14 Replies to “The Most Important Tool in Therapy | Jordan B Peterson”

  1. These clips are good and easily digestible however when the Dr. is speaking about something that's fundamentally interesting I could watch a 2 hour video. I know Dr. Peterson is trying to zero in on the proper length of a video I think it depends on the content and with advancing technology such as smart tvs I can watch this on my tv like a movie.

  2. Unbelievable! I actually sent a longer clip to my former psychiatrist and drew his attention to this exact portion. It's one of my favorites!

  3. as far as I've seen through the comment section of these short clips and my general experience on watching videos. I find that your team is on a right path for picking a topic to focus on and keep the videos generally short. my suggestion would be cutting clips in a way that the idea feels complete, I like things I could apply on my daily life but I like most content Dr. Peterson put out anyway, make it 5 mins or longer and drop the outro or make it 5 second long or so (most people probably skip it now that they know the cue). I don't mind cutting a video in to share what is being explained but viewers even though not showing gratitude or appreciation definitely appreciate it if you blend the audio well. I know this could be asking too much as well but these are just the things I've observed.

  4. Dr Peterson, Rebel Media and their new site TheyCantStopUs.com have a new plan to sidestep the progressive censorship of the Internet and YouTube. Please contact Ezra Levant at the Rebel Media and discuss cooperating with them on this issue. Thank you for your consideration. And for standing for Liberty!

  5. He is a man of courage. No doubt about that. What is beyond me is why some people praise his verbal abilities. From what I can see, they are pretty average for a uni professor. He mangles his conditional sentences and in every lecture he makes some sentences unnecessairly clumsy. For example, look at this one: 'If I can get you to face what it is that you're confronting that you know you shouldn't be avoiding, then what happens is….'. He may be good at writing, but he is far from being perspicuous when it comes to speech. So people should stop treat him like a cult leader and ascribe to him traits he doesn't possess.

  6. My experience telling the truth leads me to believe that you are a child. All of you. This is my truth. Feel free to be wrong. Downvoted.

  7. "What cures in therapy is truth." Then, explains some theories and says they are "… secular variations of the notion that truth will set you free, essentially."

  8. Dr. Peterson is a brave man because being truthful isn't the easiest way to make friends, that has been my experience. I would pay everything I have to work with dr. Peterson to help me get clear on mine. I am finding not many psychologists are capable of what he is articulating.

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