The Link Between Antibiotics And Obesity Has Been Scientifically Proven To Exist

The Link Between Antibiotics And Obesity Has Been Scientifically Proven To Exist

Eric Bakker: It’s Eric Bakker, The Naturopath. New Zealand is where I live at the moment. I love it here. Let’s talk about antibiotics and the link
between antibiotic prescriptions and obesity. As the title says, it’s a scientifically proved
now link. There is absolutely a link. There’s a link below in the description box
you can click and you can have a look at the page. You’ll find it quite interesting. It’s a pharmacology page. It’s actually a proper page. It’s not some dodgy kind of page from some
backstreet alley, made in some weird country. This is a proper page, so you have a look
at the links in this. Click through it. Read like I did. You’ll be absolutely gobsmacked to see how
many antibiotic prescriptions the average person in the United States receives, by the
time they are 20. It’s just phenomenal. Well, I think 17 prescriptions or 20 prescriptions,
the average one faces. Four out of 10 children who visit a medical
practitioner’s clinic in the United States for a sniffle, walk out with an antibiotic. And of course, in those cases, it’s not really
tested if it’s bacteria and half the time are viral, so generally a waste of time. Millions and millions of people are given
antibiotics needlessly, globally for the stupidest small reasons. I can’t believe what I still see and I still
see right up until my very last days in practice that a child will present to a doctor with
a very small cut on the finger and get put on penicillin for seven days. To me, that’s just absolutely ludicrous. If this medical practitioner had any understanding
at all of example, tea tree oil, would understand that a little cut can be washed out, tea tree
oil applied to that after proper irrigation, a little bandaid on it, problem sorted. But no, the kids’ guts are going to be trashed
for seven days. It’s long, long overdue that we start to completely
rethink our take on antibiotics because they are still used too much. 75% of antibiotics are used in the veterinary
trade of all antibiotics made and we’re talking millions of tons per year. We’re not talking like a handful. We’re talking container loads of the stuff
are used. In children, if you look in the UK, over 50%
of children who go to a doctor receive an antibiotic. So clearly, a lot of doctors have not understood
the message. There’s too much prescribing of antibiotics
going on. What’s the link between antibiotics and obesity? Well, the link’s been clearly established
and many scientists now believe, and these expert market biologists, now actually believe
that there’s a linear progression of the introduction of antibiotics about 80 years ago and obesity,
because we can literally draw the line with antibiotic consumption globally, and put line
parallel under it with obesity. You’ve got different groups of bacteria in
your gut. No different than if I go to LA, you’ve got
the Crips, you at the Bloods, you’ve got the Mormons, you’ve got the Christians, you’ve
got all sorts of belief systems and people that live in a community just like bacteria
do. But just like any other group, something’s
going to happen and it’s going rattle a few groups and you’re going to get a predominance
of some standing up causing problems and imbalances. Now, antibiotics, when you pump those into
the body, orally particularly, but also intravenously even more so, you’re going to really mess
up those relationships with all of those cabs of people in there. It’s a little bit like the Hell’s Angels come
to town, and that’s how I see an antibiotic. When a person swallows it for seven days,
it’s like all of a sudden a group of Vikings descend upon a town, and they create mayhem. They just trashed the place. And that’s what happens, your gut gets trashed. And unfortunately, for some people, the recovery
could be anywhere from a month up to 10 years. Some cases I’ve been working with now can
take years and years to recover, where they’ve had antibiotics for several years in duration. A patient yesterday told me that his mother
got put on antibiotics for six months for an autoimmune disease. Well, that’s again, ludicrous. How do antibiotics cause obesity? Well, what they worked out, two major groups,
the firmicutes and the Bacteroides, the Crips and the Bloods for example, when those balances
become disturbed, some of the Bacteroides group can actually gobble more calories up
from the food you eat. The bacteria can also push buttons and tell
you when to eat, how much to eat, when not to eat. Appetite is regulated quite a lot by food
intake and by groups of bacteria. It’s a carefully controlled situation in your
gut. Now, antibiotics messed that whole thing up. They mess all that up, so you’ll find that
you’ll be getting all kinds of issues, post antibiotics, that you shouldn’t be getting. So naturally, you need to go on probiotics
after. But my high, strong recommendation for you
is not to take antibiotics unless it’s a life or death situation. On the page, on the link that I’ll share with
you in the description box, you’ll actually read there that most people don’t need to
take an antibiotic when they’re given one. The doctor will often give that drug just
to shut someone up or get them out of the room because that’s dealt with that problem. But it hasn’t dealt with the problem, it’s
caused a secondary problem. So be very, very cautious about taking antibiotics,
particularly if you’re told you need them for several months on end. It’s ludicrous to do that. You’re really, really upsetting the digestive
function and unless you have a really good program in mind to rebuild that gut, that
could be a turning point for the rest of your life. I’m working with a patient currently, who’s
been unwell for over 10 years after antibiotics on and off for three years. I mean, how stupid is that? Three years of antibiotics on and off, I mean
that’s just about killed this person. Even after one and a half years of working
with this patient, we’ve only got him back to about 70%, so it is possible to fully recover
from antibiotics and to gain your health back. But if you don’t start on them in the first
place and think carefully what you’re doing, there are intravenous therapies now, there
are different herbal and nutritional therapies now that have very powerful effects on improving
your immune function. Many integrative doctors now can recommend
these different therapies for you, for different conditions, which in fact, will no doubt in
my mind, be better than an antibiotic because they’ll have a similar effect, yet without
the collateral damage. If you are a large person watching this, don’t
despair because you can still turn your gut around. But if you don’t start on that merry-go-round
of drugs in the first place, it’s going to save you a lot of hassle. Just like if you don’t have an Amex card and
several credit cards, you get yourself in the hot water and it’s the same with antibiotics. One drug leads to another drug, leads to another
drug. That’s my opinion and that’s my experience
too, for what it’s worth. Thanks for tuning in. Always appreciate it.

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