The life cycle of goldenseal

The life cycle of goldenseal

Okay, the life cycle of goldenseal starts from a shiny little round black seed and I’ve seen wild goldenseal
numerous times over the years and it’s very difficult to find a seedling the
woods. Normally when you find it in a wild state
it’s going through… um, it’s a clonal plant – it’ll send out
runners and you see it in patches however, it really truly originates from the
black seed which in the wild, would fall off the plant and
if it’s lucky it will germinate by the next spring, and
the seedling looks absolutely nothing like the adult
plant – it has two tiny, little round leaves and if you were to see it in the woods, you wouldn’t think it was goldenseal. That’s pretty much a good outline of the plant right
there. Those are seed leaves; they’re not true
leaves. The next year that will develop the goldenseal true leaf on it. As you can see, that’s got a taproot that’s fiber-root probably two or three inches long
and its got a good start on life. The second year it gets the true leaf
which is similar looking to a maple leaf on a maple tree, and then depending on the environment it’s
growing in, it can mature… some people say it can mature as early as
three years but it’s more up five to six years where it’s actually
ready to harvest – four, five or six years and as a mature
adult it can get up to 14 inches tall. The berries are collected – usually around
here in this locality its July 4th typically and what’s with them is they’re
picked and I don’t have much wildlife predation on mine, so you can
leave them for a little bit but the point being that you want to pick them and soak them in water, mash them up and remove the pulp and plant them immediately and by them having the warmness of the
summer soil and then the coldness of the winter they’ll
actually germinate the next year and this is a somewhat new finding…
People used to stratify them and wait a whole another year but now the scientific evidence is that
you need to just plant them immediately as soon as you pick ’em.

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  1. ty great info  I was just in the woods today and lots of berries present in ohio
    on the goldenseal

  2. Ive been trying to find goldenseal tea but am unable to find it anywhere. Is there a reason it is disappearing? Is there any place you can recommend to buy it?

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