medicine' that even if it does work (say a regimine of herbs) it's NOTHING to do with the actual herbs themselves but rather a placebo. WELL to me that is VERY INTRIGUING, because they are saying that the alternative remedy does not work (ie-no science behind it,lol) but in fact the patient get's well. So whichever way you look at it, the approach does WORK, the patient get's well. IMO i believe it is BOTH which brings +

  4. The power of the mind clearly works, but you cannot patent this. It's something readilly available for humans to do and FREE. The ONLY problem withit lies with mainstream brainwashing that something like this is implausaible and something to laugh at as 'quackery' even when these same people believe that poisoning the body is progress and can help heal it, anyone else against this is a 'quack'. LOL

  5. Dcotors should be free to prescribe ALL available treatments if first they can clearly 'do no harm'. With the prescrition of pharmaceudical drugs so widespread and normal now they unfortunately go against this principle daily, hourly with the majority of their patients experiencing toxic 'side effects' which are direct effects.

  6. This practice could backfire. I'd like to know how often these doctors try to pull the wool over their patients' eyes, only for the patients to discover they were deceived, lose faith in modern medicine, and resort to using bogus, detrimental treatments exclusively.

  7. The Flow Chart:
    Placebo, 'prescribed by dude in 'white coat' ::: > Practical Faith (non-religious)- emotionalized excercise by patient ::: > DNA/Cells respond to Positive Expectation (emotion) ::: > DNA/Cells become healthier. ☼♥☼ Tomes could be (and ARE ALREADY) written about the above raw and humble flow chart, but most humans are too 'busy' to read and PUT practical knowledge into PRACTICE.

  8. This is nothing more than an educated guess on the part of placebo prescribing doctors. With some patients this may work, but with others, it may do nothing and the problem persists or becomes worse for lack of treatment. It's with this mentality that so many doctors are considered to be quacks.

  9. Oh, I thought maybe consumer? Not a dick, btw, just thought maybe you were making some sort of poetic pun.

  10. It's not likely to work if you willingly go and buy a 'non' drug to cure yourself when you already know it's a placebo. If you knew you were going in for a fake operation, chances are you would still come out of the operating theater with your condition. And it is called a 'theater' why? Because most of it is an act! It's ALL in your mind.

    That's how the placebo works.
    The Power of the Mind.

    You will need to take two of my videos 3 times a day for 14 days, then your symptoms will pass.

  11. I have several problems with this:
    It could be depriving someone in need of medicine or further investigation when they think they're getting treated, placebos aren't 100% safe, its making people spend money on fake medicine in this economy, its morally wrong and very arrogant of the doctors to think they know more about a patents ailments as to determine it fake especially when they can just be some person who just got by in med school.

  12. Given the fact that most of what doctors give patients are toxic, even a placebo would be better.

  13. Great video, Dr. Greger. I will always be grateful to a doctor who was kind and wise enough NOT to tell me that the horrendous condition i had was incurable, but to give me some pills that he happened to have right there, and assured me that in two or three days I'd be completely better, and would never have a recurrance. He was very re-assuring, and it happened exactly as he told me. God bless him. I believe we have the power to heal ourselves and each other.

  14. BS to put homeopathy into this category. For one, a medical doctor should Not be prescribing these important energetic medicines that professionals spend years in training to understand,

  15. This shows just how empty modern medicine is and their remedies largely depend on the placebo and don't work in spite of it. Ironically this is their charge against alternative medicine which has been working for 1000's of years.

  16. This is not gonna fly with big pharma! This is another reason that they are medicalizing every little annoying thing that we deal with every day. They want a drug to be prescribed every time…….whether it might kill you or not!

  17. Strictly speaking within certain medical care. If you have nothing to offer; then don’t sell a lie. Also do not say “nothing” can be done. The doctor should sell REAL HOPE, by using their connections with other doctors and resources more wisely in favor of the patient. We have the internet. It should be vastly easier now then it ever was. You should be consistently researching and communicating with other doctors, and lead your patients into the right directions.

  18. So, basically, it's not the lying done by doctors, but  kind treatment by another person  & the power of the mind via positive thinking…

    Instead of committing fraud & keeping people eternally toddlerized, tell them to control their mental/emotional/spiritual states of being by keeping healthy & training their brains…..Ya know, Logical stuff & such.

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